Believe in Yourself

I believe the reason why you aren’t going all in is because there is a part of you that doesn’t quite believe in yourself.

You can do all the practical processes and look at all the different ways to reach a result but you find yourself ending up short.
You’re frustrated because you can see others getting the results and making progress but you aren’t getting what you really want.
There is this thought within you that thinks other people must have some secret that you haven’t figured out yet.
So you’ll keep downloading bits of information and searching all over the internet to find something new and different to try.
I have found that in those moments where I am not seeing the result that I desire it typically comes down to two reasons.
1. I haven’t given my new strategy enough time to actually work.
2. Somewhere deep within me I don’t really believe that I can pull it off.
I have a rule of thumb with most processes that I implement in my business, I give myself 90 days to see if what I am doing is really worth.
If I find that I am being guided to move on earlier than the 90 days I will respect my intuition but if it’s just that I am frustrated or scared I keep going until my 90 days is up.
It’s a great time frame to play with because most new action takes about this long before you get any really momentum.
On the flip side of this I also get really quiet and tune in to see how I may be blocking myself from my desired result.
In some cases I find that there is a sliver of disbelief within me that doesn’t truly think I can pull it off.
For the most part I see that this is typically the case for myself and then I know that I get to work through this belief and create a more aligned way of being and thinking.
I find many business women don’t really feel like they are supported and therefore don’t feel safe to actually bet on themselves.
We have all been conditioned to believe that our safety and support should be given to us externally however this is where most fall into the trap.
The external world changes constantly so if you are basing your belief in self on what’s outside of you then you will always come up short.
The more times you do this more you are reinforcing the idea that out are not safe and supported.
It’s time for you to start operating your life and business by truth instead of what the world will have you believe.
One of the many things I remind myself of when I see myself going down the road of not believing in myself is that if I have been given the vision and idea then God has fully equipped me with the ability to make it happen.
It is important for you to remind yourself that you are indeed supported and safe to believe in yourself and create the thing you desire to create.
I look at my six year old daughter and there isn’t anything that she doesn’t believe she can do. Most kids are this way, don’t you agree.
You were once this way too. You believed that you were capable of anything, because you were. But then the world got into your head and began feeding you stories of how limited you are.
You believed them and hey I believed them too. So what would happen if you simply chose to believe in yourself again like you did when you were at six year old little girl?
What if you went full steam ahead for the things your soul desires refusing to believe that you couldn’t do it? I bet you would find that you were accomplishing so much more.
You would feel productive and on fire! You wouldn’t be wasting time questioning yourself instead you would just KNOW that what you were doing was right.
Here’s the thing, you can’t make a mistake if you follow your heart and intuition. If you fully trust that God, Universe, Creator has your back then you will not question how things will turn out and if they will be good or bad.
It’s time to take your business and life off of pause and press play towards the business and life you desire fully knowing that you are being taken care of.
It is safe to believe in your abilities.
It is safe for you to put yourself out into the world and go after your soul desires.
Nothing bad is going to happen to you unless you choose to believe this.
What if there was no such thing as good or bad? What if things just were? What if you approached each situation with a mind of love and simply asked for the guidance to move through it?
Your business and life would flow from a space of ease instead of a place of struggle and strife.
You do not have all the time in the world to live your fullest life.
Your time is limited and I would hate for you to spend one more second in a space of doubt about your future.
I have an affirmation that I write down every day that says –
I am reprogramming my mind daily to know that God always has my best interest at heart and if I choose to trust this I will make progress.
You’ve got to get out of your way and allow the goodness that is within out so that the world can see your light shine.
It’s time to stop beating yourself up because you aren’t where you feel you should be.
It’s time to stop trying to build your dream life and business from a space of fear, frustration and stress.
Just what exactly do you believe will come from you showing up operating from such a restricted space?
Not much is going to happen except more of the same.
The world doesn’t want you to know how powerful you are but once you get even the slightest glimpse of your power you won’t want to go back to how things used to be.
You won’t want to go back to your old way of being.
Choose today to believe in yourself again and create a business and life that you are obsessed with.
I love you,
The Mindset Queen
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