IMG_0037I am falling in love with yoga!! I have recently in the past two weeks introduced yoga about 2 times per week into my fitness routine and it is helping in ALL other areas of my fitness and my business believe it or not.

The thing with yoga is that you are using your body weight as the resistance and as your body is working to hold the pose (shaking and sweating) your focus remains on your breath and keeping your inside environment calm while the body does what it does. It is a total act of trusting that as you breath you are giving your body the power it needs to hold the pose and your body responds by supporting you.

Yoga is also very forgiving in that it’s not about being perfect. You will wobble, fall out of a pose, and feel the pain of the resistance but it’s okay you take a breath and get back into the pose. The more you practice the more proficient you become at it.

Yoga is teaching me to breath through the resistance and I am realizing that even though my body is shaking and I can feel the burn that if I just keep my breath and mind steady I will get past the resistance.

Interestinlgy enough I find that in my business I can apply this same technique. When I find myself experiencing resistance I notice that I am breathing through it, focusin my mind and trusting that by allowing my whole being to be present I will get through it. Again it’s not about perfection.

Yes sometimes I wobble and fall out of my business pose so to speak however I am learning that I can simply breath, refocus my mind, tune in and get back to business.

I look at exercise as a part of my mindset routine because exercsing is very much a mental game. So on the flip side the more I work on my mindset, the stronger it gets the stronger I get in my fitness game as well. I want you to really see the correlation here and how you can apply this to your business.

I am using yoga as the analogy but this all applies to the success of your business as well. Breath into your business, do the things that you know you need to be doing, focus your mind and choose to trust that you’ve got your own back. Breath through the resistance, it may feel a bit uncomfortable but you are getting stronger my love.

If you happen to wobble, fall, get out of alignment choose to be compassionate with yourself. Give yourself what you need, take a deep breath and get back at it. In business your WHOLE BEING is required. Your body, mind, spirit and soul is what will fuel your business towards success. However please understand that the outward success of your business ALWAYS starts from within.

For me I am finding that the more I love and accept myself the safer I feel to actually allow the abundance that I desire into my business and life. The increased love that I am holding for myself allows me to trust that I AM FULLY SUPPORTED by God.

Gorgeous you ARE FULLY SUPPORTED BY GOD. The desires that you have for your business and life are within your reach and want to be invited into your experience. Your SOULMATE CLIENTS are out there ready for you. The MONEY you desire is out there ready for you. The IMPACT and INFLUENCE you desire is out there ready for you.

Your job is to ready yourself so that you can FULLY recieve what is yours. What will it take?

A complete shift in your mindset and belief system.

Healing the parts of you that feel unworthy and undeserving.

A deep trust in self and in God.

Faith that what you desire is already yours.

Aligned action towards the vision of your business.

Becoming unavailable for the emotions of fear, anger, resentment, doubt, worry, etc.

Giving yourself permission unapologetically to ask for and recieve exactly what you desire.

Daily tuning into self and paying attention to your state of being.

Listening to your intuition, trusting it and only doing what you are called and lead to do.

Gorgeous you are equipped with everything you need on the inside of you to be successful as you want to be in your business.

I have taken all that I have learned along my entrepreneurial journey from my own personal work and from working with coaches who are mutliple 6 and 7 figure earners in their business and created a new 7-week program for you called:

Breakthrough Your Business Blocks. This program combines the mindset work that is needed to succeed in business along with business strategy that will help you move a bit quicker in your own business journey.

The biggest lesson I have learned thus far in my journey is that the more I pour into my personal development and growth the more my business clarity and growth increases.

I would love to help you take your business to the next level. If you feel called to join us you can learn more of the details by clicking on the link below.

In Love,
The Mindset Queen

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