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Stillness is so very important to me and something that I MUST have preferably at the start of my day. It has been almost two years now that I have been getting up, going into my sacred space and following my morning manifestation routine that I created for myself. By far the creation of my Morning Manifestation Routine was the best gift that I have every given myself.
When is the last time you gave yourself the gift of stillness? Women will sometimes time laugh a bit when we are having a session and I recommend that they carve time out of their day to get still and look within. They laugh because it’s hard for them to imagine being able to slow down long enough to actually sit still. And then of course they may tell me the excuse that they are not able to sit still for very long.
I feel like many women today are RUNNING AWAY from themselves because to actually sit down and look at what’s inside is a scary thing to do. They have no idea what they will actually do with the stuff that comes up. They don’t want to be uncomfortable, they don’t want to feel a certain way but the beauty of this stillness is that you get to see the things that are standing in your way of creating the life and business that you really desire.
Going into a place of stillness was not something that thought to do in the beginning of my renewing process but the woman whom I was working with at the time suggested that I meditate for 5 minutes. She told me to just simply sit quiet and observe the stuff that comes up. I was just like many of the women I speak to today and maybe that’s even you, where I thought to myself there would be no way I could sit still for THAT LONG! Something she said to me though released some of the anxiety around getting still and I want to share that with you.
She told me to simply acknowledge whatever came up but that I didn’t have to DO anything about it. Such an amazing lesson right there.
Let me repeat it- she said I didn’t have to DO anything!!
This, my love, is what gets you trouble sometimes. You feel like there is always something to DO when actually all you ever need to do is simply BE. There isn’t ever anything that you must DO. You live in a world that has everything you possibly need within your reach.
So as I sat on my living room floor quietly I had a buffet of stuff that came up. I felt scared, sad, happy, relaxed, confused, I mean you name it and it came up. I actually began crying, tears began to fall down my face. Once my five minutes were up I just sat there crying harder. Afterwards I felt so light and free and a part of me knew that I just needed to release.
Allowing yourself to get to a place of stillness is cleansing, it allows the emotional crap within you to surface, be seen and then float away. You see all of the stuff that you are holding onto inside of you just wants to be acknowledged. Sometimes there isn’t anything that you actually have to DO except simply allow. Where I see women getting into a tough place is that they don’t ALLOW themselves to be heard by themselves. I mean if there is one person that you would want to be heard by it should be yourself, right?
Here’s the other side of this, if YOU aren’t willing to hear yourself then I can bet you aren’t allowing yourself to be heard by other people. Which also means you aren’t asking for what you need and/or want. Which means you are living a life that is unfulfilled and you aren’t happy about it. Which means you aren’t showing up in all of your power and potential as you were created to do. Allowing yourself the space of stillness cultivates a relationship with self, which will help you to trust yourself.
TRUST is a heavy word and one that I have been tested on this year. I have been stretched to not only TRUST myself but to also TRUST my CREATOR GOD. I have learned that by not allowing myself to trust myself I won’t try new things, take risks, speak up and ultimately live the life that have been handed to me to live to its fullest. And because I wasn’t trusting myself it also meant that I failed to show up in areas of my life that needed my attention. My health, my finances, my marriage, my career, my relationships all suffered when I wasn’t allowing myself to be heard and therefore wasn’t able to TRUST myself.
I wonder what your level of trust in yourself is. I mean ultimately my TRUST is in my GOD however I know that he moves THROUGH people and if I don’t trust the one person he has given me (myself) then I won’t do what is in alignment to my higher purpose which then also means I am not TRUSTING GOD.
I am at a place in my life now where my trust in GOD and in myself is at an all-time high for me. Sure I have much more growing to do and more levels of trusting to get to but being able to look back over the past two years and see how much my life has evolved all because of the simple act of sitting in stillness for 5 minutes. I still practice sitting in stillness and meditating/praying however now I can spend up to 30 minutes in complete stillness and now I can HEAR my own voice, I can HEAR the voice of GOD and I can HEAR the things that I need to be doing that put me in direct alignment with my purpose.
I am sharing these personal things with you because I want to encourage and inspire you to begin to cultivate a time of stillness in your life so that you can begin to HEAR yourself. I say this all the time, the answers to ALL of our burning questions are inside of us just waiting for us to find them. You find these answers by being able to sit still long enough to hear the still small voice within you. Over time this still small voice becomes louder, clearer and more specific.
Cultivating a strong mindset is one of the core teachings in ALL of my programs and stillness (meditation/prayer) is a tool that you can use to strengthen your mental capacity. It’s really very simple but the fear of the unknown and wondering what will come up during your quiet time can cause you to brush it off and ignore it. It’s so easy to allow yourself to get distracted away from paying attention to what is going on within you so it does take a conscious effort and consistency to actually begin to HEAR your voice.
To help you in your journey of creating stillness in your life I want to gift you with my Morning Manifestation Guidebook. You can get it here:
I walk you through my very own morning routine, it has evolved since I published this over a year ago but it’s a great starting point.
Know that EVERYTHING you desire, desires you too. The ability to receive all that is yours lies within you but it will require you to get still and pay attention to what’s going on inside of you.
I hope this gift blesses you and I would love to hear how it has impacted your life.
Lots of Love,
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