If you find yourself in the wrong story

Do you ever have that moment where you find that the KNOWING that you feel within you is difficult to articulate?

You KNOW what your purpose is and have this burning desire to see your purpose manifested in the physical. You can literally see it within you and you can feel it yet you can find it difficult to actually put into words.

This is a moment that I am having right now. I can see the vision clearly and I KNOW that I am here to write, speak and empower women. I KNOW that I am meant to teach women how to think differently and as a result create amazing things in their business and life.

I just had an AMAZING conversation with a friend who I feel like on many levels is me in another body. Our spirits and our soul is completely aligned. We both have burning desire to walk in our purpose every single day.

We got to talking about why we think so many women seem to be unable to create a new story for themselves and she said something that literally stopped me in my tracks. I asked her why she thought so many women choose to keep living in a reality in which they aren’t truly happy about. And what she said made me shake my head in agreement and say YES this is exactly what it is.

I hear far too often from women that they have an amazing dream and desire yet they find themselves feeling too tired, feeling overwhelmed in their mind about what to do, feeling like they aren’t good enough, feeling like they aren’t qualified enough, etc.

Believe me I am no stranger to any of these thoughts and feeling because I have had them too and today I still have some of them although now I know what to do with them.

So here’s the thing that my friend said that made me totally get it.

She said that women simply want to be heard and they want their story to be validated. So by repeating it over and over again they hear themselves saying it and in return it gets validated by THEM in the aspect of how they are showing up every single day. Women want to be heard and not just to be heard by themselves but for other people to hear them as well and validate what they are saying.

HUGE! Right?

Yes, I know I couldn’t agree with her fast enough and I KNOW this because that used to be me for a very long time. I was wanted to be heard, I wanted my friends and family to know what I was going through. I wanted them to feel the pain that I was in. I wanted the attention. I wanted the validation.

It came to a point where I realized that I was actually addicted to the validation. I was addicted to the way I felt all the time. I craved it and wanted it because in some weird twisted way it felt good.


My conscious mind didn’t want it my unconscious mind was programmed this way and as such this was how I was showing up every day and so I was actually getting a benefit from staying in that place just like so many women that I see today.

Yes it is an addiction. Yes you can be addicted to your own drama. Yes you can be addicted to your own pain. Yes you can be addicted to behaving in ways that don’t serve your higher purpose because you are getting the NEED for attention fulfilled.

It can be scary to change your story and start living in a new story, I get it.

What it really comes down to is this……

You get to make a DECISION, right here right NOW about changing the way that you have been thinking and changing your story for the better.

Is your current mindset and way of being going to get out of the place that you really don’t want to be in anyway? Chances are it isn’t so that then means that you get to make a NEW choice and change your story.

Yes, you get to walk out of the current story that you have been telling yourself for the past decade.

It requires you taking action, it requires you strengthening your faith muscle, your confidence muscle, and your bold muscle.

Because here’s the thing love. Nothing is EVER going to change, your result that you are getting is never going to change until you change the input and start taking some action.

ACTION is what will take you from where you to where you deeply desire to me. ACTION in a NEW direction is what will eventually free you and take you to a new place.

Are you willing to change your story?

Are you willing to release your story?

Are you ready to look at your story for what it really is and declare that it is no longer your story?

For two decades I carried the story of not being good enough, not being loved, not being wanted and not being smart enough. I carried the story that I was sad, depressed, anxious, stressed and too tired. I literally at one point in my life COMPLELTLY identified with this way of being.

You may be wondering what changed.

What changed for me was that staying in that place became much more painful (emotionally and physically) than actually stepping outside of my comfort zone and creating a new inspiring story for myself.

What changed for me was that I realized that if I didn’t change I was allowing myself to carry on a generational way of BEING and that one day my daughter would exhibit some of the same ways of BEING because she would have learned it from her mommy.

I took up the role of being the woman in my family who breaks the generational curse of living in victimhood. The curse of being the woman who is really never fulfilled. The curse of sabotaging myself over and over and over again until I just wear myself.





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