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 Make Your Own Decisions and Quit Listening to Everyone Else

 Remaining in a state of limbo will not get you anywhere.

 What is it that you need to decide but you find yourself going back and forth about what to do?

 You don’t fully trust that you’ll make the RIGHT decision.

 Yet you also haven’t gotten clear about your standards to even know what the right decision would be for you.

 Here is something that I want you to consider, you get to write and decide the rules of your life and business.

 You get to look at your life and business and determine what it will and won’t be about.

 There isn’t any person outside of you that can do this. No one knows you better than you.

 After working with several 6 and 7 figure coaches I noticed a trait that all of them share.

 They make decisions and they make them fast. They are so clear about what their life is to be about and how they want to show up in their business that they don’t waste time going back and forth about things.

 Being in limbo does nothing but frustrate you and depletes any level of trust in yourself.

 You’ve got to make a decision and roll with it. Decide that you will take full responsibility for the outcome, whether good or bad.

 A belief that I live by each day is that there is no wrong decision that I can make.

 For each decision I make I decide that I will take full responsibility for it.

 So if things turn out amazing then great but if they turn out in a way that doesn’t really benefit me I’m not spending time beating myself up, I am looking at what I can learn from the experience.

 So there is no decision that I can make that is bad because I will benefit either way.

 We are led to believe that there are good decisions and bad decisions when the reality of it is that there is no good or bad.

 This is life! Life is meant to be a learning and growing experience.

 Life is meant to have contrast otherwise life would be pretty dull and boring.

 Making decisions gets you into action and I feel like some people don’t make the decision because:


  1. They don’t really want to do the work or be held accountable for completing it.

  1. They don’t believe in themselves enough to know that they can do it.


  1. They are worried about what other people think.


  1. They believe the story that they don’t know how.


  1. They believe the story that now isn’t a good time.

 We can tell ourselves so many stories that play into the model of inaction. This is simply playing it SAFE and SMALL.

 Neither of which is going to get you really where you want to go.

 To get where you desire to be in life and business is going to require you to start making some decisions, taking responsibility for your life and getting your butt into action.

 No more stalling allowing fear to be in the driver seat.

 You’ve got this and you can do this. No matter what the outcome is, you can handle it and you can work through it.

 Yes, you will be uncomfortable sometimes but that doesn’t mean you fold up and hide.

 What have you been flipping back and forth in your mind that you need to just make a decision?

 Leave me a comment below and let me know what you are DECIDING today and what action you are going to take.

 Sending you BIG love,


The Mindset Queen



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