Distraction is the biggest hindrance that we all experience throughout our day.

 Distraction can come in the form of something outside of us that prevents us from giving our full attention to something and it can even be our minds and emotions that can distract us as well.

 Quite honestly the world we live in today is a BIG distraction in and of itself.

 But one thing I know for sure…

 If you want to build a business and a life that you are wildly obsessed with you are going to need to find a way to shut out the things that aren’t allowing you to give your full attention to your goals.

 This has been a top of mind area for me over the past few weeks because I realized that I was losing/wasting a lot of time by allowing the small distractions of the day take over.

 Reaching your full potential and growth in your business is going to require you to FOCUS and really give your all to your daily tasks.

 It is going to require you to put on your blinders, focus on your path and get to work.

 The work is not going to complete itself and you also know how you’ll feel in the end if you allow distraction to get the best of you.

 Not having enough time is the biggest mindset block that many people have, especially entrepreneurs. I want you to know that no one controls your time but you.

 You get to choose how your time will be spent. I look at time as my most valuable commodity. It’s something you can never get back once it’s gone.

 So how are you spending your time? Are you spending it on the things that really matter to you?

 It is really easy to watch what others are doing in their business and lives and go down the rabbit hole of looking at what everyone is doing.

 I am realizing though that the one of the quickest paths to success and reaching your goals is to stop paying attention to what other people are doing.

 You’ve got to keep your eyes on your own lane.

 I know it’s a natural tendency to see what others are doing but then you also find yourself comparing yourself to what others are doing as well, don’t you?

 Comparison is a natural human behavior however it kills your creativity and your action taking momentum.

 You’ll notice that you begin to doubt yourself and feel like you’re not quite good enough.

 This does nothing but slow you down.

 Again this is where you must decide to put on your blinders and get stuff done.

 No one else is going to do the work for you. You are the only one who has control over what your business and life will look like.

 For every minute that you focus on what others are doing you are taking twice that amount of time away from yourself.

 Why would you want to take time away from yourself?

 The present moment is all you have and to give it away by put it into what others are doing and comparing yourself in the process is not a loving thing to do.

 I want you to succeed at life AND business.

 To do both you’ve got to be focused and relentless about protecting your time and only investing your time in things that are going to yield a return for your efforts.

 Several years ago I used to spend 10+ a week watching TV and the moment I cut this out is when I found that I had ALL kinds of time to do what I needed to do.

 Now a days I spend maybe 3-5 hours a week watching TV because my focus is on building my business, increasing the quality of my life and interacting with my community (you).

 Also if you need to re-frame your idea of work.

 I had to do this because I used to look at work as something you do that was hard, draining, and took lots of hours.

 Now I look work as an expression of my creativity. I see it as creation, as fun and meaningful action. I see it as something that a flows and can be easy if I allow it to be.

 Do you need to re-frame your ideas around work?

 So what distractions do you need to get rid of so that you can focus on building a better life and business for yourself?

 In what areas do you need to put on your blinders, put your head down and work?

 Leave me a comment or reply to this and let me know your thoughts, comments and what resonated with you.

Sending you BIG love,


The Mindset Queen 

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