Surrender to Your Soul

This morning I had a full body cry. The kind where you are crying so hard that you have to catch your breath. The kind where you are literally wailing and rocking back and forth. The kind of cry that leaves you sniffling and trying to pull yourself together long after it’s over.

Yeah that kind of cry. It was literally like a FULL BODY RELEASE.

I wasn’t crying out of pain, fear, sorrow or heartache.

I was brought to this full release at the realization that everything I have experienced in my life has been completely on purpose.

The pain, the fear, the loss, the frustration, the confusion, the abandonment, the unworthiness, the times of hopelessness, the extreme fatigue, the depression ALL of it an experience that I HAD to go through in order to bring me to this space of unfoldment.

It became so CLEAR that my pain is truly where my power lies.

The same is true for you.

It’s so hard to make sense of this when going through the valleys of life because your mind just can’t make sense of it all.

My SOUL literally rose up within me today and the TRUTH of who I am burned DEEP within, coursing through my being.

Don’t you see that everything before you is simply an illusion?

The things that you go through are there to get your attention, to get to you to tune into what your soul desires for you to KNOW.

I believe that we are all here for a reason, for a purpose.

You have an assignment to complete.

You are a soul sent here to earth to have this human experience so that your soul can evolve and unfold.

Your truth and my truth is that we are Divine Beings that lack absolutely nothing.

You are a being of light, love and purpose.

You are a Being who is innately worthy and deserving of all that has been placed within your heart in the form of desires.

You are a soul seeking full expression and when this expression is hindered because you have chosen to adopt the identity of the world you experience the pain, the suffering and the hopelessness.

Your physical being has learned (at a very young age) how to cope in this physical world that we live in by adopting beliefs that help you survive.

Your mind has to be able to make sense of the experiences that you have when you are young.

Your mind is logical so it has to be able to give something meaning so that it can process it into understanding.

Because of this you unconsciously pick up beliefs about yourself, about the world, about money, about relationships, about sex, about ALL THE THINGS so that you can survive.

In this process you forget that your soul knows the way. You forget that your soul actually knows how to work with the mind to guide you.

Because of the pain you experience your soul isn’t able to be fully heard because your soul can only operate in the space of love.

Your soul wants to be heard, my soul wants to be heard.

We all desire full expression and at any point when we are denied full expression in our mind, body and soul that’s when things get uncomfortable.

When you choose to stay in a space of fear you are choosing not to trust your soul.

Your soul does not know fear so therefore it cannot work through you when you are in a state of fear or lack.

Here is what I need you to know today.

You are not your fears, you are not your conditioning.

You’ve only adopted the fears, beliefs and conditioning based upon the experiences you have had.

The great news is that you have the power within you to transform these experiences into good.

You moving through and growing through your experiences gives you the ability to actually help other people do the same in their life when it seems they can’t find a way.

The Divine in you is the way if you give this part of you complete permission to be seen and heard.

You no longer have to identify with your limiting beliefs and emotional wounds.

You no longer have to keep walking around with the identity of a wounded, hurt, limited human being.

You get to put on your true identity as a worthy, abundant, loving soul.

You get to fulfill your mission here on this earth knowing that everything that you have experienced is just that – an experience – nothing you need to hold onto but only learn from so that your soul can continue to unfold.

Your job is to act upon the truth of who you are without fear or hesitation.

Whenever there is unexpressed possibility (desire) or function that cannot be performed there is unsatisfied desire.

Your unsatisfied desire is what moves you forward to constantly seeking change and growth.

So why not simply say yes to your desires within? Why not choose to show up in the truth of who you are? Why not allow yourself to live a full life of expression in mind, body and soul?

Your journey to your dreams is a journey of trust and faith.

You must surrender to your soul and choose to trust that you are always supported because you are.

When you say yes to your soul, the universe says yes to you.

I know it can feel scary sometimes, like you are jumping out of an airplane with no parachute but when you deploy your trust and faith the universe always meets you and carries you on.

Can you trust the calling of your soul?

When you surrender to your soul the limitations that you thought were limitations are seen clearly as just an illusion.

The reality is that you are limitless living in a physical world of perceived limitations.

It’s time for you to come back home to Self and remember who you are.



Your Mindset Queen

P.S. ~ Ready to take the sacred journey back to self and say yes to your soul calling?

I have opened up ONLY 3 spaces to work with me over the next 6 weeks.

I have had this deep stirring in my soul to really focus on offering DEEP transformational private mentoring to those who are READY to create REAL change in their life.

This isn’t all just about mindset but about you as a WHOLE human being. It’s about really transforming all areas of your life.

It’s about remembering the woman that you were created to be.

Here’s how it will work:

  • Pre-work sent to you before our first scheduled session
  • Weekly Zoom Call
  • Call recorded for your review
  • Weekly accountability emails
  • Unlimited priority access to me via WhatsApp to answer any questions and provide additional support
  • You will be given at a minimum of 1 action item to be implemented each week
  • And whatever else comes through me that I feel will BEST serve you

My intention is to create a beautiful sacred container in self rediscovery and exploration.

My intention is to support you in becoming a fierce Unstuck and Unstoppable woman on a mission.

You must be willing to be totally honest and transparent with yourself and with me.

This will be DEEP transformational work and for the woman who is 100% ready to move forward with rediscovering her true Self and leveraging this new discovering to create the life of her dreams.

This work will not be for everyone and as such I am only accepting inquiries through application only.

So what this means is that you must comment below if you desire to find out more and get testimonials OR book a 20-minute discovery call to see what it would look like for you and I to work together.

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I can’t wait to go on this journey with you!




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