Kendra Woods

Human Design Alignment Coach
Guiding you towards becoming unstuck and unstoppable in a soul aligned way
Hi, I’m Kendra!

My deepest desire is to guide soulful, purpose-driven women like you to launch, grow and expand your business in a way that aligns with your soul purpose. I believe business success starts with you being connected to the core of your purpose and what your business stands for and why.

My Story

I believe we all have a gift within us that is meant to be shared with the world. I believe in dreams and in doing whatever it takes to bring our dreams to life.

When I was a young girl I remember playing teacher often. I remember how great it felt to share what I knew with my imaginary students. I have always loved school, learning, and having the freedom to create and build new things. From a young age I knew that I wanted to have my own business and be the queen of my empire, but I allowed the well-meaning inspiration of others to take me off course.

So I began checking off all the boxes. I graduated from high school and went straight to business school earning my bachelor’s degree. During my college experience I recognized that I enjoyed all the facets of business and again, the entrepreneurial spark was lit within me.

I had no idea how to make it a reality so I started with what I knew. I found myself in many different industries working up the corporate ladder even though deep in my soul it didn’t feel aligned. In my search for more fulfillment I decided to go back to school to get my MBA in Business Administration. School was always fun for me and I desired to learn more about business on a deeper level.

This led into working as a corporate executive and to be honest, I hated it.

It felt like my soul was dying.

I was frozen with fear. 

Having no clue how to step out and create something of my own, I stayed in this position until my body said no more. Working in this position was literally making me sick.

I became so sick that once I ended up in bed for two days straight, unable to do anything. It was in that very moment I decided I would find a way to do what I love and launch my own work into the world.

When It All Changed

I felt this decision deep in my soul and it was as if God felt it too because I was led to an amazing coach. She helped me take the practical steps to launch my business. Once my business was out there I thought that if I worked hard enough all the clients I had been dreaming about would magically appear.

Except they didn’t.

About 1.5 years into my business I realized I wasn’t making the progress I desired because I was holding back from really putting myself out there and being seen.

All of my insecurities came flooding to the surface.  All the feelings of unworthiness started showing up.

My lack of wealth consciousness was blocking my abundance and I felt like a fraud.

It became crystal clear to me that if I was sabotaging my own success, then no amount of hard work was going to get me to my goal.

The only real solution for me was to do the internal mindset work while also taking practical action steps in my business to push myself past my comfort zone.

As I began digging deeper into my inner world, I noticed that I started showing up differently in my business. The clients that I  longed to work with started showing up in my reality and I thought to myself, “Oh my God, it’s working!!” 

This experience sparked a passion within me to support high achieving, ambitious, soulful women entrepreneurs to launch, grow, and expand soul aligned businesses that create income, impact and influence.

I have shared my powerful lessons with women who dare to follow their dreams and be the queen of their own empires but feel stuck not knowing how to move beyond their internal obstacles so they too, can finally launch their business or grow their business to the next level. 

Why I Want to Help You

I clearly remember what it felt like to have a burning desire within me to share my gifts with the world and feel stuck and alone.

I remember what it felt like to witness other women creating success in their business and life and feeling like I was never going to get it.

I am a passionate soul who deeply values living my purpose and creating freedom from within.

I know how hard you are working to fulfill your purpose and build your empire.

It is this knowing that inspires and fuels me every single day to walk in my purpose for you. I look forward to getting to know you better.

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