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I want it all and I want it now!! My whole life has been all about wanting more, more of everything. I have always had the urgency within me to live a life that is on purpose, intentional and deeply fulfilling.
However, above all else the ONE thing that is most important is ensuring that I do the work that God has called me to do. I can honestly say that today I KNOW that I am doing what I have been called to.
The vision and dream that lives inside of me is HUGE and when I really stop and take in the magnitude of it all it scares the crap out of me. You know what I mean?
But then on the flip side I find myself wanting it ALL NOW!! I want the massive breakthrough NOW. I want all the amazing influence and power NOW. Do you ever feel this way?
You are doing the work and maybe after a month or so you feel certain that you should have it all by now. Yeah me too, I get it. I also know that God will never give us more than we can handle so with that being truth it also means that until we are fully prepared for it ALL He isn’t going to allow us to have the full plate of our dreams.
To put this another way, you have to grow into the woman who can responsibly handle the massive vision that you hold within you. You’ve got to have the wisdom, experience and support to be able to hold it all together. I believe this is why it takes time and why we are given just pieces of our vision as we do the work on ourselves and in the areas applicable to our vision.
It’s so easy to look at other women in life and business who are where you want to be and secretly resent them for where they are at. I recognized this within myself a few months back. I couldn’t really put a finger on the emotion that I was feeling when I would watch the women in business whom I look up to create more and more success.
You see consciously I was saying that I was happy for them but deep down there was something else stirring and I didn’t like the feeling at all.
During meditation/prayer one day I asked myself what this feeling was and the answer came to be quickly….resentment. I was holding resentment because I wanted to see a higher level of success for myself like the women whom I look up to but it wasn’t happening for me like that.
I decided that I wasn’t going to keep carrying that feeling around because I knew it was dangerous and nothing good was going to come of it. Once I set the intention to release this resentment it was clear to me.
You see you want your full level of success now because you see those whom you admire reaping their success but what you must realize is that those women had to go on their journey to get where you see them at today.
They had to do the work day after day in order to reap the harvest that you now see. Those women were once where you are now but instead of harboring and negative feelings or wallowing in why it wasn’t happening for them they got to work.
They kept their eyes on their vision and took action every single day to move them forward in their journey. This is what you get to do as well. This is what I remind myself of every single day.
Yes your vision is massive and you may be thinking that it’s going to take a long time be able to get there and it will as long as you are keeping your eyes on the vastness of what you are here to accomplish.
I’ve learned to see my vision, appreciate it, and acknowledge it and then step back into my day and focus on what needs to be done TODAY. Because when you focus on your daily journey and discipline yourself to show up for your vision every day you are doing that WORK and you will look up one, two, three years from now and your mind will be blown at how much you have accomplished.
I look back when I first launched my business last year in May and I look at where I am not now and it simply amazes me. It’s amazing what you can accomplish in one short year when you are on purpose, focused and intentional with your vision.
We all have our own unique journeys that we MUST go on to get to our destination, but really is there ever a destination? It may seem like others are successful overnight but I can assure you that there was a lot of WORK behind the scenes taking place.
A new year is upon us and I wonder what you will do with the time you have ahead of you. I wonder if you will keep looking at those beside you running the same race and lose steam. I wonder if you will get frustrated because you allow impatience to rule you and then stop. I wonder if you will be consistent day after day until what you desire shows up here in the physical.
Okay that’s another thing I need you to know. Everything that you desire is already here for you. It’s simply waiting on you to meet it where it is. In order for you to meet your desires where they are you have to do the daily work that will get you closer each day, until one day you see the physical manifestation of your desire.
No one said that walking in your purpose was going to be easy but you know, like I know, it’s all so worth it. This is what you were created for. This is what you are supposed to be doing. Don’t give up right before you cross the finish line to your next level. It’s just a journey love and you can choose to enjoy it and take it all in or you can choose to make yourself miserable in the process.
I am choosing joy in the journey and I invite you to choose joy as well. Allowing yourself to surrender to what is while you are working towards what will be is so empowering and liberating. You will find that you are always supported and you will find that your soul knows exactly what you need. Everything that happens on your journey is because it is needed in order to shape you into the woman you need to be for your next level.
Choose joy, choose to be grateful for the journey and with that you will find fulfillment in walking in your purpose. Remember to stay in your lane, focus on YOUR vision and show up each day ready to do the work. Because the work works!!
Lots of love,
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