Human Design Readings

Become unstuck and unstoppable by understanding your unique flow of alignment

“As a logical, empirical and practical system, Human Design does not ask you to believe in anything. It merely offers you the opportunity to explore and experiment with the mechanics of your nature and your evolving consciousness, in order to find out for yourself what exactly works for you.”

Ra Uru Hu, Founder of Human Design

What is Human Design?

Human Design is an energetic map of your soul with detailed information on both the conscious and unconscious aspects of yourself.

Human Design incorporates elements from:

✓ Western Astrology

✓ The Chakra System

✓ The I-Ching

✓ The Kabbalah Tree of Life

✓ Quantum Physics

Your unique Human Design Blueprint is customized based on your birth time, date and place of birth. Your unique blueprint helps you understand how you are designed and wired to exchange energy with the world around you.

There is immense power in understanding how you are meant to move through the world.

I also want to be clear in saying that you are so much more than your Human Design Blueprint and it’s important to have someone in your corner who gets this.

Your Human Design Blueprint helps you understand your potentials, your strengths, your areas of conditioning, your unique purpose in the world and so much more.

We live in a world where we are constantly being pressured to be like the next person when in reality we are all different and we are all here to serve different purposes. You are special, unique and powerful.

We become stuck when we try to operate from a level of conditioning that isn’t really who we are and this is where understanding your Human Design can completely shift the trajectory of your whole life and business.

Understanding your Human Design provides you a permission slip to be exactly who you are while releasing any conditioning that has prevented you from evolving and fulfilling your potential.

Your Human Design will initiate you into remembering exactly who you are and what you are here on Earth to do. You are likely already aware of the many details that you will learn during your reading but whatever reason you haven’t given yourself permission to own these aspects of yourself.

Human Design will help you answer some of life’s biggest questions such as,

“Who am I? What am I about? Where am I going?”

Human Design Offerings

Foundational Soul Activation Reading

This is a comprehensive 60-minute foundational reading with me where you are introduced to your unique Human Design + BodyGraph. This is your entry point into experimenting with your Human Design as a path to awakening to your true self and purpose in life and business.  

Here is what we cover in this Foundation Reading:

✓ Type (how you best use your energy and interact with others on an energetic level)

✓ Strategy ( how you are designed to cultivate the most aligned and soulful opportunities)

✓ Authority ( how you are designed to make the most authentic and aligned decisions)

✓ Profile ( how you are designed to align with your purpose and how to get your conscious and unconscious needs met )

✓ Not-self theme ( your sign that tells you when you are off track)

✓ Signature theme ( your sign that tells you are in alignment)

✓ Time for questions and discussions

✓ Practical strategies that you can begin implementing right away to begin your alignment journey

*Note: Your session is recorded for you so that you can review it over and over again. 

Deep Dive Soul Activation Reading

This is a comprehensive 2-hour reading. This experience is designed to support you in gaining a deep understanding of how you are designed to show up in this world. You will find that much of what I share with you will provide you with deep validation of your own wisdom, helping you see that you can trust what you feel to be true for you. You will learn clearly what you get to let go of so that you can be the most authentic expression of yourself. Your gifts, talents and life themes will be highlighted for you so that you feel more clear about your mission and purpose.

Here is what we will cover in this Deep Dive Reading:

✓ Type (how you best use your energy and interact with others on an energetic level)

✓ Strategy ( how you are designed to cultivate the most aligned and soulful opportunities)

✓ Authority ( how you are designed to make the most authentic and aligned decisions)

✓ Profile ( how you are designed to align with your purpose and how to get your conscious and unconscious needs met )

✓ Not-self theme ( your sign that tells you when you are off track)

✓ Signature theme ( your sign that tells you are in alignment)

✓ Analysis of all 9 of your energy centers ( your defined centers tell you where you have consistent and reliable energy. Your undefined centers tell you about the areas in your life where you can get stuck and pulled off track which also hold massive potential for wisdom and growth)

✓ Introduction to your Incarnation Cross (the form that your unique expression of life takes)

✓ Channels (consistent and reliable access to your special gifts)

*Note: Your session is recorded for you so that you can review it over and over again.

What to expect 

When you book in your reading you will be asked to complete an intake form where you will share with me your birth information so that I can create your Human Design Blueprint. During this time you will also have space to ask me any questions that you’d like me to see if your chart supports. 

If you book a Soul Activation Deep Dive Reading you will receive an email 24-48 hours after your booking with an audio recording that I ask you to listen to in preparation for our time together.

On the day of your reading I encourage you to be in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed so that you receive the best from our time together. You can take notes however I strongly encourage you to simply be present and receive what is shared with you. 

Within 24 hours after your reading you will receive an email with a link to your recorded reading so that you can revisit the wisdom that was shared during our time together. This recording will serve as a powerful tool that you can visit over and over again as you integrate what was shared.

We will cover a lot of ground during our time together so afterwards I suggest that you rest and allow the initial integration to begin. Drink lots of water and relax.

What are people saying

Having my Human Design Reading with Kendra was exactly what I needed. For a while, I have been questioning the frustration and overwhelm that I have been feeling in my business. I felt like I was out of alignment. I was not so out of alignment where I was feeling like I was being pulled into a whole different direction but just a little out of alignment that it was frustrating. Since having the reading, I have been able to get more in alignment with the things I am being called to do. One of the biggest aha moments was when Kendra pointed out that I was already answering with a Sacral response. I just need to be more aware. Also, waiting to respond because opportunities flow to me. This awareness helped me to say no to an opportunity that was not for me and to be open to the Yes I was able to give to another opportunity in my business.

Lacrecia - 2/4 Generator

Kendra is a delight to learn Human Design from. The process (from beginning to end) helped me dive into a basic understanding of my Human Design type and more deeply into the gates and channels (which was a foreign language before my reading). I have, however, been doing deep dive work into my authentic self for several years and Kendra’s knowledge and language offered deep alignment with truths I’ve been dancing with in the realms of both personal and business awareness. One of the biggest shifts was receiving the freedom (through this reading) to continue instinctually following the path that aligns with my natural abilities and qualities. As a lifelong learner, my time spent with Kendra felt like expansive breaths on a warm clear day.

Kayce - 3 / 5 Manifesting Generator

My Human Design reading with you was a very rich experience. First of all, you took great care to make sure my questions were answered.   I’ve had many readings and the one with you took my understanding to the next level. I took 9 pages of notes of the practical application of my chart!  Through our discussions, your comments helped me breakthrough old definitions of leadership that didn’t serve me and opened up a new way for me to see myself and show up in the world. Going through each gate and relating that to my questions provided me with numerous ah-has!  Repeatedly, your insights opened up new ideas and viewpoints that I believe will be life-changing as I consistently practice and implement them. Thank you for your great care to give to me in a nurturing, kind, and powerful way! In deepest appreciation and gratitude.

Kim - 5/1 Manifesting Generator

Kendra’s Human Design reading offered more than a tool to better understand myself. Not only did she deliver an abundance of information, she was thorough with insights on how each aspect of my design shows up for me, and gave guidance with real world application for dealing with challenges. This was the first time in decades of studies & readings that I saw myself fully reflected, affirmed, and empowered in a way that left me finally able to let go of self-judgment and dead-end aspirations, and move forward with sure clarity. I can’t recommend Kendra highly enough. She’s gifted, heart-centered, and wise, and has her feet on the ground. 

Heloise - 4/6 Generator

My reading with Kendra was a blessing in all the ways I needed. Human Design felt like a foreign language until Kendra helped me decode it based on my unique makeup. She not only read my chart for me, she helped me understand what I was looking at and how to use the information in my day-to-day life. My reading felt practical and the way to live into the information felt doable and instantly meaningful for my life. I won’t ever make decisions the same. Kendra has shown me a better way, a more authentic way, to be me. 

Kiala - 6/2 Generator

Human design was instrumental to the success of my coaching work with Kendra. My Human Design reading helped me identify and lean into my creative process and how I show up in my business. It helped me gain confidence in how I see and understand and respond to the world. It GREATLY strengthened my intuition and how to listen and trust it. My Human Design reading also helped me identify my areas of growth and how to find people who can support those areas as I scale my business. I am experiencing exponential growth in business, love and health. And I have Kendra to thank for it!

Arianna - 2/4 Manifesting Generator

My Human Design reading was great. I really got a sense and fulfillment out of learning more about myself. My reading has helped me approach my business and life differently by really looking inwards at what I want my future to look like. I am in the middle of buying my first home and I am taking steps to look into a career that will fulfill me. I believe that my attitude shifted into a more positive light after my human design reading. The reading helped me to be more confident with who I really am as a person.

Sara - 6/2 Generator

I had the joy of having Kendra do my first ever Soul Activation Reading and it was incredible! The information she was able to provide me about who I am and what is in my human design was unbelievable, I felt like someone was telling me all of this with knowing me for my entire life! Everything was so true and resonated with me on every level! I feel extremely grateful that I was able to have this experience.

Genavieve - 1 / 3 Generator

The reading was very helpful in understanding my innate energy and to take a step back with more acceptance of my energy system. My next focus will be to integrate some shifts in perception honoring myself in an expanded way. I also very much appreciate your warmth and caring. 

Francine - 2/4 Projector

I’ve listened once with no notes – going to go listen again and take notes in a day or so. KENDRA! OMG OMG OMG 💜 you are so gifted and this seriously has anchored me back into so many amazing aspects of my being. Can’t wait to share all the aha and beautiful things that I have realized.

Paige - 3 / 5 Manifesting Generator

Your skill at helping me feel at ease, inviting me to listen, and asking questions was deeply appreciated. Your knowledge and understanding of Human Design and my chart specifically was insightful, affirming and encouraging. I don’t know much about Human Design and your way of facilitating our session was really lovely. 

Sharon - 2/4 Projector

The reading was nothing short of amazing! Her explanation was clear and so easy to understand as a new explorer of Human Design. I appreciate her insight and knowledge so much. Definitely life changing!

Adrienne - 2/4 Manifesting Generator


Does the time of birth need to be exact?

Yes. Your Human Design Blueprint is based on your time of birth, day of birth and location. If your birth information is not accurate then your Blueprint will be an inaccurate expression of you. 

Can I order a Human Design Reading as a gift?

Yes. If you have someone who you would like to gift this experience to please send an email to  Please make sure the person you are gifting this to is ready and open to receive the session. My team will then send you a special link so that you can pay for the reading. We will need their email address so that we can contact them for their birth information and so that we can book in a time for their reading. 

Can I ask questions after the reading?

Absolutely! I totally understand that many times questions don’t pop up until after you’ve had some time to process everything that we have covered. If this should happen feel free to email me at 

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