Trust Your Soul
When your eyes are finally opened to PURPOSE in your own life it feels like someone came into your life and literally opened the blinds. You see the world from a place of endless possibilities. You begin to truly understand the abundance of the world. You begin to see and know that no matter what you are supported by God.
I believe that just as a watch has a purpose you have a purpose as well. I don’t believe that we are simply meant to work, pay bills, have kids, go on a few vacations and then die. I believe in a level of fulfillment that completely takes you over and has you feeling blissful in all of your days.
Purpose is one of those words that you hear everyone talking about and everybody and their mama wants to know what their purpose. You ask yourself, “Why am I here?” It wired within you for you to want to know what you were designed to be doing.
Could you imagine a bird sitting in a tree trying to figure out what it was supposed to be doing? No, you can’t because a bird’s purpose is instinctual and it follows this instinct because it knows no other way. When you were first born you knew exactly what you needed and how to get it, you knew when to cry, when to play, how to get your way, you simply took in the environment around you and you followed what your instincts told you to do. You never questioned it. You never doubted that maybe you were wrong.
As a toddler you were fearless, you explored and wanted to know what things were. You began to ask questions and seek out answers. You didn’t care about what people thought of you, you didn’t care what people would say if you wore your super girl costume to the store.
You were so self-assured. You played pretend and it became real in your mind. You asked for what you wanted and you expected to get it. As you got older you became more vocal and you spoke your truth no matter what. You didn’t care necessarily how it made others feel you just knew that you had to say your truth.
Before too long the world got a hold of you and the people whom you were in constant contact with taught you how to live in this world the “right” way. How to show up, what to say, what not to say, what to wear, what not to wear, what to believe, etc. Now I understand that there are some things that you need to be taught as a kid growing up and I am all for that but this is also the time when your voice was censored. Maybe you weren’t allowed to speak your mind because it was back talk.
Or maybe you weren’t allowed to express your emotions because it was considered weak. Whatever the case was for you, you learned how to “fit in” with the world even though inside you never really felt quite right.
When you get older you carry all the beliefs, emotional hurts, ways of being into your life and you feel like things start to become not what you deeply desire them to be so you grow restless. You grow restless because you want one thing on a conscious level but on the deeper subconscious level you don’t want it so you have conflict.
You find yourself it this conflict and all you desire to do is just know exactly what it is that you are supposed to be doing with your life because it no longer feels good.
You want to know what your purpose is. You want to have a life that is fueled by purpose and passion but that allows you to support yourself and your family. It seems like it’s undoable, you can’t seem to get your mind in a place that is congruent to what you want. Life becomes uneasy and not so fulfilling. You want something different but the big question is “How do I create a different life?”
I took you through the journey to help you understand on a basic level that when your desires no longer match up with your ingrained beliefs you will begin to see conflict happening within you. I want to share with you some ways in which you can begin to get a clearer picture of how to get exactly what you say you want. You ready?
1. Become the observer of your life.
Literally for the next 24 hours pretend like you are from another planet and you have been placed inside your own body to have a new experience here on this earth. All things are new to you, all experiences are new to you. Look at your life from the perspective of an observer and pay attention to what you see. Are there areas in which you would do things differently? Are you surprised by what you see? Write out how you feel and what you see.
2. What Is Your Next Best Step?
Think about what you want to see in your life and ask yourself what your next best step would be. Don’t over think this or try to make it harder than what it needs to be simply ask yourself the question and then immediately take action. One thing I have realized is that everything we do when we decide to take action in finding our purpose is that everything that we do contributes to our own personal journey. There isn’t a wrong thing you can do if you are being purposeful and intentional about your desires.
3. Love the Good, the Bad, And the Ugly
Here I want you to take a personal inventory of yourself. I want to look at the things you naturally love about yourself, the things that you aren’t too fond of and those things about you that you feel are just downright ugly. Look at it all, determine if you need or want to change anything and then make the decision to LOVE and ACCEPT yourself for the woman that you are. Choose to forgive yourself for the ways in which you aren’t really proud of yourself. When you can fully love and accept yourself you will then naturally give yourself permission to seek and go after the things that you deeply desire.
4. Trust the Calling That Comes From Within
Here I want you to really pay attention to whatever stirs your soul. Pay attention to the messages that you keep getting over and over again. When you feel the need to do something that your inner self is telling you to do listen to it and actually take the action. Allow yourself to follow the fantasies within you because it will uncover some gifts, abilities and talents that you may not even know you had. This is an opportunity to rediscover yourself.
I challenge you to dive into the four tips that I provided you above and really give them a chance. You are here on this for a reason and it’s time you begin tapping into what that reason is. You are yearning to know anyway so don’t continue to wait around thinking that your purpose is going to one day just fall into your lap or that God is going to come down from heaven and sit beside you and tell you what to do.
You have to get into action if you want to figure out what your purpose is. When you follow your intuition you can never go wrong.
Lot of Love,
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