Today I found myself wondering what today would be like if I simply chose to suspend my beliefs, judgements and thoughts about the future and simply acted from my future self.

I get that it’s important to address our limiting beliefs and get to the root of its existence because that’s how we then begin to create a new mind and way of being.

I noticed after I was done with my yoga practice how my mind simply seems to get really quiet as I am moving through the poses, holding the poses and focusing on my breath.


I have chosen to have more moments like this and the more I practice this mindfulness with yoga I AM noticing that I have moments throughout my day where my body and mind are in complete harmony.

I don’t feel any internal struggle or mental resistance towards my desires and goals. I just simply take the action that I know will move me forward.

I was thinking about why I have chosen to be in business for myself helping entrepreneurs transform their business and life my reclaiming their minds and it hit me how much I LOVE to see others win.

There is something so beautiful that takes place when I see one of my clients or tribe members flick the switch and have an AH-HA moment that literally changes the trajectory of their journey.

I’ve noticed that these types of moments happen when they are not resisting and simply being open and willing to see things differently.

Have you considered what things would look like in your life if you made the decision to suspend your current beliefs, judgements and views?

I know that probably seems scary because as humans we base our identity and our “being” on the habitual conditioned beliefs, views and judgements that we hold.

I used to think it was scary but today it feels like complete FREEDOM.

This journey of transformation and stepping into my higher self isn’t as scary as my mind once had me believing.

Giving myself to step into the highest version of myself is the only way that I know how to create the kind of life and business that I dream of.

Giving myself permission to simply agree with the nudges that come from my source and then taking action has created an exhilarating feeling that is so much better than the constant self-doubt, judgement, and worry.

You are such a beautiful soul who has amazing gifts that are meant to be experienced by others.

Can you decide that just for today you will operate in the unfamiliar?

There is so much joy, flow, ease and reward when you allow yourself to operate in the zone of unfamiliarity.

When you simply choose to throw off any contradictory belief and judgement that goes against your deeper desire and say yes.

The Universe literally conspires help you create the reality that your higher self knows you are ready for.

I think when you realize that nothing outside of you can harm you or take away from you what you are meant to have it becomes easier to do this.

This also reminds me of the Kendra who used to be so scared of making a mistake.

I believed that I could mess things up and literally ruin my life. I believed that if something looked too good then clearly it must be.

Care to guess where this way of thinking took me?

It took me nowhere. It left me feeling powerless, small and unfulfilled.

The truth of the matter is that we can’t make mistakes. We simply make decisions that allow you evolve and grow into the woman that we are created to be.

Nothing is bad and really nothing is good things just are. We give meaning to everything and need to label things as such because as humans our minds need to have that logical knowing.

It’s simply all a journey that is meant to grow us up and develop us into a woman who is better than she was the day before.

Our journey is meant to evolve us to the point where we live our life knowing that we are not our bodies or our thoughts.

We are spirits here on this earth having a human experience.

Nothing real can ever be threatened. Your destiny and purpose can never be threatened.


You continue to create and live your life by those disempowering beliefs that tell you otherwise.

The things that I am believing for today would have sent me into a straight tizzy a few years ago.

I would have thought, “Who am I to want that or to even believe that I can have that.”

I would have thought, “Kendra you can’t ask for that or behave this way. What will people think?”

I would have thought, “No, that’s just irresponsible. You are being selfish.”


So what’s the point to all this rambling?

My point is that in order for you to get from where you are to where you want to be you’re going to need to suspend your current beliefs, practice non-judgement and choose to have radical crazy belief in what you desire.

You will need to choose to see things differently and take the leaps that seems unfamiliar.

You can do this because God has always got your back. You won’t be doing it alone.

Ask for guidance every step of the way and then take the action with full faith and trust that everything will work out just as it’s supposed to.

There are people waiting for what you have to offer.

It is your RESPONSIBILITY to fulfill your calling.

Big Love,
The Mindset Queen

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