A Soul Flight

Today my soul and I had a conversation over coffee with whip cream on top. It was a deep conversation where I asked a lot of questions and chose to just sit and listen to what she had to say.

So many things were brought into my remembrance today. Things that I didn’t even know were there, things I was not aware of but were nonetheless lurking beneath the surface ready to be released.

I am learning more and more each day just how invaluable tuning into my soul each day really is. I say it often and I’ll say it again, the answers we most desire are INSIDE. It comes down to us taking the time and visit our soul and have coffee and conversation.

Today my soul took me back to my early-mid-twenties. I realized quickly that the wisps of feelings that I have been getting over the past two days were from the twenty something me. The past two days I have been having these moments of familiar feelings and emotions that I hadn’t felt in a LONG time. Each time my body would get a glimpse of the feeling I couldn’t help but smile knowing that it was from a time long ago when I didn’t have a care in the world and my soul was FREE.

Well today over coffee my soul let me in on the fact that those feelings were from a time when I was truly living life from my heart. I was FREE, doing exactly what I wanted to do from a space of trust knowing that I was supported. I wasn’t too much worried about doing the wrong thing as much as I was determined to do what felt right for me at the time.

So as I was listening to my soul bring back these memories and feelings I realized that I had stopped following my heart as boldly and carefree as I did when I was younger. Of course my next natural question was…

What happened that made me stop following my heart so boldly and carefree?

Of course the answer came quickly! My soul reminded me that I got married, had a child and then promptly presumed the proper adult and wife responsibility. I decided that it was no longer SAFE for me to follow so wildly after my heart. I decided that it wasn’t safe for me to be carefree anymore. I mean what proper adult continues to live life following their heart. There are more RESPONSIBLE things to be doing.

And so I was reminded of the moment in time when I decided that it was safer to conform to the idea of what a proper adult and wife should do then it was for me to follow my heart.


This is one of those layers that I placed upon myself that was smothering the workings of my soul. I can’t blame myself because I only did what I thought I was supposed to do. I was trying to keep myself safe from the world or whatever. But in doing so I lost myself. I lost my freedom from within. I lost a part of my essence.


I ask you, what part of you have you allowed to be covered up?

What part of your heart are you no longer allowing to roam free and wild?

What part of you is desperately trying to get your attention but because of the fear of being unsupported or unsafe you won’t let it be heard?

I understand all too clearly now that this is the same reason why many women don’t give themselves permission to ask for the money they desire, to ask for the love they desire, to ask for the sex they desire, to ask for the friendships they desire, to ask for the business they desire. It all comes down to feeling unsafe, unsupported and believing that the proper responsibility of an adult is to do the practical things of life instead of following the desires of their heart.

I am choosing to allow the twenty something heart of Kendra free today! I am choosing to follow my heart with wild abandon knowing and trusting that I am SAFE and totally SUPPORTED by the WHOLE freaking Universe.

When you follow your heart there isn’t anything that you can do wrong. There is no such thing as wrong, there is only learning that gets to take place. There is only growth that gets to happen. There is only EXPANSION that takes place.

You are safe

You are supported

And the whole freaking Universe has your back.

I guess you can say that it’s a bit like surrender. You must be willing to let go of what you THINK you know in order to have what is TRUTH be revealed to you in a way that is so loving. It’s surrendering to the HOW of all the desires that are inside of you. It’s CHOOSING to be LEAD instead of being the one that leads.

You actually get to receive. You get to receive guidance, love and abundance in everything.

Maybe you don’t feel that it’s safe to receive and I will tell you that if you don’t heal that part of you then you are stunting the amount of blessings that are looking to be bestowed upon you.

You were created to receive. You were not placed here on this earth to fend for yourself. You are not here to go to war without any armor.

Your job each day is to tune in, listen for the guidance and then take the action that you are being led to take with full FAITH, TRUST and SURRENDER.

In Love.

The Mindset Queen,


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