Me In Sacred Space
I said these exact words to one of my clients during our session today because I could see her faltering back and forth trying to figure out why she just wasn’t concerned about the things that most normal people are.
She is only interested in bettering herself, personal development, being the highest and best version of herself, etc. She doesn’t choose nor does she feel that she has the time to sit and focus on the things that most people do.
I have come to understand the average person is completely risk adverse, the average person isn’t concerned about putting in the time to be the highest and best version of themselves.
The average person is happy just being average.
Going through the motions.
Living life for the weekend.
Living live for WHEN that one thing happens so that they then feel like they can now be happy.
If you are reading this, this does not describe you.
It’s okay to be just as you are.
It’s okay to NOT be normal. I LOVE the fact that I don’t really care about the things that most people do.
I can’t be concerned with the latest celebrity update or the newest TV show that comes on Monday.
I know it can feel awkward when you are this person because it may seem like rest of the world just doesn’t “get you.”
But see you are traveling the road less traveled.
And yes it can get lonely at times and then you go back and try on the whole NORMAL thing again and it just doesn’t feel good.
Normal feels icky for you, I get it.
And because of this know that it’s okay and choose to embrace your uniqueness.
There is nothing that you need to “try” to do in order to live this life.
What I have noticed is that you tend to cause yourself struggle, self-doubt, frustration and stress because you are trying to be something that you are NOT.
So maybe this means that you won’t have much to say when everyone is talking about the latest news, or latest new show or the latest political drama.
What you do in this instance is begin to diligently get yourself in the space of those who do think like you think.
Get yourself in a space where you can be free to talk about all the things you care about without feeling like you have to force a conversation.
Do what lights you up and stop living your life to try and please others.
Do what pleases you and what makes you feel good.
The main PRIORITY in each day is to do what feels good and aligned for YOU to do.
Let your creative out.
Let your message out.
Show up be BOLD and be unapologetically who you need to be.
I get your challenge because I spent many years walking around with a mask on trying to be someone who I was not.
I did all the things that NORMAL people do and tried to be a part of the NORMAL conversation and it was soul draining.
Boss Babe it is not worth it.
It is not worth your sanity.
It is not worthy of your life.
You only get one life to live so why are you choosing to pick yourself apart about why you don’t “fit in.”
I am telling you know that it’s okay to be what appears to be an outsider.
Take pride in the fact that you are a leader and refuse to follow.
Create your own path in this world. Walk to the beat of your own drum and OWN IT.
I promise you it’s okay.
There is nothing wrong with you.
Big Love,
The Mindset Queen
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I am really great at helping people uncover the thing within them that is holding them back from ascending to the next level.
What is blocking you from the success you desire? We all have something that is in our blind spot and when it’s revealed to you can then take effective action in your journey.
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Results I Am Able To Get For My Clients:
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*The confidence to be seen, heard and get PAID.
*A bullet-proof mindset and belief system that results in you being unwavering and unmessable with in your business and life.
*Getting you aligned in your thinking and actions to that of your soul desire rather that’s money, freedom, purpose work, confidence or ALL OF IT!!
*Getting you into MASSIVE ACTION – this is required if you want results in life.
*Action plans to get yourself out of Resistance.
*Awareness around the thinking and patterns that are not allowing you to up level.
*New and more productive relationship with money and how you think about money getting you open to receive more of it.
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