7-Day Divine Gratitude Experience


For as long as I can remember I have known that there is a great purpose for my life and I have spent my life seeking for the truth of what this purpose is. 

I am confident that you can relate otherwise you wouldn't be here reading this love letter that I am writing for you. 

Through my journey of self-discovery and the discover of what my purpose is I have learned that gratitude plays an epic role in defining our lives and bringing fulfillment into it as well.

I am a purpose driven business woman who understands that I am simply here as a vessel for my Father and that my role is to daily connect to my inner power so that I can shine and allow the work that I am designed for to flow freely from my being. 

You have work that is meant to be created here as well. You have a community of amazing people who are looking for what you have. 

You are purpose driven as well and a truth seeker. 

You are always looking for ways in which to dig deeper into your soul aligned purpose here on this earth. 

Did you know that the simple power of gratitude connects you to your inner power? 

When you get in the practice of expressing gratitude daily you are choosing to focus on the positive areas of your life and business. 

And when you choose to focus on these positive areas your mind, heart and soul begin to get into alignment and take the form of that which you think. 

The more grateful you are and the more gratitude you express for the present moment the more you align yourself to the magnitude of greatness that is just waiting for you.

All that you desire to see created in your life and business is on the INSIDE of you. 

It is then your job to tune in to self everyday unlocking the gifts that are within you so that you can then share and spread your gifts with the people who need to hear your voice.

Getting in the practice of expressing gratitude daily puts your mind in a creative space and it also brings your mind into close connection with God/Creator/Universe.

This is one of the many ways in which you unlock your personal power and become unstoppable.

I didn't grow up knowing nor was I taught how to connect with my inner self but I have always KNOWN that I could go within and find peace, stillness and answers. 

It has been over the past 10+ years of me diving into personal develpment, cultivating my spirituality, reprogramming my mind and learning how to trust my intuition that I have learned how to connect with my inner self in a POWERFUL way. 

Can you imagine what it would be like to KNOW and TRUST that what comes through you is always the right thing to do? 

Can you imagine getting to a place of freedom where you aren't constantly doubting or questioning yourself? 

In my 7-Day Divine Gratitude Practice I am going to help you peel back some of the layers that are in your way of connecting with your truest self. 

  Included with this experience you will receive: 

>A beautifully designed Gratitude Journal that includes: >>7 Daily journal prompts along with the corresponding exercises. >>7 Daily affirmative mantras that you are to embody each day.  

>A video training for each day that dives deeper into the mindset and action for the day. (7 videos)  


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