You are more than your past hurts, wounds and disappointments. You are who you are today in SPITE of how things may have been for you in the past.
You can sometimes get consumed with all the pains of the past that you don’t allow yourself to be fully available for what is yours to have, for what is rightly yours.
Somewhere along your journey you began to identify with your pain, your fears, your shame and your disappointment. You was convinced that you were that woman with a broken heart who was abandoned and felt lonely most of the time.
At one point you really believed that you were simply this depressed, anxious woman who couldn’t be used for anything greater because of how you saw yourself. You saw yourself as weak, broken and incapable. You thought that this was just how life was to be for you.
You forgot for a moment who you were and WHOSE you were and allowed deception to fool you into believing that you could not be used for greater, to help impact the lives of other people. You see I have learned through my own painful journey that the purpose we have been given is so much BIGGER than any trials and tribulations that we have gone through in the past.
When you take the courageous step to uncover your eyes and look at yourself in you will see a strong warrior within you who is ready to heal, head in to battle and rise up as the woman who she was created to be.
You were created with such love and care and unfortunately the world broke your heart. Your heart was broken and the world took away your sense of safety and security. The people you looked up to didn’t stand up for you. They didn’t fight for you but it wasn’t because they didn’t want to, it was because they were wounded too.
But see you are special. You are not like every other woman out there. You have a warrior soul that is capable and fully equipped to go to war with the enemy within and come out victorious. You are fully capable of facing your fears, pain, hurt and shame in the face. You are capable of healing that part of you that isn’t allowing you to drop the chains so that you can be free.
But I know you, you feel the calling within you. You KNOW deep down that you are meant for something so much greater. You also know that you are meant to make an impact in this world like only you can. You KNOW that you must face into those things that look scary. The only way to come into your divine PURPOSE is to go through your own personal fire and heal your wounds my love.
To become the woman who you really ARE but who is hiding because the world said you needed to BE something else. If you have been waiting to know and hear if this is your time to rise and walk in your purpose, let this be your sign.
I believe that there is an army of women out in this world today who are meant to face their pains and heal them so that they can then proceed forward as a collective army to unleash and break the chains off of people in this world who need help doing so.
I do believe that there is an army of women rising up and they are fighting their battles and healing their wounds because they know that their purpose is actually in their pain. I know this to be true of myself and I believe if you are still reading this then it’s true of you too.
Your purpose is in your pain. But you’ve got to be willing to face into the pain. The fearless warrior within you is ready but she isn’t going to proceed until you give her permission to do so. Know that your purpose is so much BIGGER than any fear that you may feel.
Deep down I think you have known that you have a greater purpose and I can tell you that it’s literally sitting just below the surface. When you begin tapping into your inner self and removing the layers that are covering it up you will wake up one day and BOOM purpose will be staring you in the face.
You’re purpose isn’t about how much money you can make either. I used to believe that my motivation and my purpose was to create as much money as I possibly could. I have been in many seasons of my life where money wasn’t an issue and I still didn’t feel fulfilled. And I wondered what the problem was, I wondered what was wrong with me. I wondered why I couldn’t be happy with what I was receiving.
The reason is because I had the belief that money came first and then purpose would come. This is NOT true. When you begin to SEEK out your purpose you will find it and your purpose will actually supply all of your needs in abundance, IF you will allow it to.
You see your purpose is not pushy or loud. It’s that still small voice that you hear and feel within nudging you to do, say and look into certain things. When you obey purpose and do the work that you were created to do money then simply becomes a by-product of you obeying your purpose.
I remember when I was younger my Dad told me that I was motivated by money and I took that in and internalized it. Anytime I was asked on any work questionnaires or if someone would ask me what motivated me I would say money. The interesting thing is that I always FELT this emptiness inside and I KNEW that it was more than that but I could never put my finger on it.
NOW however I know that I am motivated by my purpose and impacting the lives of others in a positive, healing and transformative kind of way. NOW I know why I had that feeling of incompleteness for most of my life and why I could never quite settle into anything. It was because I was following the money instead of my purpose.
I am not saying that money isn’t important because let’s be real we are in business for PROFIT however what I do KNOW is that if money is your prime focus you are missing the BIG PICTURE of life and living your purpose.
I say all of this to say, when you heal yourself from the inside out your path will become clearer and you’ll begin to know exactly what you should be doing every single day. You will trust yourself completely and because of this others will automatically trust you as well.
Do the work, face into the pain, fears and shame and watch your life and business thrive like it never has before. I DEEPLY believe that everything we create in our lives and business is really a reflection of what’s going on inside of us. So if you are ever in a place that you don’t like and you wonder what the heck is going on stop and dig a bit within and you will find your answers.
ALL of your answers are packaged beautifully inside of you just waiting for you to unwrap them.
Make a decision today that you are going to be the woman that you were before the world told you who you should be.
Lots of love,
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