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I booked a consultation because I needed more. I was looking to identify any further blocks that were hindering me. I was looking to elevate myself and get into increased alignment with the work that I’m doing. I wanted to make sure that I am showing up as the best ME. 

I chose Kendra because I love her energy. Her light and her vibration is so beautiful. She’s real and I can relate with her very much. I love that she’s speaking to what she knows to be true based on her experiences and what she’s learned on her journey.

Working with Kendra was a truly amazing experience. I felt empowered, heard, supported and loved. Kendra is very easy to talk with. I never felt judged. Since she is so intuitive, she has the ability to see what’s beneath the surface. She can often see or hear what I am not saying. These are the things that I needed to see and hear. Those were the things that were key to me coming into new awareness and receiving the clarity that I needed to move forward. These things really allowed me to grow and evolve my thought process, my thinking and my beliefs.

Kendra gave me so many tools, resources, knowledge and information each week to support my continued growth. She taught me how to tune into my emotions and the things that come up for me. She taught me how to recognize and push past limiting beliefs as they come up. She taught me how to love myself more by accepting myself, validating myself and building my self confidence. She taught me how to use methods like EFT to shift my emotional state. She taught me how to honor myself, what I’m feeling and the things that come up for me. I got my first client while working with Kendra. I know that the work we were doing together directly contributed to this success.

Moving forward I know that I have a larger tool chest of things that I can tap into and utilize to support me from day to day. I will continue to use all of these tools daily to help me stay focused, connected and aligned with my work and myself. I recognize the value that they add to my life and helping me to achieve the things that I desire.

Kendra is a rare gem. She is a beautiful person inside and out. She has a vast degree of knowledge, experience and expertise. Most importantly, she is passionate about helping women and that passion and fire is evident in all of her work. I will continue to utilize Kendra as my mindset strategist because she proved to be excellent in helping me to move forward. She gave me exactly what I needed. As I continue with my work I know that things will continue to come up. I need a powerhouse like Kendra in my pocket to help me push through as I continue to up level.

Before working with Kendra I was working to grow my coaching business. I was also working on my own personal growth and development. I found myself not having a clear focus. In some areas, I knew what I needed to do but I wasn’t necessarily doing those things. In other areas, I felt like I was all over the place. I also had a lot of ideas, possibilities and options that were available to me but I lacked direction in moving forward consistently with those things.

I have been following Kendra for awhile. I’m a member of her group and I’m on her mailing list. Anytime I need a boost or a kick I listen to her videos. Her messages are always timely. I always get something that I need. I often feel like what she’s saying is exactly what I need to hear in the moment.

Katharine Johnson

System Engineer & Life Coach

Before working with Kendra I was feeling frustrated and angry with where I was emotionally and professionally. As a new business owner I thought that I should have been light years ahead of where I was but old beliefs kept resurfacing and things just seem to fall apart by the day. It left me feeling hopeless and dismayed that my success wasn’t happening as fast as I would like. I decided to work with Kendra because her love was so obvious and infectious. She’s such a caring person and full of warm energy.

My experience with her was that she was passionate, intuitive, VERY insightful and was quickly able to identify my biggest challenges and beliefs. I NEVER felt judged or like I was irritating or annoying her not one time.  She gave me a strategy which I now use to this day – starting in my mornings and since I’ve been working with her I feel more self – love, increased clarity and focus, more centered on my role in the journey of my success AND I got a SIX FIGURE job offer, multiple NEW prospects inquiring about my service AND they sought me out and best of all, I feel like myself again! Moving forward, I’ll continue to implement the strategies she gave me AND continue to work with her. She’s not a one stop shop where you work with her once and that’s it. No, I’ll be working with her for years to come because she’s worth it and best of all, I’m worth it.

Annette Carter

Social Media Strategist

When I started working with Kendra Woods, I was at a dead place in my life. I was tired of being sick and tired. Having self inflicting thoughts about myself was blocking my growth, not allowing me to become who I was destined to be.

The enemy knew how significant I was and I believe that’s why the fight was so hard. He never wanted me to tap into my truth. Kendra has helped me uncover what was inside of me. The truth that I knew for sure about myself. She has helped me to realize how powerful I was and how to step into my authority.

The tools she has given me gave me a fresh start at life, allowing me to move forward with confidence. I got my life back!

Kendra, I am so thankful for you! You have helped change my entire life! Thank you once again!

Sonya Pryor

Aspiring Entrepreneur

Before working with Kendra I was unsure of direction when it came to change with employment, etc.I had been following Kendra for years. Topics covered by Kendra via email and in the Facebook group were helpful in some way to my life and she just seemed like a genuine person. Those factors and me feeling she would be the best person to reach out to made me book an appointment with her.

Kendra is great! Very professional and understanding. She helped me understand why I was doing certain things the way I was and how I could simplify, etc. I improved in the area of self care and also learned to stop fighting change because sometimes that is just what is needed. 

Kendra takes the time not only to listen to you as part of the group but on an individual basis. She was always available to me between sessions when I reached out. Since working with Kendra I have become more comfortable with life choices that I make and valuing my self care time, etc.Kendra was an amazing coach and is a great person overall!

Stephanie Johnson


Before working with Kendra I was just starting my real estate career in earnest.  I had my license, but wasn’t working at it. I also had a hiking group that I care deeply about but didn’t know if continuing with it would split my focus.I had a vague sense of wanting to do more, and didn’t want to waste time meandering around.

One day I had an important listing appointment coming up and didn’t feel good about using the approved listing presentation.  I saw Kendra’s free consultation offer and I booked a session. 

During our talk,  she advised me to listen to my own intuition.  If I was resisting the canned presentation, then there was a wise part of me who knew that it wasn’t the path to take in this case. She also helped me to understand that imperfect action was more powerful than a perfect plan never executed.I went with my gut, and arrived at the appointment with questions and a notepad. They hired me. What they liked best was that I didn’t have a canned package!

As I continued with Kendra and my group coaching cohort, I was understood,  supported, guided and listened to. My cohorts were, too. As I saw them make progress and gain clarity not only in business but personally and  I experienced the same.

I gained and excelled at my first paid (well paid) speaking engagement as a keynote speaker. I didn’t seek this job, I was offered it. I was afraid but it turned out extremely well.

With Kendra’s support I learned to do what felt right for me, even when it seemed too generous.  The funny thing is, I have had returned to me everything that I have given to others, and then some.  Even when I randomly treated someone to coffee, someone treated me to coffee lol.

Kendra helped me to understand that I didn’t have to choose one thing and stick with it. That I can go with my gut and continue to feed the interests that give me life without feeling “all over the place” or “flighty”.  That marching to my own beat is the thing that will help me to thrive. There’s a freedom to fly that comes from knowing that you can “go with the flow” from inside.

As a result, I have clarification and the beginning of a business plan that I’m taking daily steps toward. It’s already happening. People are offering me support almost daily, and I’m incredibly grateful to Kendra for helping me to uncork whatever it was in me that was stopping this flow before.

I’m shocked and amazed at how much things have improved,  and I admit that I didn’t do all of the work that I was supposed to.  I’m going to go back to week one and complete the weekly exercises in depth, alone. By the time I finish, I’ll be ready to complete another group coaching or maybe private coaching period to get to the next level.

Pamela Slaughter


After speaking with Kendra Woods in a discovery call, I knew I made the right decision to work with her.  She knew precisely what I needed and told me exactly how she could help me move forward in my journey of becoming.  

I would describe my former state as “sitting on my greatness thinking i was protecting it” but i was hiding and wanted so badly to “be okay” with the process of becoming who I wanted to be.  I was in that “in between place”, waiting for some outward sign and wondering what would it take besides time to get to where I wanted to be. I was doubting myself and my journey. It’s hard to be in a place like that and make steady progress. 

 When I talked to Kendra in our first session, I said “No wonder I was so overwhelmed, I was carrying ALL of that!”  The weeks seem to go by perfectly. Everything I needed, we discussed and worked through. Mindset was the thing that I just couldn’t put my finger on in my entrepreneur journey.  It’s like trying to paint with red and all you think you have is blue. Kendra’s presence is so full of love and care. She speaks from her own journey and clearly has made huge steps in her own success.  I knew I needed to work with her personally when I was ready to move forward in my journey. I was ready to face the inner tension with help from a coach.  

An important factor for me when choosing a coach is working with someone who is loving, authentic and clearly successful.  She speaks from her heart and has a gift for connecting with clients. After our sessions, I now know how to move forward and build momentum in my journey- from the heart.  I stayed in my head for so many years and now the possibilities are endless and exploring them is absolutely fun!  

To any woman wondering if coaching is a great fit for them, I would say talk to Kendra and explore the resources she has created through her blog, e-books and videos.  She is available to powerfully help any woman who is ready to move forward in their journey.

Dr. Kimberly Jefferson

Wellness Coach

I got the pleasure of hearing Kendra speak at a Mary Kay event and WOW WOW WOW! Not only is Kendra incredibly beautiful inside and out, she really knows how to captivate a room! She’s so real and really rocks out her events!!! I’m so grateful to have been able to hear her speak.

Marisa Fecko

Senior Sales Consultant with Mary Kay

When I reached out to Kendra, I was overwhelmed and seriously thought that something was “wrong” with me. I couldn’t understand why working hard and following other people’s business strategies and recipes didn’t bring results for me.

I booked a Deep Dive session with Kendra because I wanted to get a deeper understanding of how I can use Human Design as a roadmap and to confirm my unique gifts and brilliance. And when I found out that Kendra is a Projector too – I was sold.

Working with Kendra gave me clarity and confidence. She’s very understanding and empathetic, but also knew how to keep me focused and accountable. She’s kind and compassionate, yet provides a space of strength and certainty.

Now, I’m in a better flow. I understand where my feelings of fear, uncertainty, and inadequacy come from and how I can shift the energy. I also honor and respect myself more.

Andrea Deierlein

Chief Energy Officer & Founde, Thrive Reiki

Kendra is a bastion of positivity in this dark world. She brings light. She brings vision. She brings perspectives. She’s able to help you identify where you’re blocked and identify how to move forward. In a way that’s always empathic, always supportive, always loving. She has nothing but unconditional love in her heart that she gives at every step.

Kendra is skilled at Human Design. She’s skilled at understanding human nature and particularly helped me to build an environment around me that supports my growth.

She helped guide me to cut my ties with, or separate myself from, the people that were detracting from me and not have them in my immediate surrounding. 

Kendra will be your ally and a trusted counsel.

Adam Bulbulia

Founder, Bridging Worlds Behavioral Services

Working with Kendra is  mandatory for me! She has an innate ability to hear the things you are not saying but is the root issue of your problem and zoom right into those points.  Her coaching approach of love and directness is so refreshing. When I first reached out to Kendra I was in the middle of a downward spiral. Even though I knew I needed help, I was still spitting out sexy excuses like Jay-Z.  LOL  

In 60 minutes of working with Kendra, I stopped the excuses and started taking accountability for my part, recognizing what was not in my control and what is part of the journey of being an entrepreneur.  I love that she gave me homework and followed up with me. Since that one meeting, I have increased my following of people in my business, became crystal clear of my niche and who I truly serve. I highly recommend Kendra and plan to offer her services to my clients.

Renee Lamb

Business Strategist

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