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Since I was a young girl in my 20’s I have always been obsessed with personal development and learning how I can be the best version of myself.

 I have books for days around leadership, mindset, biblical principles, love and business. It is ingrained within my DNA to learn as much as I can so that I can always better myself.

 I have never been too afraid to invest in myself because I have always had the underlying belief that the investment would be returned at a high rate.

 I have taken classes, received certifications, attended seminars and conferences however there is this one thing that tops all of the personal development tools that I have used in my past.

 The most amazing, challenging and rewarding personal development that I have ever been a part of is being in business for myself.

 I have never experienced anything like it before and the rate at which I am growing is of amazing quality and providing me with results that blow my mind at times.

 If you really want to grow yourself exponentially and learn about who you really are then launch your business. You will be taken on the most amazing ride of your life that is so rewarding you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

 Yes it’s a roller coaster ride of highs and lows but through every step you are growing, learning and creating results that can be life changing.

 I never knew that I would feel as confident within myself as I do now when I first launched my business. Back then I was unsure of myself and really not sure if my idea was really “good enough.” I was watching what everyone else was doing and feeling so inadequate in my abilities.

 However when you have a burning desire in your belly to impact the world you will keep moving forward even though at times if feels like you are climbing up a steep mountain.

 I believe some of the most evolved and developed individuals are those who are entrepreneurs because it takes some real guts to put yourself out there for all to see.

 I laugh at times when I think about my journey because it reminds me of being pregnant. You know in the beginning you are so excited about the possibilities and the arrival. Then comes the morning sickness, irritability, being tired all the time and feeling like you are out of control.

 Business is very much the same way. In the beginning you feel excited but then the reality of what it takes sets in and you get nauseous, tired and irritated at the process.

 You’ll then reach a point when all is well and you feel amazing. You feel like you can actually do this and make it. You start dreaming again and getting excited by all that is to come.

Entrepreneurship is an emotional journey that requires you to dig deep and requires you to grow in order for your business to grow.

I had this romanticized idea of what entrepreneurship was like in the beginning and there are many parts that are very much romantic but also some areas that arent’ quite as sexy.

But again when you have that deep burning desire to have an impact on the world you will keep going and I encourage you to keep going.

Stop looking at all the things that didn’t work and look at what you have right now and choose to make the very best of it.

So if you are sitting on your hands scared out of your mind to launch you business I ask you to STOP WAITING.

Your time is now, there is no more yesterday and tomorrow isn’t here yet. There isn’t going to be some magical message sent down to you from the heavens that says – DO THIS!

You’ve got to show up first and take the step and then the Universe will begin guiding you through the process. A huge part of this journey is exercising your faith and trust on a daily basis.

Choosing to still believe when what’s in front of you doesn’t looking like it’s working. Digging in and going after what you say you desire and commanding the desires of your heart into your reality.

I also find that many of us are taught to seek our path from the external world. We are taught to go to school and get a good paying job. We are taught that other people know what’s best for us. We are conditioned to take orders from those above us.

When you step into entrepreneurship all of that conditioning gets shattered and you realize that you must tap into your gifts and abilities and that they can actually make money for you.

You will learn that you don’t need to get anyone’s permission to do what you want to do in your business. You get to be the creative, you get to try new things and see if they work. You actually get to create your own path and not one that was created FOR you.

If I could help every woman I know get out of her head and launch the business that is within her I would do it but I also know that there are some of you who are so freaking scared that you can’t move.

Here is where you get to tap into the power that is within and choose to TRUST and have FAITH that if you just take one step forward YOUR CHOSEN path will begin to unfold before you.

At the point you know you want something more is when you get to make a choice.

Will you continue on the same path that you are on now where you can pretty much see exactly where your path will take you OR will you bet on yourself and believe in yourself enough to actually do the thing that you are being called to do?  

I hope you choose the latter because it is one of the best rides you will ever go on in your lifetime.

 I Believe In You.

 I Love You,


The Mindset Queen

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