If you haven’t noticed by now my mission in life is to live MY life on MY terms and to help millions of women around the world do the same.

I’ve spent the majority of my life doing things that others said I should do because at that time I believed that other people knew what was good for me more than I did.


Have you been living your life and running your business based upon the opinions of other?

If so you’ve probably found that this way of living is stifling.

You feel like you’re in a box. And if you’re anything like me being placed in a box really isn’t your cup of tea.

It’s time to get pissed off with yourself for believing that living life in any other way that suits you is a bad thing.

It’s time to tap into your own wisdom and guidance and FOLLOW THAT.

It’s time to break all the so called rules and do things in a way that lights you up.

It’s time to back yourself and stop worrying about making others mad or uncomfortable.

What do you want to do?

Who do you want to be?

How do you want to impact the world?

Answer these questions and then go and do exactly what comes from within.
I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older(I’m only 37 ) or what but my tolerance level for dealing with what people think is zero! #zerotolerance

If you are tolerating anything in your life that you really don’t like it’s time to get serious about whether or not you want to live an epic life or an average life.

An average life goes with the flow, doesn’t want to rock the boat and colors in the lines.


That’s not the life you want to live….I KNOW THIS FOR SURE

What exactly do you think is going to happen if you flip the script and start living YOUR BEST LIFE??

Nothing….except for that fact that the people who have become used to you living an average life will wonder what’s going on with you and who will then promptly exit stage left because now you’re a reminder of how they aren’t living their best life.

Only good things come from you stepping into your greatness.

Are you ready?? I hope so because this is exactly why I created my signature course Breakthrough Your Limits.

I am so EXCITED to be opening the doors to this program again!

>>Here are some of the things our 7-weeks together will cover

>>Digging deep to get you crystal clear and intentional around the business and life you long for. 
>>Confronting your inner-critic and really understanding exactly what it is that is holding you back. 
>>A deep dive into identifying your resistance and how it manifests itself in your business and life. 
>>The timeless practice of journaling your way to freedom and getting into true alignment with your vision.
>>Releasing the fear, hurt and doubt that is keeping you from up leveling.
>>A deep dive into your money mindset and beliefs around money causing you to unconsciously close yourself off to more. 
>>And in the end we will pull it all together with your custom Purpose Plan and a no excuse attitude so that you can fully SHIFT into your desired reality.

And so much more!!

**Here’s how this will work and what you will receive**

>>A new module will be released each week. You will have each module recorded as video AND in audio.

>>Beautifully designed worksheets to compliment and further integrate the content into your life.

>>Direct access to me via email or FB messenger, where you can get your questions answered, receive support along this journey and my insight/perspective on all things you need support on.

>>A warm supportive FB group where I’ll hop in LIVE from time to time to answer questions and provide additional tips, tools and strategy.

>>Lifetime access to the course content including any enhancements or new content that I add in future classes.


1. Access to my 3 part training Potential Unleashed where I teach you exactly what you need to implement in order to unlock all the greatness within you. This training is POWERFUL and yours to have forever.

2. The SOAR journal by Black Rock. A beautiful, inspiring journal for you to write down your thoughts, desires and new beliefs. It is wire bound making it easy to write on the 160 pages of lined paper.

3. The 5 part training of Mindset Magic where I teach on how to elevate your mind and elevate your life.

If you are feeling called to join us in this revolutionary course then choose to trust yourself.

Know that you are reading this message not by accident but because you are being called to ascend to your next level.

Program Details + Testimonials + Payment Options

P.S. ~ Early bird pricing goes away 6/3/2018

The Mindset Queen

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