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This morning I had breakfast and talked business with an amazing friend that I met last month at a speaking event that I did. This picture is a gift she gave me this morning, I LOVE it!!! 

Okay back to the message….

As we talked about business and of course life she showed me pictures of this beautiful jewelry that a friend of hers designs. I was heart-broken to hear that although this woman makes beautiful jewelry she wasn’t confident enough to put this beautiful gift of hers into the world for others to enjoy.

This got me to thinking about how many other women there are out in this world who have amazing gifts and talents but because of their limiting beliefs other people are not able to benefit or be helped with what they have to offer. 

One thing I know for sure is that whatever dream, vision, gift, talent or ability you have bee given it was given to you for you to share it with the world. It was given to you for you to make a positive impact in the lives of others. 

The business that you have launched or desire to launch is the answer to a problem or challenge that another person is facing. Which translates to, YOU ARE NEEDED. 

What I see happening far too often is women feeling not worthy or deserving enough to allow themselves to have the desires of their heart. I see women feeling like they are inadequate to do what they have been called to do. I see women feeling overwhelmed about business and not really knowing where to start. 

What has to happen is that we have to deprogram our minds from these false beliefs and reprogram our minds with TRUTH. Until you heal the parts of you that need to be addressed your gifts, talents and abilities will not be fully released into the world. 

I had to jump on Facebook™ and share my thoughts about this and what we need to do as women to move ourselves forward into creating a life and business that we can be wildly obsessed with.

Take a listen below and leave me a comment on my page with your thoughts and share it with someone who could use the nudge. 


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Big Love, 

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