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I am Kendra Woods, founder of Kendra Kay Woods, LLC where I help women just like you step into their divine purpose, power & prosperity through teaching you how to reclaim your mind.

For most of my life I was really good at pretending that I had all my stuff together when really I was a complete mess on the inside. I was functioning from a set of beliefs and way of thinking that left me feeling like I wasn’t good enough. I had a low level of confidence and trust in myself and because of this I was the world’s best people pleaser.  I was a high functioning perfectionist who was scared to death of ever making a mistake which also meant my self-worth was very low. I simply didn’t love myself and I felt as if I didn’t have the power to change any of it.

I grew up under the belief that my voice didn’t matter and that in order to have any kind of real success you had to sacrifice your true desires and work harder than anyone else did. This led me to experiencing high levels of anxiety, stress, disempowering thoughts and hopelessness.

For most of my adult life I simply felt unfulfilled jumping from job to job trying to figure out why I couldn’t seem to settle when really what was happening was my soul was trying to get my attention. My soul was crying out for healing from the emotional wounds that I experienced during childhood. I was running away from these emotions trying to be the good little girl that I was raised to be.

At the time I had no idea that by healing my wounds and reclaiming the power of my mind that I could literally shift my whole life in another direction. I didn’t realize the power that I was created with and further more wouldn’t have had the slightest idea of how to even use my power.

I was simply surviving when really what I wanted to be doing was living.




I am now a Mindset Coach, Business Coach, Author and Speaker with a Business degree from Georgia State University and an MBA from Columbia Southern University.

I am married to the love of my life and the mother of three beautiful children living in the beautiful Panhandle area of Alabama/Florida. The beach is my backyard and my favorite place to be because it’s where God and I have many conversations.

My experience prior to starting my business  was as a  Realtor where I have sold over 9 million dollars in real estate, I have worked as an Executive Recruiter working with CFO’s, Accountants and Controllers and my last corporate position was as an Executive Consultant to million dollar medical practices. After working myself into the ground and experiencing auto immune flare ups and debilitating anxiety episodes I decided that enough was enough. If I could be successful at helping someone else achieve their dreams then I could do the same for me. April 2016 was my wake-up call as I lay in bed sick yet again I knew it was time to say yes to myself and my dream. It was time to go after MY dream!




I fully understand the strategies, tools and resources that must be utilized to help you create the business and life of your dreams because they are the same ones that I myself have used to create my success.

Because I have been able to break through my own limiting beliefs and broken emotional patterns it has become a passion of mine to help women do the same. The power of our subconscious mind is amazing and I will teach you how to FULLY utilize its power in your own life to create transformation and shifts that will blow your mind. Breaking through the habitual patterns and blocks in your mind will allow you to freely walk in your purpose, step in your power and create prosperity in all areas of your life.

Are you ready to live life on your terms? I believe this is something that you have always desired to do and having a prosperous business that serves as the catalyst for your deepest desire, which is freedom, has long been something that you have ALWAYS wanted. 

Everything that we create or bring into our lives is simply a reflection of what is taking place inside of us. Our worlds and the people in our lives are mirrors reflecting back to us the areas in which we either need to heal or create new beliefs around.


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 In my business I take a two-step approach to helping you create success in your business and life. First I work with you to help you identify the ways in which you sabotage your own success. We work together to identify your limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that aren’t allowing you to FULLY step into your greatness.

Secondly we discuss and have you implement sound business strategy that will help you launch your business or further expand your business to new levels. We will look at systems and create a plan of action that is aligned with your soul desires.

You see once you learn how to reprogram your mind with the thoughts and beliefs that are in complete alignment with your deepest desires you will operate from a space of complete intuitiveness. Your business decisions will be aligned with who you really are and it will feel effortless.

I work with clients locally here in the Pensacola, FL area as well as from all over the world. I utilize Zoom, phone, FB messenger or face-to-face.

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