Beach Walk


What should I do?

I don’t know what my next move should be?

How do I know that this is even the right move for me to take?

I really don’t want to make a mistake.

I don’t feel like doing this today!

I don’t want to do this today?

I am just not feeling inspired.

Have you been there before?

You know there is action to be taken in order to further your dream but you can’t seem to muster up enough energy to do even the smallest thing.

Or you’ve been presented with something pretty amazing and you find yourself in limbo wondering what to do and really hoping you make the right choice.

At some point we’ve all been there.

These moments used to send me into a panic because I believed that if I wasn’t taking MASSIVE action towards my dream EVERY SINGLE DAY then I wasn’t succeeding.

I would apply massive pressure on myself to perform. To be the woman that I know I am meant to be.

I would try to force it and then panic even more because nothing was coming through. The ideas were gone. The motivation was gone. The drive was gone.

Oh my God this is it I’ve lost it and now I am never going to make it!!!!! 😩

Look at all these other people smashing their goals and cruising through level after level of abundance.

And here I am sitting on my bum trying to figure out my next move.

Ahhh the pressure I would put on myself.

I had this belief that success required me to always be ON, to always be INSPIRED, to always be MOTIVATED, to always be taking ACTION.

I know better than that today. Perhaps this is where you’re at and you find yourself fighting against this moment of feeling stuck.

Want to know what you need to do?

Release, surrender, let go, accept this moment for what it is. Be still!

I am always seeking to be inspired because to be inspired means to be IN-SPRIRIT and above all else I desire to create my life and business from this state of being.
Inspiration can’t be forced.

Spirit will not move through you while you are in a panicked state of mind stressing about why your inspiration and motivation seems to be gone.

Here’s a secret: Inspiration is always with you.

But if you are running around freaking out because you feel unmotivated and then beating yourself up because you are unmotivated then inspiration you will not find you.

Today I choose to cultivate my inspiration. I know what brings inspiration forth in me and I choose to focus my mind on this at the start of my day.

Do you know what makes you come alive? If you do, do that and inspiration will come looking for you.

Inspiration is a life giving energy. Inspiration breathes life into your business, your relationships, your money, your life!

If you are like me you have a deep desire to be led by the spirit that resides within you so it’s important to know what makes you feel alive.

Inspiration has created some of the most beautiful works of art, it has created some of the most beautiful music, it has created some of the most mouthwatering food, and it has created amazing transformational self-development courses.

What do you desire to create with the spirit inside of you?

This morning I tapped into my inspiration by taking a beach walk and communing with nature.

Allowing my mind to be free of structured thought about my day but open to allow thoughts to flow through my mind like clouds.

Taking in the beauty and abundance all around me.

Feeling the sand between my toes and laughing at the crabs as they scurried into their little holes as I walked by.

I let go, I released, I surrendered and through this I opened the door for inspiration to take lead in my day.

So the next time you feel stuck, realize that this feeling is just an illusion and an invitation to get quiet, release, surrender and focus on the things that bring you joy and make you come alive.

Inspiration leads to revelation. What do you need revelation around today?

What things inspire you? Make a list.

Choose one and go do it. The answers to your deepest desires will spring forth in your mind as you are engrossed in the beauty of what inspires you.




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