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Ladies how many times have you said to yourself the following: I feel stuck inside of a box, I am so frustrated with where my life is, I am so tired of going through the motions, I’m ready for some real change in my life. I know I  have said all of the above.
After waking up every morning dreading the day and starting my day out stressed, I created a really relaxing morning routine for myself and all thing changed. I want to share this with you today. This is my personal routine that I do EVERY morning and I put this in writing and packaged it just for you. After following this routine for thirty consecutive days I began to see amazing shifts in my perspective and thinking. The right opportunities and people began to come into my life. I have to share this! 

7-Day Divine Gratitude Challenge Here’s a lesson that I learned (the hard way) in 2017. In order to get to the place that you want to be in your finances, in your health, in your relationships, in your business, etc., etc. you MUST first surrender and choose gratitude for the place you are at NOW. 

Yes, I know, this was a hard one for me to really wrap my head around too. So because I want to continue climbing higher in ALL the areas of my business and life GRATITUDE for ALL the things is a MUST.

The more grateful you are and the more gratitude you express for the present moment the more you align yourself to the magnitude of greatness that is just waiting for you.

All that you desire to see created in your life and business is on the INSIDE of you.

It is then your job to tune in to self everyday unlocking the gifts that are within you so that you can then share and spread your gifts with the people who need to hear your voice.

Getting in the practice of expressing gratitude daily puts your mind in a creative space and it also brings your mind into close connection with God/Creator/Universe.

This is one of the many ways in which you unlock your personal power and become unstoppable.

I didn’t grow up knowing nor was I taught how to connect with my inner self but I have always KNOWN that I could go within and find peace, stillness and answers.

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