Be willing to look crazy

You’ve had this dream for so long.

For as long as you can remember you’ve had this desire to impact the world and really help people transform their lives.

You know that you have a gift and you’ve been honing that gift over time.

You’ve seen how what you have to offer can change the trajectory of people’s lives and you desire more than anything to help people realize their potential.

You’ve got this strong sense of wanderlust brewing inside of you and you have decided that you want to quench this need.

But you know that in order to quench the wanderlust brewing inside of you and in order for you to create the level of impact that you desire it’s going to require more resources.

You know that you are going to need to develop yourself more.

You know that you are going to need to continue to grow and evolve as a human being so that you can be of higher and higher service.

You’re okay with this and it’s why you are so excited about personal development and learning how to be the best version of yourself.

The part that gets in the way is that thought of wondering what people will think of you.

The thought that people will think you are weird or irresponsible for going after your vision keeps creeping up on you.

In fact it’s not only a thought, people have told you that you should just focus on getting a great paying job instead of trying to grow your business.

People have questioned your vision and told you that it seems irrational and unrealistic.

Your family just sits back silently but you can feel the confusion in their energy whenever you speak of your business. You can feel the resistance they have to what you are doing.

You feel lonely at times because you just feel like no one really understands the deep pulling that takes place inside of you that keeps pulling you forward day after day even when it looks like nothing is happening.

You’ve invested heaps of money into your own personal development and a part of you feels guilty for this because maybe you are aren’t seeing the physical results yet and all you really want to be able to do is prove to everyone that you know what you’re doing.

I totally get the feeling and the thoughts because I have them too.

But at the end of the day you’ve got to be willing to accept that there will be people who do not get what you are doing at all!!

Your friends, who are not on a similar path, will sit back and watch but won’t ask you how business is going or how they can help you.

It’s okay! You are walking down a path that the majority of this world refuses to walk down.

Your dream, your vision and the things you desire to experience were given to you because YOU are the one who is meant to carry them out.

And it takes courage to go out there and go after what you REALLY want instead of simply settling for the status quo.

Be willing to have others see you as obsessed with your vision.

Be willing to have others think you are making a mistake.

Be willing to look like you’re crazy and out of your mind.

The only important thing that matters is that you BELIEVE in what you are doing.

Can you lay your head down at night and feel proud of yourself for what you are creating?

If the answer is yes then you are doing the right thing.

Many people spend so much time doing things that will make others proud but I think it’s time for you to start doing things that make YOU proud.


The moment you start living your life by the standards and expectations of others your life is no longer yours.


Some people say that it’s easy to give up but I don’t believe that.

You see when you have a vision and you say YES to that vision it’s actually kind of hard to give it up.

This vision is what pulls you into action each day.

The dream is what gets you excited. The passion you feel about creating what you see inside of you keeps you moving.

If you are still reading this then you are one of those people who, like me, believe that you are here on this earth to evolve to your highest potential.

You believe that you have gifts to share with this world and you refuse to leave this world knowing that you didn’t do all that you could do to express those gifts and share them with the world.

So never give it. Keep taking consistent intentional steps forward and you will see your vision come to life.

Sending you so much love!!

I believe in you.


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