Working with the Kendra is a mandatory for me!  She has an innate ability to hear the things you are not saying but is the root issue of your problem and zoom right into those points.  Her coaching approach of love and directness is so refreshing.  When I first reached out to Kendra I was in the middle of a mindset downward spiral.  Even though I knew I needed help, I was still spitting out sexy excuses like Jay-Z.  LOL 

 In 60 minutes of working with Kendra, I stopped the excuses and started taking accountability for my part, recognizing what was not in my control and what is part of the journey of being an entrepreneur.  I love that she gave me homework and followed up with me.  Since that one meeting, I have increased my following of people in my business, became crystal clear of my niche and who I truly serve.  I highly recommend Kendra and plan to offer her services to my clients. 

 Renee M. Lamb

 Business Strategist

Kimberly Jefferson

 Kimberly attended my Purpose Planning Workshop. Here’s what she had to say:

I have to report that AFTER the workshop,  I went into ACTION.  Participating in the discussion really set my mind in motion. You made the process so simple. 

And without planning anything….I hopped on Social media. I shared a written post and picture of my writing exercise; asked if people wanted me to share and I was on IG live for about 30 minutes because 7 women said “yes, please share how you did it!” !!!!!!!!!! I will repost today and continue sharing this and more.

I went out on a limb to discuss a fundraising project with a friend that I was “sitting” on. It wasn’t quite ready to be shared because it needed more development. So I shared what I would like to do to contribute. After the flood of ideas that evening, these ideas for fundraising became clear also. I put them in my planner to implement with ease and simplicity. 
Thanks again. I will be watching the replay.
With love,
Kim Jefferson
~Wellness Coach

Marissa Fecko
Marisa attended a Mary Kay Boss Babe live event where I was the speaker. Here’s what she had to say :
I got the pleasure of hearing Kendra speak at an MK BOSS BABE EVENT and WOW WOW WOW!! Not only is Kendra incredibly beautiful inside and out, she really knows how to captivate a room! She’s so real and really rocks out her events!!! I’m so grateful to have been able to hear her speak and I defiantly pray it isn’t the last!
Marisa Fecko 
~ Senior Sales Consultant with Mary Kay

Sonya worked with me as a private client in my 7-week course Breakthrough Your Limits

When I started working with Kendra Woods, I was at a dead place in my life. I was tired of being sick and tired. Having self inflicting thoughts about myself was blocking my growth, not allowing me to become who I was destine to be.
The enemy knew how significant I was and I believe that’s why the fight was so hard. He never wanted me to tap into my truth. Kendra has help me uncover what was inside of me. The truth that I knew for sure about myself. She has help me to realize how powerful I was and how to step into my authority.
The tools she has given me gave me a fresh start at life, allowing me to move forward with confidence. I got my life back!
Kendra, I am so thankful for you! You have help change my entire life! Thank you once again!
Much Love,
Sonya P. 
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