Are You Afraid

Your soul is pulling you towards something greater but you find yourself shrinking back in fear.

You don’t really trust that what you feel inside is real and that I can actually be your calling.
You think – “What if I fail?”, “What if I am wrong about this?”
If you are being honest you know that you are unhappy with how things look in your reality right now but you feel lost, confused and stuck.
You wake up each day and go through the motions of going to work, picking the kids up, cooking dinner, watching your favorite TV show, going to bed, waking up the next morning dreading going into the office but you tell yourself to suck it up and the routine begins again.
I DEEPLY believe that were created for more in life then to get a job, pay bills, go on vacation 1x a year, rinse, repeat, then die.
I believe that we all have so much untapped potential inside of us. That’s why the saying goes
The cemetery is the wealthiest place you can visit because so many beautiful souls have left this earth afraid to step into their dreams and full potential.
We are not taught to go after our dreams, to work hard on creating our dreams.
We are given a dream, given the steps to fulfill that “dream” and looked at as if we are different or weird if we say we want to follow our own dream.
I spent so many days behind a desk looking out of my office window watching the people go by and feeling like I was trapped in some sort of contraption where I could see the beautiful world before me but I wasn’t allowed to go play in that world.
I would watch the business people meet up, network, have working lunches and all the while I could feel the tugging within me that was trying to tell me that I belonged out there in the world and not behind a desk for 8.5 hours.
I deeply wanted to get out in the world and play. To touch lives. Impact women to lead purposely driven lives. I wanted so desperately for women to know that they didn’t have to settle for what life had given them.
I wanted desperately to work with women and show them how to monetize their greatness by launching their own business.
At this time I had my own online business that I was working part-time. I knew that there would come a time when I would be able to leave corporate and focus solely on my business.
I knew that when I reached that point I would help other women do the same.
I am not saying that there is anything wrong with corporate, it definitely has its place. But for the women who KNOW (like I knew) they aren’t meant for the corporate thing I want to help them realize a new dream.
Their dream!
We aren’t taught that we can create our own income by using our natural talents, gifts and abilities. We are taught that we must depend on a large corporate to fund our lives.
Many of the women I work with will tell me that they don’t believe that anyone would actually pay them for their work. They aren’t able to see the value in their gifts, skills and abilities because they’ve spent the majority of their lives obtaining the skills needed for the job they work.
I get it because before I stumbled upon the online business space I was the same way.
I had this belief that my value came from the two degrees that I earned while in college.
I thought that gave me the ability to ask for what I wanted. I would later find out that my degrees were only as valuable as a company was willing to pay.
I didn’t like that.
I wanted to be the one who controlled my level of income and not a corporate. You see I have learned that the sky is the limit when I work for myself.
I am my only limit. You are your only when you launch your business.
It’s okay to be scared when it comes to creating your dream but the key is to still do it anyway.
How much longer are you going to watch the world go by while you stay in a place of comfort hoping that your time will come?
The perfect time for you to build your business isn’t going to drop in your lap, you’ve got to decide that the perfect time is now.
It doesn’t matter that you’ll need to do it while still working your 9-5, just do the darn thing.
This is your life to live and you have a message within you that the world needs to hear. There are people in this world waiting to hear from you, they need what you have to offer.
You DO have the skills and abilities to create massive success for yourself.
There are people in this world who will pay you for what you have to offer. You are the answer to someone’s problem.
The only thing standing in the way of you building your purposely aligned business are the beliefs that you keep repeating around why you can’t create what you want.
When you can get to place where you can put your mind and energy behind creating the impact you desire you will begin to see things move.
You can shift your current reality. You can shift your mind in such a powerful way that you begin to shift your current reality.
You CAN get out in the world and play by sharing your unique gift with the world.
Are you ready to become the creator of your reality?
Are you ready to collaborate with God and fulfill the calling that He placed upon your heart?
Say yes…
I love you,
The Mindset Queen
P.S ~ Are you ready to elevate your confidence and mindset so that you can boldly start creating the business and life that you desire?
I am looking to work with 5 women 1:1 who are ready to say yes to themselves.
If you are finally ready to get out of your head and into action towards building a purposely aligned business then PM me.
Our time together will be focused on breaking through your personal limitations so that you can confidently take the action towards the business and life you deeply desire.
This invitation is for women who are serious about elevating their business and life. This is not for the woman who is afraid to say yes to herself and her future.
Message me today and I’ll share more about what it would look like for us to work together.
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