1 On 1 Coaching with Kendra Woods

Business and Mindset

My deepest desire is to guide soulful, purpose-driven women like you to launch, grow and expand your business in a way that aligns with your soul purpose.

Soulful Business Coaching

I believe business success starts with you being connected to the core of your purpose and what your business stands for and why.


What you believe as it pertains to your self-image, success and money determines your business growth. Together we shift your mindset so that it supports your highest vision.


Setting the foundation for you to be supported and guided in business by that which is greater than you.

Soulful Self-Love

Deeply embracing and accepting all parts of self in order to fully step into soul confidence and up level your worth.

Guiding you towards becoming unstuck and unstoppable in a soul aligned way

Ready To Take Your Business and Life To The Next Level But Can’t Seem To Get There?

I understand how you feel and I want you to know that you are not alone. Help is available if you are finally ready to receive support and guidance in getting to whatever your next level may be.

Benefits of Working With Kendra


You will be guided and supported as you stretch past your comfort zone and get unstuck, while finally achieving the results you desire.


Your creativity will be unleashed allowing you to come up with highly valuable services that serve your ideal clients along with the courage to charge what you are worth allowing you to create more money.


You will learn how to prioritize your business in a way that allows its to be successful without sacrificing your own self care and personal needs.


Built in accountability to ensure you are making progress on your goals.


Support in identifying the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and guidance on how to shift your way of thinking so that your income increases.

How Do I know If Coaching is Right For Me?

Choosing to work with any coach is a decision you want to be clear about. Here are some ways to identify if coaching is right for you.

Do you feel stuck?

You’ve got to a certain point in your business and life that you were once okay with but now you’re ready to go to the next level with clarity. While you can listen to your friends and family and consume free content online I  can help you determine what really matters in an honest way. I will share with you proven insight and strategy that will take you to your next level in a soul aligned way.

Are your limiting beliefs holding you back?

What untrue beliefs are you holding onto about money, your self-image and success? Do you consistently find yourself feeling like you aren’t good enough or smart enough to fulfill your vision? Holding onto these beliefs and old memories is exhausting when growing a business and it is counterproductive. I can help you process your old beliefs in a way that allows you to move past them so that you can fully and authentically show up for your business.

Is it important to be aligned with your true purpose?

Are you feeling unclear about your true purpose and searching for how you can align your purpose with your business? I will guide and support you in gaining clarity around your core purpose and then help you determine the business actions to take that align with your core desires.

Do you have a vision but lack a plan?

You have no problem formulating your vision but have no idea how to put it into an actionable plan. We work together to create a plan that is easy to follow and aligns with your soul desires.

Are you sacrificing your well being for your business?

You are putting everything into your business and as a result you have little time to really nourish your soul. I will guide you in prioritizing your business in a way that allows for spaciousness and self-care.

My Approach

The core of my approach is rooted in mindset. I firmly believe that our mindset is the foundation through which all things in our business and life can dramatically shift.

I believe in getting to the root of what is keeping my clients stuck. When you clear the root of what’s keeping you stuck you are less likely to revert back to the same old patterns that keep sabotaging your progress.

My approach involves working together from a practical, spiritual, and intuitive level to help get you out of your own way so you can grow your business to its next level with a sense of ease and alignment.

When we work together I provide you with tools, resources, and knowledge so you can gain crystal clear insight. This allows you to take massive action towards creating a highly profitable business. 

My overall goal in our work together is that we take a holistic approach to growing the profitability of your business by doing the inner work and taking practical action to move you forward. 

How It Works

Schedule a Free 30 Minute Connection Call

We will discuss your current challenges and goals discovering the misalignment between where you are now and where you want to be.


Choose Your Best Goals

Choose the level of service that best fits with what you desire to achieve in your business and life.

Realization of Desired Outcome

When you show up fully, with my coaching, you will experience the realization of your desired outcomes faster than if you tried to do it alone.

6  Month Deep Transformation Experience

This package is for the business woman who is ready for deep soul shifting and a complete business and life transformation while being supported along the way. You have patterns that keep popping up in your life and you’re ready to do something about it. You are ready to learn how to shift your way of BEING and BREAKTHROUGH your internal limitations so that you can attract more into your business and life. You are tired of not being where you feel you should be right now. You may know that you are holding onto a lot of stuff that isn’t serving you and you desire the guidance and support to let it all go so you can grow your business and live a joyful life. If so, then this package was designed for you.

4  Month Clarity Transformation Experience

This package is for the business woman who is ready to gain clarity around what has been holding her back from reaching her full potential.  You may be at the edge of a pivot in your business or cross roads in your life right now and you deeply desire to peel back the layers built up over time so you can expand to your next level.  You are ready to BE the woman you envision in your mind. And you are looking for support and guidance to help you step into the best version of yourself.

2  Month Transformation Experience

This package is for the business woman who is beginning her journey in business and desires support in gaining clarity around her fears and limiting beliefs. You are aware of some internal barriers holding you back but you aren’t sure what to do about it. You feel stuck and deeply desire clarity in your business and life while being supported along the way. This is for the woman who has never done any kind of personal development work in an intimate setting with a coach before and is looking to create some shifts in her business and  life.

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