Aligned Ambition

Aligned Ambition is an immersive experience designed to guide and empower ambitious women entrepreneurs towards a profound alignment of purpose, energy, and success.

Hello Ambitious Visionary,

If you’re a visionary woman—an embodiment of purpose, driven by a desire to leave an indelible mark on the world—allow yourself a moment to truly absorb the weight of your aspirations. Picture the profound impact you can create, the lives you can touch, and the legacy you can shape. Now, envisage a journey where your ambitions seamlessly intertwine with your true essence—a journey that casts away the shackles of burnout and the frenzy of hustle.

Envision your efforts resonating not just with the world, but with the very core of who you are. Imagine the ripple effect, as your impact stretches beyond what you thought possible, leaving a trail of empowerment and inspiration in its wake.

   Welcome to Aligned Ambition

A journey tailored exclusively for women like you, women who understand that their dreams hold the power to transform lives. Let this journey be your catalyst, a pivotal chapter where your ambitions align with your purpose, where clarity replaces chaos, and where your journey unfolds with grace and intention. 

 Here is what Aligned Ambition means to Kendra:

 Aligned Ambition is a gentle yet powerful guiding light, for women entrepreneurs who are dreamers and visionaries at heart. It’s a profound embrace of purpose-driven paths, where the dreams you hold close intertwine harmoniously with your authentic self. 

 Aligned Ambition is the journey that beckons those who seek not just success, but a profound connection between their ambitions and the soulful work that brings meaning to every step. Aligned Ambition is about walking a path where your dreams, your values, and your purpose coalesce into a symphony of empowered growth.

 In my experience when our ambitions are not aligned with the core of who we truly are we run the risk of:

 ❌  Burning out from chasing goals that are misaligned with our true self.

❌  Overwhelm due to operating without a clear and centered purpose.

❌  Stagnation caused by unproductive hustle and scattered energy.

 However, when you embrace the understanding of your unique Human Design and immerse yourself in the art of infusing your ambitious actions with aligned energetics, you step into the realm of becoming the woman whose path, purpose, and vision illuminate with a crystal-clear brilliance.

 For ambitious women entrepreneurs who hold success, alignment, purpose, and profound meaning close to their hearts, aligning with your unique Human Design is a sacred journey that ignites the path to realizing your fullest potential.

 Imagine a life where your actions seamlessly resonate with your inner blueprint, where success isn’t just a destination, but a harmonious journey that springs from your core authenticity. When you align with your Human Design, you tap into the cosmic rhythm that orchestrates your purpose, casting away the noise and revealing the symphony of your unique talents.

 This alignment doesn’t just yield success; it births fulfillment. It’s a transformational journey where your endeavors and your being are in beautiful resonance. The impact you create isn’t just measured in numbers; it’s felt in the very essence of the lives you touch.

 Consider this: when your ambitions are rooted in your Human Design, every pursuit becomes an embodiment of your purpose. Your work carries an unspoken depth, a meaning that transcends the ordinary. It’s a canvas where your vision paints purposeful strokes, each contributing to a masterpiece that echoes in the hearts of those you serve.

 Aligned with your Human Design, you find yourself stepping onto a path where success isn’t just an external accolade—it’s a reflection of your inner alignment. This is where ambition and authenticity harmonize, propelling you to heights where your dreams, your soul, and your legacy converge. Your journey, your success, and your impact become one, etching a story that radiates purpose and meaning to inspire generations to come.

Who is this beautiful journey for?

✓ Driven women entrepreneurs ready to step into their true purpose.

✓ Ambitious individuals seeking to align their vision and actions.

✓ Those craving a supportive community of like-minded businesswomen.

✓ Women who desire holistic growth, combining strategy and energy.

Who is this journey NOT for?

✓ Those seeking a get-rich-quick scheme with minimal effort.

✓ Individuals unwilling to explore deeper self-awareness.

✓ Entrepreneurs who resist adapting their approach for alignment.

✓ Individuals not committed to growth, learning, and self-discovery.

Embarking on this journey of aligned ambition is a choice that offers a gentle yet profound transformation.

Here’s why you should choose to take this step:

✓ Discover Profound Self-Awareness: Through the wisdom of Human Design insights, you’ll uncover layers of self-awareness that go beyond the surface. This newfound understanding will illuminate your unique strengths, vulnerabilities, and the intricate dance of your energies, helping you navigate your path with intention.

✓ Embrace Holistic Entrepreneurship: This journey invites you to embrace a holistic approach to entrepreneurship—one that intertwines strategic brilliance with the harmonious flow of energy. By aligning your ambitions with your inner essence, you’ll discover a transformative way of doing business that resonates deeply with your soul.

✓ Access Practical Tools for Lasting Alignment: Along this path, you’ll be equipped with practical tools and techniques that guide you towards enduring alignment and success. These tools, infused with the wisdom of Human Design and energy mastery, will empower you to navigate challenges, make decisions with confidence, and nurture your dreams to fruition.

Your journey of aligned ambition isn’t just a choice; it’s an invitation to embrace the profound transformation that awaits when ambition, purpose, and energy converge harmoniously.

Here’s what we will dive into during our time together:

Over 7 transformative weeks, we’ll journey through all 5 modules. The experience includes 1 week for intention setting and orientation, followed by module exploration. As we conclude with module 5, we’ll dedicate another week to celebrating achievements, sharing insights, and crafting plans for what lies ahead.

Module 1: Ignite Your Unique Vision

💫 Illuminate a vision that resonates with your true essence.

💫 Unveil the wisdom of your Human Design for insights into your ambition’s flow.

💫 Explore the Root Center’s energies for nurturing alignment.

Module 2: Embrace Confident Decision-Making

💫 Embrace your Human Design Authority to make decisions aligned with your heart.

💫 Embrace techniques that blend intuition and action seamlessly.

💫 Shift from uncertain choices to empowered steps rooted in faith.

Module 3: Embrace Calm, Release Hustle

💫 Recognize hustle energy and its impact on your well-being.

💫 Embrace mindfulness, breathwork, and movement for a calmer approach.

💫 Transition from hustle to serenity, nurturing a centered state.

Module 4: Blueprint Your Brilliance

💫 Craft strategies infused with your unique Human Design insights.

💫 Embrace patterns that resonate with your strengths, elevating your approach.

💫 Develop a personalized action plan that speaks your truth.

Module 5: Master Energy for Success

💫 Decode Human Design gates associated with your drive, spirit, and vitality.

💫 Connect with the rhythm of Divine Timing and its energetic dance.

💫 Shape strategies that harmonize with the universe, propelling your dreams.

Your Guided Journey Involves

Engaging and Transformative Modules:

✓ You will gain access to pre-recorded modules to ensure you have the time and space to go at your own pace. 

✓ Immerse yourself in the weekly exercises and visualizations that form the heart of your journey.

Wednesday or Thursday Call – One-on-One Session:

✓ Indulge in individualized attention in a personal coaching session every Wednesday or Thursday, where you can seek guidance, support, and inspiration around the current week’s module.

✓ This call serves as your sanctuary of knowledge, a nurturing space to fuel your understanding and transformation.

✓ Utilize this call as your sounding board, your strategizing realm, and your safe place for all that you envision.

Flexible Accessibility:

✓ No worries about missed moments. All of your coaching calls will be recorded and seamlessly integrated into your Teachable classroom.

✓ Revisit insights, revisit lessons, and revitalize your journey at your pace.

Guided Integration:

✓ Each module extends its embrace through carefully crafted homework.

✓ These assignments are your compass to integration—a dedicated path to weaving the newfound knowledge into your being.

Time for Exploration:

✓ Be assured of the duration. Calls  will be 60 minutes, giving ample room for discussions, questions, and immersion.

This isn’t just any other experience; it’s an exploration of growth, connection, and empowerment, crafted for your journey as a woman entrepreneur seeking to thrive in purpose and authenticity.

Meet Kendra Woods:

Your Guiding Light and Passionate Mentor

Embracing the essence of a 6/2 Splenic Projector, Kendra Woods has journeyed through the past four transformative years, embodying her unique energetic blueprint. As she steps onto this path, she emerges not just as an individual, but as an energetic guide, a nurturing teacher, and a devoted coach—a beacon for ambitious, high-achieving, and heart-centered women.

In her core, Kendra carries an unwavering belief—an unshakable conviction that each of us holds a precious gift, a purpose nestled within, yearning to be shared with the world. Guided by dreams and the profound journey of manifesting them, Kendra radiates the spirit of someone who’s walked the talk, who’s danced with dreams until they became reality.

But Kendra’s journey isn’t just personal—it’s about empowerment, inner alignment, and nurturing personal power. These principles aren’t mere words; they’re the very foundation on which she has crafted her life. As a Human Design Alignment Guide, Kendra takes these principles and weaves them into her work, infusing her guidance with the essence of authentic living.

As the heart behind Soulful Success By Design, Kendra’s vision is clear: success is a tapestry woven uniquely for each soul. She holds the torch that illuminates the truth—the path to inner fulfillment springs from understanding how our individual energy dances with the world around us.

With infectious enthusiasm, Kendra kindles a fire in the hearts of women, inspiring them to paint their canvas of life and business with the hues of their design, their essence. Her forte lies in orchestrating flow instead of resistance—aligning life and business with the natural rhythm that flows within.

Kendra isn’t just a guide; she’s your fellow journeyer, your companion on this journey of design, purpose, and empowered success. Her warmth, her wisdom, and her passion are woven into every step she takes, inviting you to step into the radiant tapestry of your own aligned ambition.

Welcome to a journey guided by Kendra’s heart, where your own heart finds its echo, and where your dreams find a nurturing embrace.

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