I literally cringe when I hear it. I am silently rolling my eyes at you when you tell me this. This is by far one of my pet peeves and where I immediately check out when I hear you say these four words. I KNOW that when you say it you aren’t actually going to do the thing that you said you wanted to do. I literally call BS when I hear you incessantly try to convince me or others that this time is different.

No this time isn’t different because see you keep coming to me with those same four words!! I feel like the statement should be banned and never allowed to be spoken so that way you will only DO the things that you KNOW you will actually do.

Also know this, when you speak those four words you are literally setting yourself up for failure AND no body freaking believes you. And if I am being honest you don’t even believe yourself because you’ve imprinted these four words DEEP in your subconscious. I bet you don’t even realize you say it so often.

With those four words as your mindset you might as well just go sit down somewhere because you and I both know that you aren’t going to do anything. And besides that it sounds so whiny!!!

By now you are probably wondering what I am referring to so let me share with you the phrase or rather the WORD that grinds my gears when I hear you say it. Are you ready? Pay attention…

I’m going to TRY….

Uggh!!! Just typing it made me cringe.

Listen we live in a culture that drills this into your head from childhood. Just TRY your best. Try, try again.

Just give it a try. Give it your best try. You’re not TRYING hard enough. Maybe you should TRY something different.

Blah, blah, blah.

Here’s what I KNOW, when you set out to TRY something there is a HIGH probability that you won’t achieve your goals. I also know that when you tell yourself you are going to TRY ____________ (fill in the blank here) that you are essentially telling yourself on a subconscious level that you aren’t really going to go through with it.

I know without a doubt that if I tell someone that I will TRY to make it to their party that 99.9% of the time I won’t be going to that party.

To try implies doubt within yourself that you can’t actually achieve what you are setting out to achieve.

When you TRY something you aren’t giving it your all and definitely are not taking all the ACTION that you could possibly take. You see to TRY is a very passive statement.

If you are reading this or follow any of my work I don’t believe that you are a PASSIVE person when it comes to meeting and exceeding your goals. So it’s time to delete this word from your vocabulary.

Instead of telling me, yourself and others that you are going to try and build a successful business, that you are trying to lose weight, that you are trying to get over you fear, etc. make the DECISION that you are simply going to DO it.

Become a DOER instead of the person who is always saying that they are going to TRY and do such and such.

You are not here to TRY life. You are here to DO life. You are not here to TRY out your purpose. You are here to BE your purpose and DO your purpose. Period, the end!

Constantly saying that you are going to TRY doesn’t lead to ACTION instead it leads to INACTION. It leads to you self-sabotaging yourself and never bouncing back. It leads to you NEVER walking in your purpose and exceeding your goals.

This life and purpose of yours is not a dress rehearsal, it’s something that you TRY on and then decide if you are going to move forward.

How many years do you think have been lost because you keep telling yourself that you are going to TRY?


If this is you and you identify with this and you’re getting triggered by what I am saying then it’s time for you to change some things. It’s time for you to make a different choice for yourself. But if you find that you allow yourself to get upset by what I am saying and dismiss it as BS then I can tell you right now you aren’t going to get everything that you are meant to receive out of this life or your business.

Your excuses aren’t going to get you anywhere except for the same place you’ve been now for the past however many years you’ve been wallowing in your idea of TRYING.

Oh and then there is this….

When you keep saying you are going to try where do you think your focus goes?

I’ll tell you where it goes

Your focus is on NOT failing and because your subconscious does not recognize a negative your real focus is on FAILURE.

However when you become a person who is a DOER your mind focuses and stays focused on the end result.

To wrap this up, stop saying you are going to TRY and simply get up each day and DO. Your customers, soul mate clients, etc. don’t want to hear that you will TRY to provide them with value and that you will TRY to get them results.


They want to hear what you can DO. How confident would you be in your doctor if he/she said that they would TRY and figure out what’s going on with you health wise?  You would probably we high tailing it up out of that doctors’ office.

The same is true for you Boss Babe. Go out and be a DOER that is what makes you an EPIC BOSS BABE.

Lots of love,



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