4 AM Wake Up Call

A few years ago I was desperate to regain control of my life. I had been going down the traditional path that I learned about and it was no longer serving me.

I was scared out of my mind. I did all the things: University, Great corporate job, Married, Had a baby, bought a house, etc. However my soul was dying.

I had ignored it for so long that physical manifestations of my souls death was starting to show up – severe anxiety, auto immune issues, depression, extreme fatigue, weight gain… all these things started presenting themselves to me.

I knew it was time to regain ownership of my life again. I was tired of being overworked and under paid.

It seemed like know matter how hard I worked nothing was getting better. I couldn’t even fathom what abundance would even look like.

4 AM literally saved my life.

4 AM was the time I decided to set aside each morning to invest an hour into myself FIRST before stepping into my role as wife, mom, employee.

In this 1 hour each day I slowly regained control back of my life.

I began to realize that I wanted MORE and that I wasn’t actually happy with the in a box life I had created.

It was time to take full ownership of my life!

If you desire to create a life of abundance, freedom, happiness and peace it is going to require you to assume the positon of taking full ownership of your life.

Yes it’s also going to require you to be courageous enough to stand firm in what you decide you get to have in your life.

There are too many people walking around living an unconscious life.

Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions of life?

Putting a smile on your face and telling yourself that you’re just going with the flow.

Putting on a beautiful face, nice clothes while on the inside your soul is dying a slow death.

If this sounds familiar please know that I am RAISING my hand because this was me.

If you had seen me 4 years ago you would swear that by my appearance I had my shit together and maybe on the outside I did but my internal world was going down in flames.

This was my reality until I decided to take full ownership of my life.

So maybe you’re wondering what it means exactly to take full ownership of your life.

Here’s what it means:

  • It’s you deciding what you desire for your life to look like and then taking action to create it.
  • It’s getting out of your own way.
  • It’s being the deliberate creator of your experience here on earth.
  • It’s holding yourself accountable.
  • It’s stepping out of victim mode, no longer blaming others for your experience and looking to Self for your answers.
  • It more than likely will mean going against the grain of what you’ve been taught to believe
  • It’s forging your own path and not walking along the path that has been handed down to you because you’ve been told it’s the only way.
  • It’s releasing the need to please others and instead choosing to please yourself.
  • It’s no longer hiding behind the fake smile and make-up and getting real honest with yourself.
  • It’s understanding Self, standing in your truth and operating from your power daily.

I have listed all of this for you but there are so many other ways in which you get to take ownership of your life.

For me I realized that working in a job, working for someone else’s dream was NOT for me.

I felt like I was owned by a company who got to tell me when to show up for work, when to take lunch, how long I got to vacation a year, how to dress…all of things which I didn’t feel created a life of freedom.

My life ownership path has been all about me being a deliberate freedom creator in my life.

Doing whatever is necessary and aligned for me so that I can live a life that is dictated by my terms and not someone else’s.

I look at where I am at today and feel so grateful to be doing work that I love and that is so fulfilling on my terms.

I get to wake up each day to the best boss ever….ME!!!

Now, maybe your dream isn’t to be your own boss but whatever your desires are you’ve got to muster up the courage to go after it.

You’ve got to make a decision that your life gets to be the life you desire for it to be.

You’ve got to start taking responsibility for where you are now, accept where you are now (don’t fight it) and become deliberate with your words, thoughts, energy and action.

This life you have been given is a gift and it isn’t meant for you to be doing things that you really don’t desire to be doing.

  • It’s not meant for you to just be getting by and going through the motions.
  • It’s meant for you to have freedom to enjoy this beautiful world we’ve been given.
  • It’s meant for you to be able to buy yourself the experiences that set your heart on fire.
  • It’s meant for you to feel totally and completely fulfilled, on purpose and abundant.

I have found a way to create this for myself through entrepreneurship.

I get to work anywhere I choose to work (my home office, coffee shop, another state) because the business I created only requires me to have a laptop and internet connection.

One of my biggest intentions that I’ve set for my life is having a business that allows me to be location independent.

I desire to travel all over the world and I know that with what I am building I will do just that while also creating an abundant life for myself and my family through the power of my laptop and internet.

Your journey is your journey and you get to go on the journey you desire.

I encourage you to take full ownership of your life RIGHT NOW.

And if you desire to create a life of FREEDOM that allows you to use your laptop and internet then send me a message and I’ll show you how.

My life’s purpose is to wake up the world to their potential and if you’re ready to step into your potential I would be honored to help you just reach out.

 Sending you so much love!


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