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You cannot expect to have what you say you want in your life if your mindset is crappy. Period. The things that show up for you in your life and are there because of the way you choose to think. I know it can be hard to believe that the results you are seeing are a direct result of the way you think and feel but they are. It comes down to your thoughts, language, how you feel emotionally, and our level of belief.
Creating a business and life that you are wildly in love with does take some courage because it requires you to face into some things about yourself that maybe you would rather not look at. It also means that you may have to actually not be right about something. Your ego (that part of you gives you a sense of self-esteem and self-importance) will fight you in order to keep you in what it considers to be a safe place.
Looking within and pulling up those beliefs, thoughts and ways of being that aren’t serving you can be like a punch in the stomach and as humans we don’t like pain. We will do everything necessary to take the path of least resistance. We will push down our feelings, emotions, desires and dreams if it means we get to remain comfortable.
See what I KNOW is that when you ca override this deep need to be comfortable and instead decide that you are going to get a little bit uncomfortable for the higher purpose of your vision that is when things will begin to change for you. You will then begin to wake up to the ways that aren’t serving you. It is a requirement to go THROUGH feeling uncomfortable in order to get to the other side of ease and flow.
I find that many of you want to get to that place of milk and honey without actually getting uncomfortable or confronting those beliefs within that need to be changed. And I get it, it doens’t feel good and it can often feel really scary. But again that is just your ego working on you to stay right where you are in your comfort zone.
Boss Babe you have to release your comfort zone if you are going to make the moves and have the impact that you deeply desire. YOu are going to have to look at how you think about yourself and what you are telling yourself. All of the crap that is going on within you will eventually show it self in the physicial. It’s the law of nature. The seeds you plant will give you the exact likeness (harvest) of what you planted. It has to because your will cannot be returned to you void. Your word cannot return to you void, it’s going to give you exaclty what you ask for and then believe.
So ask yourself right now, what are you really believing about yourself, your business and your life? Then you have to take an inventory of what emotions you are hodling within. Because your emotions are like gasoline to your thoughts which produces the fire (your words) which then requires you to take an action which either fans the flames or extingushes them. You do get to choose. You do have a choice.
Understand that when you make the decision to begin changing your beleifs, words, and emotions to match what you want there are going to be old seeds that you planted that ARE going to harvest. I will give you a perfect example. I have been doing a lot of work around my money mindset because I was conditioned with the belief that money was scarce, that it was hard to make and that you had to work really HARD for it. I KNOW how important it is to work on this mindset especially when you are in business for yourself. So I have been doing the work.
Just this morning I presented with a situation that triggered that old part of me and it came rising up to tkae me out. Well I responded with the automatic response that I have been operating with for the past 20+ years of my life. I got highly pissed off and all of the emotions that I held around money (scarcity, lack, restriction, feeling like I have no options) came up BIG. But because I have been doing my money mindset work I was able to quickly reel myself back in and remind myself of my new beleifs around money and choose a different emotion instead. This all led to me then speaking with a new prospective client later who was my soulmate client.
See if I hadn’t been doing my work I would not have been able to realign my thoughts and energy as quickly and I would have then continued to plant the seeds of scarcity, lack and restriction. I give you this example because I want you to SEE and understand why your mindset is so IMPORTANT. You can take this example and literally apply it to all areas of your life.
Become aware of your automatic responses and they will be a light into what needs to be changed within. I also want to be clear in letting you know that you don’t need to be “fixed” there is nothing wrong with you. It’s simply that you are human and you’re working with an operating system (your programming) that isn’t providing you with the results that you desire and you get to CHOOSE to change it.
So focus on the results you desire and get to work making sure your mindset and inner state match up with it.
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