Do you ever feel like:

✨ Everyone around you has life and business figured out but you can’t seem to maintain your momentum long enough to figure it out for yourself

✨ You will soon hit burnout if you keep going at the pace you are going?

✨ You have something important to say but no one is listening?

✨ The only way to create the success and prosperity that you desire is through working hard and quite honestly you don’t want to have to work that hard.

✨ You are navigating an internal struggle of wanting to fulfill your purpose but also having no idea what that even looks like?

✨ It’s taking you way too long to hit your stride in your business

✨ If you just had more consistent energy in your business you’d be more successful

✨ You are working again yourself instead with your natural flow

✨ You feel overwhelmed with all the ideas you have and it’s keeping you from taking meaningful action.

✨ You want to operate from your strengths and alignment but you don’t quite know what that looks like yet. 


A 12-month embodiment and personal power journey for the ambitious Projector Entrepreneur who desires to embody her success, own her truth, create prosperity and confidently lead herself in all areas of her life and business. 

You are an ambitious woman who has created success in her life and business by the world’s standards but deep down you long to create a kind of success that feels lighter and more aligned with how you desire to show up in this world. 

You desire to create the kind of success that means something to you on a deeper level, not this superficial level that most of the world measures success by.

It feels so refreshing and right to you knowing that as a Projector you aren’t here to work in the traditional sense of how we’ve all been conditioned to believe. 

You’ve understood this for quite some time but it wasn’t’ until you began to learn more about being a Projector that it actually began to make sense to you. 

You see the world differently and you know that you have deep wisdom, gifts and value to share with the world and yet sometimes it can feel like no one is even listening to you. 

Settling for mediocre and the status quo is not what you are here to do and deep down you get that. 

You get that you are here to usher in a new way of living, succeeding and being in the world.

This new way feels like less struggle and more thriving. Less force and more flow. Less confusion and more deep clarity.

When you envision your Highest Self you see a woman who is flourishing and thriving in her life and business. 

You see a woman who is in her power and taking up more space in the world. 

You see a woman who has achieved so much and she is reaching for more. 

You see a woman who has created meaningful and fulfilling success for herself.

Living in a world where most of the people around you are Generators leaves you wondering how you will create this next level for yourself because you know it’s not in alignment for you to try and keep up with those around you.

You’ve tried to keep up with the pace of the world around you and it’s left you feeling exhausted, disillusioned with your life and business and wondering why things aren’t working for you more. 

You are ready to calibrate to your next level and you see other women around you succeeding and “making it happen” yet you can’t help but feel like you are falling short. 

You are left wondering how you are going to reach your next level because what got you here is not a sustainable way to get you to your next level of expansion. 

You are ready to live your life and approach your business with vitality, clarity and confidence with an internal knowing of when enough is enough. 

You are ready to become a Prosperous Projector 

You are ready to live in the Prosperous Projector Paradigm 

I came to Kendra at a time when I was exploring aligned ways to market my business as a Projector and I was working on expansion. Working with Kendra provided me with a solid sounding board for my thoughts and ideas. She helped me ground them into practical application allowing me to find my aligned way forward with all my thoughts and ideas.

No matter where you are on your journey Kendra’s wisdom will accentuate exactly what you need within that moment and help cultivate a deeper inner evolution of self.

Ashley Hoobler

Spiritual Life Coach

Operating in the Prosperous Projector Paradigm requires a shift in how you see yourself and how you see the world. 

As a Projector it’s challenging for you to really see yourself because you innately see other people better than you see yourself. 

While you recognize that this is a gift it is also causing you to leave money on the table because without a firm grasp on what your strengths and gifts are you end up selling yourself short.

It can become really easy to undervalue yourself when you can’t really see just how valuable you are to others. 

The old paradigm of success that says you must work hard and long hours is not the paradigm where the Prosperous Projector lives. 

Your paradigm is one of grace, ease, confidence, clarity, courage, high value in self and knowing that you have nothing to prove to anyone. 

Your paradigm is not about competition, it’s about collaboration and creativity. 

When operating in the Prosperous Projector Paradigm you know your power, you feel your power and you stand it with conviction day in and day out. 

You know you are worthy and you know that your work is worthy of massive compensation. 

You also know that your value isn’t measured by how much you can DO. It is quite simply an innate part of your being. 

You know for you it’s about the wisdom, guidance and advice that you have to give others that has the potential to change their lives. 

What you desire is the freedom to be exactly who you are.

You desire to be seen, heard and recognized for your innate gifts, abilities and talents and paid well for them.

You desire to leave your mark on the world and create an impact in the lives of others. 

Listen, as a Projector you process energy differently than 70% of the population. 

So you are not designed to be trying to process and express energy like the majority of people in your world. 

You recognize that it’s time to walk a different path. 

You recognize that this path is not the path that the majority seek or even walk down but you are willing to meet yourself on this path.

THE PROSPEROUS PROJECTOR PARADIGM is the place where you shine, walk in your power, trust yourself deeply and create the impact that you dream of creating. 

This journey is where you let go of who you thought you had to be and embrace who you truly are. 

As you journey through the Prosperous Projector Paradigm you will:

✨ Be seen, heard, recognized and celebrated for the amazing guidance, wisdom and advice that you have within you that has the power to change the lives of others.

✨ Increase your level of self-awareness and learn how to work WITH yourself without the need to force, control, push or hustle. You will heal the hustle.

✨ Stand strong in your convictions and walk from a place of knowing that you have nothing to prove to anyone. 

✨ Love the woman you are becoming when you look in the mirror. 

✨ Create stronger boundaries, a mindset of steel and you’ll cultivate vitality that allows you to show up and show out without the threat of burnout. 

✨ Value yourself more deeply and as a result the world around you will respond in kind. 

BECOME the invitation and receive with ease. 

✨ Recognize that you are not alone on your journey and you will confidently allow yourself to be supported by those around you AND you will lean into your Spirit Squad who are there to support you with the heavy lifting.

✨ Trust yourself more deeply and make decisions from a place of alignment and personal power. 

✨ Take ownership of your true desires and vision without the hesitation of wondering what others will think.

✨ Free your mind of unsupportive thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

✨ Raise your level of resiliency which will allow you to stabilize and regulate your nervous system. 

✨ Create and step into a new identity so that you are being her (her being the higher version of self) NOW

✨ Close the gap on how to get from where you are right now to where you want to be.

✨ Master the skill of focusing your energy so that you can create your vision without interference. 

Through our work together, my Clients have: 

✨ Learned how to market their business in a way that was true for them vs. what everyone else says they should do

✨ Tapped into their inner resources of strength and certainty

✨ Embodied deeper levels of clarity and confidence

✨ Learned to deeply trust themselves and their own creative process

✨ Found a deeper sense of ownership of their gifts and strengths 

✨ Embraced their truth and therefore shown up more authentically in their lives and businesses

✨ Developed a deeper understanding of self and their patterns which allowed them to make more aligned decisions and choices

With Human Design, I felt seen not only for who I am now but who I was and why I acted and chose the way I did in the past. I appreciate the grace I can give myself for how I knew I operated all along, yet was pushing against or feeling guilt for being. Since my sessions with Kendra, I more regularly consider my type, authority and strategy, and have found the flow to be much more present.

Thank you so much Kendra for being such a model of the ease and flow I was craving in new business life, and doing so with that joyful smile, encouraging spirit and grounding knowing.
Brienne Hennessy

Vocal Coach

Inside of Prosperous Projector Paradigm you’ll receive: 

✨ 20+ powerful pre-recorded lessons

✨ 3 live Zoom calls a month

✨ Meditations designed to activate your alignment with your Design

✨ 9 Live Quantum Prosperity Alignment calls (Quantum EFT practice)

✨ 4 Private Soul Guidance Calls with Kendra

✨ 4 Business Intensives custom designed for Projectors

✨ 1 In-Depth Human Design Reading

✨ Private Voxer Community

✨ A community of ambitious like-minded Projectors

This journey is for ambitious Human Design Projectors who:

✨ Know that success in their lives and business starts from the inside first

✨ Understand how important it is to decondition so that you can show up as your most authentic self

✨ Understands the power and transformation of working with the same mentor over longer periods of time

✨ Has a deep desire to deepen your understanding of your Divine Design

✨ Has a deep desire to be seen, heard and recognized for her wisdom and her work

✨ Is ready to dive deep into the inner work that is required for her to create the pure alignment that is needed for her to succeed in her business and life

✨ Is ready to face her perceived limitations and increase her mental, emotional and spiritual muscles

✨ Enjoys being in small groups because she loves deep connection and learning from others

✨ Is ready to claim her true desires and fully go after her vision

Apply now to receive pre-sale pricing at $8,888. As of 5/31/2023,

it will be $10,000.

Working with Kendra gave me clarity and confidence. As a result of working with Kendra I’m in a better flow, I show up more authentically, write from the heart and speak my truth, I’m letting go of “over-professionalizing” everything in my business, because I have nothing to prove – and being myself is enough. Every day I’m growing more into who I am and own my space. I plan to use Human Design as my roadmap and return to it every time I’m out of alignment.

Andrea Deierlein

Chief Energy Officer & Founder, Thrive Reiki



Kendra Woods is a 6/2 Splenic Projector who has dedicated herself to the practice of embodying her unique energetic blueprint since 2019.

She truly embodies her role as an energetic guide, teacher, mentor and coach to ambitious heart-centered women. 

Kendra believes that we all have a gift and purpose with us and it is meant to be shared with the world.

She believes in dreams and doing the inner and outer work to bring those dreams to life. 

Prior to understanding her design as a 6/2 Splenic Projector she tried every business formula, method and strategy to grow her business.

She began to feel so bitter wondering why nothing was working for her. She was hustling and grinding trying to attract clients and grow her business. Every mentor and coach that she worked with was either a Generator or Manifesting Generator so unfortunately didn’t understand the nature of what it meant and looked like it to be a Projector Entrepreneur.  

Inner alignment, self trust and personal power are the principles that she lives by and she infuses this into her work as a Human Design Mentor to Projectors. 

Kendra is the founder of The Prosperous Projector, a brand that believes success looks different for everyone and that true inner fulfillment happens when we understand how our unique energy interacts with the world around us.

She loves to inspire, encourage and empower women to create their best life and business through living their design and working in flow instead of resistance. 

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