I can’t help you if you aren’t willing to get a little uncomfortable. I can’t help you get to the next level in your life or business if you aren’t willing to feel the fear and do it anyway. You say you want it however as soon as things get a little tough you go back to your old ways, you go back to the comfortable space that you said you didn’t like anymore.
Remaining in a state of confusion, frustration and I’m so tire of this place can become quite comfortable for those of you who slink back at the first sign of feeling uncomfortable. Sure being in a place of confusion and frustration doesn’t feel good either but for you it feels better than actually doing the WORK and stepping outside of your own comfort zone.
You are no longer allowed to come to me and tell me how much you want to see things differently, how much you want to gain clarity because you are tired of walking in circles, how much you REALLY want to have your own business yet when given the opportunity, tools, the HOW you decide that it’s too hard to keep up with after a week or two and then you slowly disappear.
No, I am sorry I don’t work with women like you. I work with ONLY those who are ready to create transformation in their lives and businesses. Who are serious and want to be pushed to their limit and then some in order to get to their next level.
See I know what you are capable of, I see your potential yet your eyes are still blind to your old ways of being and you deceive yourself into believing that you just can’t do it anymore. You deceive yourself into believing that maybe what you envisioned isn’t for you.
You are adamant about looking to those outside of you to validate you and as such you will continue to live your life by the fears and expectations of others. Other people will continue to dictate the journey of your life.
Because you want to be liked and accepted so much it seems like a good idea to press pause on your dreams in order to ensure those around you don’t get their feathers ruffled.
Yeah, this isn’t going to get you where you ultimately want to be and where you ultimately CAN be. There is truth in the statement that ELEVATION REQUIRES SEPARATION.
You have to get the voices of other people out of your head in order to hear your own voice. This also why it is so important to be very careful WHO YOU LISTEN TO because if you are listening to someone who doesn’t truly have your best interest at heart you will surely live a miserable life.
If you aren’t willing to do what it takes until it takes I’m sorry love, I can’t help you.
If you aren’t willing to separate from your excuses I’m sorry love, I can’t help you.
If you aren’t willing to roll your sleeves up, get uncomfortable and face your fears, I’m sorry love, I can’t help you.
See I don’t believe in settling. I don’t believe in just allowing things to be how they are because of a THINGS COULD BE WORSE mentally so I’ll just accept how things are even though I’m not 100% happy with them.
To me this is a straight cop out, you are choosing to not show up for yourself, your life and the business idea that is just brewing within you.
And no longer is it okay for you to tell yourself you’ll do X once X happens, REALLY?? Do you really believe this, because I don’t? I see this as another excuse to keep playing at the level you are currently at.
The only way to get to YOUR next level is literally step into it right now and ACT AS IF right now! Saying you will do X when X happens is a real SEXY excuse and I see right through it.
Your dream has got to be BIGGER than all of your BS excuses that you tell yourself every single day. If this isn’t the case you aren’t dreaming big enough and you need to work on that mindset of yours. You DO have the ability to override the limiting beliefs that are holding you hostage.
Really everything you need is right inside of you. All the strength you need, the ideas you need, the confidence you need, the high level of self-worth, the belief – IT’S ALL INSIDE OF YOU – covered up with layer after layer of conditioning and programming that says you aren’t good enough, qualified enough or ready to actually BE the woman that DEEP in your soul you KNOW you are.
The ones who make it, the ones who are successful made a different choice. They chose to discipline themselves, train themselves and show up for themselves NO MATTER WHAT. The highly successful, high earner boss babes you see crushing it online ALL started right where you are today. They didn’t start with all of what they have now but you see they shifted their minds and the world had no choice but to shift with them.
See you have that power too!! Yes you have the power to shift your world and make it exactly what you want it to be. You’re probably thinking -“well Kendra if you knew what my world looked like right now you would understand” and to that I would say there’s another one of your sexy excuses again.
What you see in front of you right now that you don’t like, well you created it because a part of you actually wanted it. There is a part of you on a DEEP subconscious cellular level that wanted exactly what you see in your reality right now.
Our world that we live in was created by the word of our God. And the word is God. You were created from His word and He placed His spirit within you which also gives you the power to create with your word!!!
Your word is how the spirit within you manifests itself into the physical. So if you want to continue to be in the state in which you are in, that you don’t like, please by all means keep speaking and thinking the same thoughts.
But if you are ready to start creating a business and life that you are WILDLY in love with then give up the old you and make the BOLD decision right now to ascend to your next level.
When you are ready, I’ll be there ready to help you do just that!
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Clarity+Creation+Cash 2.0″
This program will help you with gaining clarity around your business & vision, creating products and services that your ideal clients want and creating the income that you desire all while increasing your confidence and self-worth.
We’ll be looking at (amongst other things):
~ Addressing your limiting beliefs & replacing them with new beliefs that serve your highest purpose.
~Gaining clarity around your business vision.
~Getting clear on your ideal client
~Aligning your energy to your vision
~Understanding the needs of your soul mate client
~How to literally get in the head of your soul mate client
~Intuitive pricing of your services and products
~Unapologetically presenting your offer to the world
~Selling from the soul
~Who you are and what you are made of
~Powerful self-image revision to reveal the powerful woman within you
~Feminine energy and how to be a magnetic BOSS BABE
~Learn how to EXPRESS your confidence to the world
How it works:
* Over the course of 4 weeks you will have daily training and exercises from me as either a LIVE training, audio recording or written learning.
* You’ll have TOTAL access to me via messenger or email.
* All of the trainings and exercises will take you through everything you need to cultivate an unstoppable success mindset, become clear in ALL aspects of your life and business, create from the soul and earn money in a way that feels good for you.
How to get on it:
Visit this link or PM me NOW to see if this powerful work is what you need to get to where you want to go. I would love to help!
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