Me Easter Weeknd

The other day I was sitting in my car at the recycle center reading an inspiring post from one of my friends and I busted out laughing uncontrollably.

I had to gather myself because my daughter was sleeping in the back seat.

I probably would have sounded like a crazy lady to anyone who could hear me because the words – I’ve been lied to!! – Spontaneously kept being repeated as I laughed.

All I could think of was that I have lived 30+ years of my life believing that there was this one way that life is to be lived.

I remember just a few years back beating myself because I just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t settled in my soul because to the outside world I had accomplished so much.

I checked off all the things on the list of life to-do’s.

* Get a college education. Check – 2 degrees
* Find an amazing career with growth opportunity. Check –
  Worked in corporate for over 10 years.
* Get married. Check – married the love of my life
* Buy a house. Check – moved to a beautiful city near the beach.
* Have children. Check – I have a beautiful 6 year old daughter.

So I couldn’t quite understand why the heck my soul was still stirring like something mad on the inside of me.

I would ask myself – “Kendra why can’t you just settle down and be happy?”

I like you believed that this was the way life was to be lived. I didn’t know any better but then one day I woke up on the inside and decided to follow my truth.

I have been on this beautiful journey of deep self-discovery and self-improvement for the past 3 years now.

I have always worked on myself knowing that it was important to do so but not with the level of intention that I put in place three years ago.

So back to me sitting in the car at the recycling center.

It really sank into my bones on this day that the reason why I felt so unsettled in my soul was because I was trying to live my life based on how the world stated I should live it.

Do you find yourself in this place?

Wanting to do things your way in your life but feeling guilty at the same time for wanting something different then you’ve been lead to believe is right?

I now know that I am a free, creative spirit who must have adventure and freedom to do whatever my soul desires.

It’s not a bad thing to go after what is in your heart.

Sure, to others it will look selfish and impulsive but it actually selfish to yourself to hide the part of you that is dying to be unleashed.

It is selfish of you to turn your back on your desires because it may offend someone else.

It is selfish to not live into your specific journey because the people you are meant to impact need to hear what you have to say.

Many of us have been conditioned as young girls growing up that we must do all the things that I listed above in order to be seen as successful.

But what happens is that women get into their 30’s after accomplishing all of those things and find themselves thinking – “There has to be more to my life then this.”

Not that you aren’t happy with what you have created thus far but you know in your soul that there is so much more for you.

I want you to know today that it is safe for you to explore your dreams, desires and soul callings. It’s actually the most loving thing that you can do for yourself.

By denying yourself your dreams, desires and soul callings you are essentially say no to God who gave you those stirrings to fulfill during your time here on earth.

I believe so deeply that we have all been given dreams and desires by God because he has already equipped us with what we need to bring them to life.

But see you get caught up in this world, worrying what people will think of you.

Worrying that people will say you are crazy.

That you’ve lost your mind.

That it will never work.

That you have a good paying job, why would you want to give that up in order to pursue your dream.

You will hear it all and some people will evens choose to remove themselves out of your life because you are just “too different.”

I believe it’s worth it though.

We’re all going to die one day and I refuse to leave this earth knowing that I didn’t following my dream and soul calling.

Knowing that I didn’t create the change that only I could do.

I refuse to leave my world assignment unfulfilled. There is no do over.

As scary as it can sometimes feel it’s so worth it.

It’s time for you to challenge the beliefs and way of doing life that you’ve grown accustomed to.

It’s time to get curious about how you can live your life in a way that feels fulfilling, rewarding and in a way that impacts the lives that only you are meant to touch.

You can choose to create a new story.

One written by you.

Big Love,
The Mindset Queen

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