There is something that you need to know.

 Those limiting beliefs that are driving you crazy aren’t going anywhere.

 You think that if you just ignore them they will go away.

 Nope, not going anywhere.

 If you want to create epic results in your life and/or business your limiting beliefs can’t just be ignored.

 Your limiting beliefs are so ingrained into your being that you can’t just forget about them.

 I feel like people think that they can just put a band aid on their limiting beliefs and somehow still create epic results.

 Here’s the thing, your limiting beliefs aren’t going anywhere but there are ways for you to process them, heal them and learn how to navigate them successfully when they come up.

 Each new level you get to you will find that the limiting beliefs will come up again.

 You are going to have moments where you doubt yourself, where you doubt your product/service but that doesn’t mean that what you have to offer isn’t good.

 You can learn how to be your best version but it will require you to face into your limiting beliefs and work through them, many times more than once.

 I have a couple of ways in which you can begin the process of working through your beliefs that hold you back.

  1. You first must make the decision that your limiting beliefs are NOT going to dictate your life. When you operate on auto pilot you are showing up and allowing your limiting beliefs to be the driving force behind the action you take.

  1. Once you decide that your limiting beliefs are not going to dictate your life you then need to start paying attention to your thoughts. Becoming aware of the limiting beliefs that are coming up all throughout your day as you interact with the world and yourself.


  1. Lean into these beliefs and for each belief you choose to replace it with a new empowered belief that aligns with your desired life and business experience.

  1. Because our beliefs are driven by our emotions you then need to “feel” into these new beliefs. Pull up the emotion of what it will actually feel like to be living in the new beliefs that you have created. Here you are communicating to God/Source that you are ready to experience these beliefs in your life.


  1. Believe that it’s already yours. As you are feeling into the emotion of your new belief choose to believe it is already yours.


  1. Then you rinse and repeat. The process of working through your limiting beliefs is not a one-time thing. You keep doing it again and again. As you become more practiced at this moving through this process will become quicker and easier.


 Your limiting beliefs are going to keep showing up but now you know how to work through them. Knowing how to navigate these beliefs and work through them is such a powerful skill.

 You can also make a decision in the moment that you aren’t available for any nonsense belief that isn’t supporting your higher good.

 I have beliefs that pop up sometimes that say – that it’s going to work – and I immediately crush it and state to myself that I am not available for that.

 What can you choose right now to no longer be available for?

 You are powerful beyond your belief. You can have exactly what you desire.

 Big Love,


The Mindset Queen


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