A girl should be what she wants

It’s essential for your growth and evolution

I felt the emotion rising up in my soul this morning. Standing in the card aisle of Wal-Mart, I felt the emotion and tears wanting to burst out.

I acknowledged the emotion and quickly exited the card aisle.

Driving home from the store talking to my hubby here it comes again! This need to release and cry. I acknowledged it, kept talking and said to myself – just give me a minute.

Fifteen minutes into my workout and here it comes again!! This time stronger and I acknowledged it and then allowed myself to surrender to the intense energy that was ready to course through my body.

During my twenty minutes of complete surrender I realized that everything that I had ever pushed down and tried to numb was now coming through me and it wasn’t letting up.

So much sadness, anger, hurt, fear moved through me and I allowed myself to FEEL it. Immediately following came intense gratitude for the woman whom I was crying for.

For the woman who at times lost her shit but kept moving forward anyway. For the woman who was scared out of her mind, living in fear but kept showing up every day anyway.

For the woman who desperately desired to be heard, seen, loved and accepted.

For the woman who made decisions daily from a place of survival and fear because her mind couldn’t see any other possibility.

For the woman who knew deep in her soul that she wasn’t living her own life but who also was not capable of trusting this inner knowing.

For the woman who thought if she just wore her hair a certain way and dressed in really nice dresses and suits that she would be taken seriously.

For the woman who had no idea how to love herself and therefore felt completely overwhelmed with how to fully love her daughter and husband.

For the woman who felt unqualified and not good enough to actually own the desires of her heart.

It was a beautiful moment of surrender because in this moment I fully forgave myself for creating and living a life that was based on the approval and validation of others.

I chose to fully honor, love and accept ALL the parts of me that needed to be seen and heard.

So much released opening up a channel within me to choose on an even deeper level the life that I deeply desire to live.

Beloved where are you still performing each day hoping that those outside of you will validate you, love you, accept you and really SEE you?

This is your call to action to notice where you are doing this and understand that these things that you are searching for outside of you will never fulfill the need that you have within.

You first must forgive yourself and YOU be the one who shows up for you. It’s YOU that must give yourself permission to be heard and seen. It’s YOU that must see and hear you first before you can expect others to do the same.

It’s YOU that must acknowledge where you have been giving your power away and decide right now that you’re going to take it back and give it to yourself.

This isn’t about beating yourself up because you see that you’ve been living your life based on the expectation of others. This is about forgiving SELF and choosing to love and accept ALL of you.

It’s about healing.

It’s when you do this that you open your life up to powerful transformation and growth in all areas.

Everything that you desire is not out in the world it’s within you first. Once you cultivate that which you desire on the outside of you on the inside first then and only then will you be able to attract to you the people and opportunities that will allow you to experience your desires outside of yourself.

It’s time to strip back this identity of a woman that you created in an unconscious effort to survive.

You aren’t meant to be here on this earth operating from fear and survival you ARE meant to be operating from LOVE and thriving all the while.

The moment you consciously choose to forgive yourself, love yourself, fully accept yourself and hold space for yourself is the moment when your world will completely shift.

Choose to forgive yourself now and while you’re at it forgive those who have hurt you, done you wrong, or made you sad. It’s no longer yours to hold onto.



P.S. ~ Ready to create life on your terms? Perfect, I am working on something that will help you do just that.

In the meantime if I can support you in your journey to creating life on your terms just reach out to me.

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