What’s the quickest way to get from point A to point B?

A straight line, right?

I am always highly conscious of this when I think about what I desire to accomplish with my business.

I can’t say that I thought about this much when I first started my business because all I was focused on was how I could make money.

I don’t fault myself for that because let’s be honest you start a business because you want to make a profit so that you can take care of our family, have financial freedom and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

But what this meant is that the things I focused on when I first started my business were not necessarily aligned to my desired outcomes.

I knew that I really wanted to work with women who aspired to be entrepreneurs and women who were already in the entrepreneurial game however I found myself working with whoever came my way.

This strategy (or really lack of strategy) caused me to invest my time and energy in a direction that wasn’t going to yield the results that I desired.

I found myself going through the motions of creating opt-ins to grow my e-mail list because that’s what I was supposed to do however because I wasn’t aligning myself with my ideal audience I was talking and trying to pull in anyone who would download the opt-in.

The other mistake that I made is that I was ignoring my gut instinct. Looking back I know that there was a voice constantly trying to get my attention but I was ignoring it because I was focusing on what I SHOULD do to grow my business.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I know the mindset of a new entrepreneur and if I can save you even just a little bit of time it will be worth it.

You hear a lot of talk in the industry about alignment and making sure you are aligning your business with your values and that you are speaking to your ideal client and that your messaging needs to be on brand, etc.

The most important thing that you need to know right off the bat is that being a business woman is a very intuitive process.

Sure there is strategy to consider but you won’t’ be able to discern what is best FOR YOU if you aren’t tuning into your inner guidance system.

You also won’t know what best FOR YOU is if you are listening to the inner dialogue of self-doubt, not feeling good enough, believing that you have nothing of value to say, etc.

Getting yourself into alignment so that you can crush it in your business is going to require you to do a few specific things. I’ll share those with you in a moment.

So in my awakening of actually listening to my inner guidance I realized that the email list I had built up to 800 subscribers was not an aligned audience for me at all.

I set about digging into my email list and looking at those who had a low open rate for my emails and I decided that I would delete those. This was about 200 emails.

I sent out a series of emails explaining what I was going to be doing and why and that if anyone wanted to stay on my email list that they should reply back and let me know they want to stay.

I got 1 response back. Yes, 1 measly little response which spoke volumes to me.

I proceeded to delete 199 of the subscribers who did not reply back.

So proceeded, feeling really good that I had listened to my gut BUT I didn’t listen to my gut 100%.

You see my gut was telling me that I needed to scratch the whole list and start over but honestly I was scared out of my mind.

Why was I scared?

Because I kept hearing the voices of the industry saying

“The money is in your list”

Once I became aware of this I realized I was acting from a place of scarcity believing that I would make $0.00 if I got rid of my list.

This was total BS because I have actually made more income with my list now of 101 people than I did when my list was 800.

So the time came when I finally said a prayer and deleted the remaining subscribers from my list.

I immediately felt a heaviness lifted off of me and a shift take place from within.

I then felt free to truly align myself and my message towards aspiring female entrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs who were ready to take their business to the next level.

I was READY to go all in with doing what I do best which is help female entrepreneurs overcome their limiting beliefs, heal their minds and create a new belief blueprint that serves them in creating their wildest dreams in business and in life.

I had overcome my own block of thinking that I had to do things in my business a certain way because I ‘should’ instead of listening to my instinct.

I had overcome my scarcity thinking of believing that if I had no list I couldn’t make any money.

Now are you ready to get yourself into alignment with your business and purpose?

Here’s what you need to look at to help you get to a place where you feel totally aligned with what you are doing in your business.

1) First you need to get really clear on what you want to see happen in your business. What do you desire for you business to be about?

2) Take an inventory of how you are doing things now and really tune into if these processes feel good to you. Be honest with yourself and don’t be afraid to let something go that isn’t serving you.

3) Pay attention to the thoughts and emotions that come up for you and determine if they are thoughts and emotions grounded in fear or love. If underneath there is some fear then you’ve got to look deeper into why that is.

4) Get clear on what you really want to be focusing on in your business and create a plan of action that feels good for you.

5) Take massive action. Don’t just make the plan and feel good about it but actually execute it. This is where most people stop because then more limiting beliefs tend to come up and instead of working through them some try to ignore them which leaves you stagnant and feeling stuck.

I would love to hear from you. What resonates with you about what I have shared with you? In what area(s) do you feel that you aren’t aligned and maybe you feel scared to change it or don’t know how to change it?

Until next time.

Sending you Big Love,
The Mindset Queen

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