Dream Home 1
It’s almost midnight and I am all snuggled up in bed with my little girl. We’re here in Texas visiting my Mom and my sister for the holiday. I had to write you before I laid my head down because there is something very important that I want to share with you.
Today we drove out to Frisco, TX because I told my mom that I wanted to go look at homes here and because I have my dream home all conjured up in my head and I wanted to see my dream in real life. My dream home is something that I visualize and think about often. I can tell you exactly how it’s laid out, what the finishes are, how the landscaping looks, etc. Today was all about getting that vision out of my head and actually seeing and touching it.
We visited this beautiful neighborhood Philips Creek Ranch and the home that is featured on their marketing material looks EXACTLY like the home that I hold in my vision. I walked in and fell in love and because I have been seeing this home in my vision for so long it wasn’t at all a surprise to me. I walked through the home paying attention to every detail and taking pictures along the way. Although I am not in a place YET to buy this home I know without a doubt that this home will be mine one day.
I pretended it was mine, I repeated to myself over and over again how much I deserved the home and I literally pictured myself the owner of that home. It was a fantastic feeling and please know that I am telling you this for a reason. The sales man of the property was so nice and accommodating, answered ALL of my questions and provided me with all the information that I needed.
Then I saw it!!
The home that I have in my vision is on a lake and as I was looking at one of the other homes in the neighborhood I noticed that that neighborhood had a lake and three available lots that were ready to be built on. So I can have my dream home built the way I like, on a beautiful lake just as I see it in my vision.
Now you may be thinking – well Kendra this is all good but it isn’t like you actually bought the house. Yes, this is true.
However what I also understand and what I want you to understand is that manifesting anything in your life takes all of your senses in order to bring it into the physical. Especially when you are doing this in a conscious and intentional manner. Also the more your mind sees and comes into contact with your vision the more it works for you to help you bring it to fruition.
My mind was literally providing my ideas, solutions and strategy that I can use to help me on my journey to reaching the reality of my dream home. Exposure to your desired environment is critical because you raise your emotions around that which you desire. I also find that it’s a great way to tap into our emotions to see where any bits of resistance may be hanging out that you need to address.
If there is anything within you that believes you don’t deserve to have what you want or that what you want can’t happen, you will not allow yourself to do what it takes to get what you desire.
The goal is to release yourself of all resistance so that you simply flow in your journey with ease. That’s my goal and each time I feel a bit of resistance come up I am immediately asking myself where it’s coming from so that I can work on clearing it up.
Can you think about any dreams that you have where you can literally go and interact with them often? Don’t just keep them in your head, get your dream outside of you in any ways that you can. After walking through my dream home today I decided that I am going to commit to creating a vision board with all of my dream desires on it. All of ‘things’ that I desire as well as how I want to feel, the places I want to visit, the progression I want to see in my business, EVERYTHING that I vision and dream about will go on this board.
I have made plenty of vision boards in my life but this board will be the first one with a high level of specificity because another I have learned is that God, the Universe, Higher Power, whatever you choose to believe in cannot give you what you ask for if you aren’t clear on exactly what it is that you want. It’s like going to a restaurant and placing an order for fish but you don’t tell your server what kind of fish, how you want it prepared or what sides you want with it.
I encourage you to get out and literally engage with your desires and dreams. Figure out how you can get yourself in the environment, figure out how you can expose yourself to what it is that you really want. Do this as often as you can, I don’t believe that we allow ourselves to dream enough nor BIG enough. Decide to no longer play it safe and step out into that place you really want to be.
This may mean that you have to put yourself around different people. It may mean that you get a little bit uncomfortable. The way I see it though is that my dreams are worth me being a little uncomfortable because the feeling will pass, the more you do something the more comfortable you get. It’s like creating a NEW NORMAL for yourself.
Get out and explore. Dream. Vision. Fantasize. Give yourself permission to have exactly what you want and be unapologetic about it.
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