Break The ChainsWhat will you do?

Will you choose to back up and take another path?

A path that maybe looks more certain and that maybe feels more comfortable.

You were not created to live a life where you are comfortable all the time.

You were created to live a life where you grow, expand, elevate and evolve.

Your evolution into the human being that you were created to be will not happen if you choose to live a life where all things feel comfortable and certain.

Sure there’s nothing wrong with comfort but I believe that there is a time and a place for that and I also believe that we can learn to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Our human nature is to grow but at the same time we have this instinct to be comfortable as well.

This instinct of comfort can fool you into believing that comfort is more important than your growth.

This instinct can bring with it the illusion that all the excuses and stories that you tell yourself are actually true.

Constantly seeking certainty and comfort does not grant you the ability to actually live out those dreams that you hold on the inside of you.

The dream that you have for a life of freedom.

The dream that you have of giving your children a life that you never had.

The dream of traveling this world and seeing beautiful places.

The dream of being financially free where you get to live life and not have money be the thing that determines whether or not you can live fully.

You were born a creator and I believe that is why we all have been given a dream and vision to fulfill.

It’s been given to us because our creator knew that we were given the power from within to create our own universe.

Our creator knew that all we had to do was focus, have faith and seek guidance from that which is greater than us and we would find our way.

But see what happens is that you let the world get in the way. You let your mind tell you that it isn’t possible.

You allow fear and lack to be the deciding the factor of whether or not you get to live your dream.

You forget who you are and begin to believe the stories that the world has given you.

You begin to believe the bank account that says you don’t have enough money.

You begin to believe the family who tell you that your dreams are pie in the sky dreams

You begin to believe that boss of yours that tells you you need to have more certifications before you can move up.

You begin to believe that you aren’t good enough to actually create the grand vision that you have in your mind.

This is where you back off.

You see that things are taking longer than you expected and you start reinforcing that idea that maybe you just aren’t good enough.

You can’t see what the outcome will look like so instead of leaning into the unknown and having faith in YOURSELF you begin putting your faith in things outside of you.

You are not here to create this life by yourself. You have help. The help is within you but tapping into the guidance from within will require you to get still and sit in the uncomfortable.

The help that you need will require you to have faith in yourself and that which is greater than you.

You will be required to see with your spiritual eyes and not the eyes of man.

You will be required to believe in yourself even when no one else does.

You will be required to show up again, and again, and again, and again.

You will be required to trust.

Most people can’t do this because the human instinct for survival, comfort and certainty drowns out the voice of your higher self.

The guidance that will help you here on this life journey is the still quiet voice within you.

It’s the voice that keeps saying – yes you CAN do this.

It’s the voice that keeps telling you to trust.

It’s the voice that will give you direction but only if you get quiet and listen.

Only if you choose to show up for your life, get uncomfortable and activate your faith in the vision that you have been given.

It’s not so much that this is hard to do but your mind will tell you it’s hard but what you’ve got to understand is that your mind will move where you tell it to move.

When it tells you that it’s hard you tell it that’s its actually easy.

If you are being completely honest with yourself I believe that you know when you are allowing the need for comfort and certainty to out weight the calling of your higher self.

It all comes down to this – can you be so determined in your pursuit to fulfill your mission here on earth that you can rise up and have faith even when things don’t look like they are working in your favor?

Here’s what I believe – things are ALWAYS working in your favor BUT these things can’t work for you if you aren’t willing to get a little uncomfortable for your dream.

The life you desire to live is waiting for you.

The business you desire to have is waiting for you.

The places you desire to visit are waiting for you.

All that you desire is waiting for YOU.

You are the source to whether or not you fulfill what you’ve been called to create.

You will be given opportunities throughout your life and most of the time these opportunities will require you to step out of your zone of safety and stretch yourself to a new level of believe.

There will be times where you are given an opportunity and you’re just going to have to leap and build your wings on the way down having FAITH and TRUST that something more powerful than you has your back.

I believe in this power that is more powerful than me and I believe that it has my back regardless of what the world may be showing me.

When you can fully stand behind this nothing and no one before you can cause you to fall over or panic.

Have faith in yourself because within you lies the power of the one who created you. And if that power can create you then think about all that you can create.

I am on a journey that I thought I would never be on and I know where I desire to go and I know what I desire to create and so I chose to TRUST and have FAITH in what is within me.

I chose to create a business that allows me the freedom to work from anywhere I want. I chose to say yes to an opportunity that my higher self KNOWS is the right one for me.

If you are ready to TRUST and have FAITH in what is within you I would love to share with you what your life could look like by creating a business that will allow you to have time freedom, financial freedom and ultimately be the vehicle that helps you drive your dream and vision forward.

Message me if you are open to hearing more about how you can create your dreams while leveraging social media with a 90% automated platform.


Massive Love,

Kendra C. Woods 💖
Online Automation Business Mentor
Speaker & Author


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