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Mind Boss Habits E-Book

In this book I share with you some of the RAW and EMOTIONAL parts of my journey that awakened me to my potential and set me on the path to healing and then sharing my gifts, talents and skills with the world. This all lead to the place today where I am the self-appointed Mindset Queen. This book came about at a time when I FINALLY realized that the only way for me to change what I didn't like in my life depended on my thought life and the condition of my inner self. It was like a LIGHT BULB went off and I KNEW that I was living my life as the servant to my mind instead of how it should be - the mind a servant to ME.  In Mind Boss Habits I share with you 12 practical actions that will enable you to be the BOSS of your MIND instead of the other way around. The book is designed not only as a book for you to read but also as resource for you to visit time and time again. It's no coincidence that I share with you 12 steps and that there are 12 months in year.  The idea is for you to take each action step and integrate a new one into your life each month. It's said that it takes 21 days to form a habit so by practicing a new habit each month you will have transformed all areas of your life in the matter of 1 year.  It's time to transform and ascend to higher levels of greatness. Kendra shares with you twelve practical actions that if done consistently WILL as a result create transformation and elevation.   Mind Boss habits is so much more than another e-book, it is a lifelong resource for you to utilize so that you can live your best life and as a result build an amazing business.