You’ve built a beautiful business

You’re making money 

Now, you are ready for more and you’re ready to dial things up in an aligned way.


There are a couple of things you need to know before you continue reading…

The 6-Figures By Design VIP day is a 5-hour day of structured learning and coaching. 

The investment for the day is $2500 USD

I’ve put this right at the top in full transparency so if you are not financially or mentally ready to make this level of investment in yourself and business I suggest that you don’t read any further. 



The 6-Figures By Design VIP Day is for you if:


  • You are a Coach, Consultant or Service Based business owner and you know you are great at what you do and you are ready to take things up a notch in your business by leveraging the unique energetics of your Human Design and Gene Keys. 

  • You want to ensure that you and your business are positioned for 6 figure success. 

  • You want to feel confident and aligned with your messaging. 

  • You struggle with creating offers that feel like they are aligned with your strengths and natural gifts. 

  • You are ready to release the fear of rejection and criticism and you are ready to let go of procrastination and just do the damn thing. 

  • You struggle to create plans and goals for your business, or struggle deciding which direction to take your business in so you inevitably stay where you are and don’t live up to your potential or fulfill your desires.

  • You understand the power of focused 1:1 coaching and what it can do for the trajectory of your business. 



  • Lay out 3-5 Content Pillars  so that you know exactly what your audience wants and needs to hear from you.

  • Streamline your offerings. 

  • We will work together to create a clear understanding of what grounds you and how you can specifically help  your audience through their own transformation. 

  • Uncover deep insight into your purpose. 

  • Discover your Core message, the energy behind your Core message and how to integrate that into your business. 

  • Ensure that you and your business are positioned for 6 figures. 



  • Your unique Human Design and Gene Keys to differentiate yourself in business so that you can position yourself for profits. 

  • How you can leverage your personal unique energetics in business.

  • Your unique branding energy and how to infuse this into your business. 

  • Your Core Messaging and what you are here to share and talk about with your audience so that you attract the clients you desire.

  • What grounds you and how you can specifically help  your audience through their own transformation. 

And because it is important that this day is also tailored to your needs you can also choose to work on one of the following: 


  • Create, refine or refocus your premium offering between $3k-$5k.

    • Together we will work through your offering to ensure that you are operating in your zone of genius with an offering that does the work for you so that you can begin accelerating your revenue growth. 

  • Deep dive into your messaging to ensure you are speaking to the right audience, in alignment with your aura and with a message that is rooted in your natural power and strength.

    • Together we will utilize your unique energetics to craft content and align your messaging style so that you are attracting the clients you desire.

  • Marketing Intensive to ensure that your strategy for sharing the value of your business is in alignment with how you are designed to show up. 

    • Together we will plan and create a marketing strategy that feels fun and expansive while being aligned with how you are designed to position yourself and your business for success. 


You will receive:


  • Full day of coaching (10:00 am to 3:00 pm CDT) via Zoom

  • Lunch of your choice delivered to your home

  • VIP Surprise Gift delivered to your home

  • 2 x 30 minute Follow up Coaching calls (to be taken within 30 days of your Day)

  • Your own Soulful Success Business Blueprint which will pull everything together to support you in following your own path towards six figures. 

  • Clarity and the courage to take action in a way that feels empowering and sustainable. 

  • The recording of our full day together.

  • Prosperity Portals Guidebook 

  • Recording of your Foundational Human Design reading



Before working with Kendra I was feeling frustrated and angry with where I was emotionally and professionally. My experience with her was that she was passionate, intuitive, VERY insightful and was quickly able to identify my biggest challenges and beliefs. I NEVER felt judged or like I was irritating or annoying her not one time.  

She gave me a strategy which I now use to this day – starting in my mornings and since I’ve been working with her I feel more self – love, increased clarity and focus, more centered on my role in the journey of my success AND I got a SIX FIGURE job offer, multiple NEW prospects inquiring about my service AND they sought me out and best of all, I feel like myself again! 

Annette Carter

Social Media Strategist

Human design was instrumental to the success of my coaching work with Kendra.

My human design reading helped me identify and lean into my creative process and how I show up in my business. It helped me gain confidence in how I see and understand and respond to the world.

It GREATLY strengthened my intuition and how to listen and trust it. My human design reading also helped me identify my areas of growth and how to find people who can support those areas as I scale my business.

I am experiencing exponential growth in business, love and health. And I have Kendra to thank for it!

Arianna Howard

Founder, Plant-A-Seed Educational Consulting



Kendra Woods is a 6/2 Splenic Projector who has dedicated herself to the practice of embodying her unique energetic blueprint since 2019.

She truly embodies her role as an energetic guide, teacher, mentor and coach to ambitious heart-centered women.

Kendra believes that we all have a gift and purpose with us and it is meant to be shared with the world. She believes in dreams and doing the inner and outer work to bring those dreams to life.

Prior to understanding her design as a 6/2 Splenic Projector she tried every business formula, method and strategy to grow her business.

She began to feel so bitter wondering why nothing was working for her. She was hustling and grinding trying to attract clients and grow her business. Every mentor and coach that she worked with was either a Generator or Manifesting Generator so unfortunately didn’t understand the nature of what it meant and looked like it to be a Projector Entrepreneur.  

Inner alignment, self trust and personal power are the principles that she lives by and she infuses this into her work as a Human Design Guide and Business Mentor.

Kendra is the founder of The Prosperous Projector, a brand that believes success looks different for everyone and that true inner fulfillment happens when we understand how our unique energy interacts with the world around us.

She loves to inspire, encourage and empower women to create their best life and business through living their design and working in flow instead of resistance. 


Dates for the VIP Days will be scheduled in July and August on either a Tuesday or Thursday. Once you have applied and we have a conversation I’ll let you know the available dates and we’ll book the day at that time.


Legal Disclaimer:
Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation.


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