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What are you willing to confront, turn away from and cut off in order to have what you desire?
Are you available to release the you that keeps getting in your way?
Are you ready to confront little girl within and help you realize that she is safe and secure?
The more I do the inner work and work with my clients around doing this work I get a better understanding of why most people choose to ignore the inner work that needs to be done.
You want to change and evolve into the best version of yourself that you can be but the pain of going there seems unbearable.
You wonder if you will ever get to that place feeling normal again. Of feeling completely confident in your skills and abilities.
At first glance it seems like such a mountain to climb and although you desire to reach the top of that mountain there is something within that is pulling you and nudging you not to go there.
Afraid of what may come up if you open the door the disempowering beliefs and emotions.
You’re afraid that maybe you won’t be able to handle it.
You’re afraid that if you admit that you are afraid to fail and don’t feel confident half the time that the world will see you as weak and not good enough.
But see here’s what I know for sure
You can keep pretending like nothing is going on and choosing to believe that you can just power through this season in your life but you see that’s when burnout hits you slap in the face.
Feeling like you are always going, pushing, striving and accomplishing and you are wearing yourself out.
This is not what your life is supposed to feel like.
This not what your business is supposed to feel like.
And the reason you feel this way is because you are attempting to do the work that you were created for without dealing with the stuff that is standing in the way of your desired outcome.
There is no shortcut to success without GOING THROUGH whatever it is going on inside of you that makes you feel limited.
On the one hand you may know exactly what you need to do but then on the other hand you just can’t figure out why you aren’t taking the action that will get you there.
Maybe you’ve found yourself at a plateau in your business and you can’t see to figure out why nothing is moving.
The reason it isn’t moving is because you aren’t dealing with the limiting beliefs that are playing in the background of your subconscious.
You wonder why you are always questioning yourself and worried about making a mistake and I can tell you that it’s because you have a set of beliefs that are operating within you that, in a weird way, are trying to protect you.
You have got to get the place where you can be willing to see things differently and choose a different story for yourself.
You have got to get to a place where you are willing to release any and everything that is not serving you in your life and business.
You will need to protect your purpose with your life and decide that today gets to be the day that you are going to have your back.
I find it interesting that many people have no problem standing up for other people and protecting their interest but then have a hard time doing the same for themselves.
Your life and your business will not grow or evolve until you get okay with working on your inner environment. Until you get totally honest and transparent with yourself.
I am not saying that this is easy work to do but I am saying that it’s totally worth it.
Something amazing happens when you get to the root of what has been causing your frustration, stress and irritation.
When you get to the root you are able to recognize why you think or do things that you know don’t serve you anymore.
And when you get there you can have some understanding and then immediately know what to do.
All of the answers and wisdom that you need are already inside of you but it’s your beliefs that get in your way of hearing this wisdom.
Another thing I know for sure is that each day you must make the decision to be in a state of allowance.
You’ve got to release your grip around how you need things to be and allow God to show up for you in a way that is perfect for you.
Working on myself and investing in myself has and is the best investment that I will ever make in my business.
When we can openly and honestly work on ourselves we approach our life and business from a place of power. We are able to do work that we once only dreamed of.
As I reflect on the launch and growth of my business I know that it was necessary for me to go through the darkness because it has allowed me to evolve into the kind of woman who is confident in what she has to offer the world.
So you’ve got to ask yourself:
Am I willing to part ways with my old self and do my personal work so that I can share my gifts with the world in a more powerful and profound way?
If you aren’t willing to part ways with your old self things will continue to remain the same and you become a reflection of the past trying to live in the present.
I have come to a place of peace with my old self and I have parted ways with her. I love her for what she taught me, for what she brought me through but I knew that I had to let her go if I wanted the life that I have now.
Big Love,
The Mindset Queen
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