Next Level
The next level version of you is just a decision away.
The you that you envision in the next 2, 3, 4 years is already here. Your role is to step into who that woman is NOW.
A former coach that I worked with taught me this and it’s something that I continually remind myself of. I am always asking myself – “What would the next level Kendra be doing right now?” The answer to this question inspires me right into aligned action.
It makes so much sense doesn’t it? Instead of waiting around for the higher version of you to come about you can actually just decide to be her now.
When you choose to believe that the next level version of you is out of reach you will find yourself operating today from the energy of what got you here today, yet you long to be at the next level.
It’s interesting to me because we are taught and conditioned to believe that once we reach a certain point only then can we FEEL into what it will be like.
You were taught that once you reach a certain milestone then you can be happy.
You were taught that once your business is operating at the six figure level, then you can start showing up with more confidence and authority.
You were taught that once you finished college you can then demand your worth.
We live in a world that wants you to believe that in order for you to live a fulfilling life you must reach certain milestones first.
This just simply isn’t true and it’s something that needs to be changed from within each of us.
If you don’t change this within yourself you will find that you are constantly seeking this illusive place from outside of you instead of looking within and creating it.
Do you realize that you were born a CREATOR?
You were born to call into your human experience those things which you desire and dream about.
To not create is like saying that you are not fully equipped to do what you were designed to do.
The person who creates the watch expects that it will function just as it was created. To simply keep track of the time and this is exactly what it does.
Yet, I see you striving, struggling, and frustrated because you do not like your current reality but the One who created you gave you the ability to design your life as you see fit.
I want you to get this message because if you do then you can begin to live the life of your dreams immediately. You can begin growing your business and walking in your purpose immediately.
Over this past weekend I made a decision that I was going to show up in my business and life AS IF I was already bringing in six-figures in my business.
This required me to look ahead and really think about the kind of woman I would BE at that stage. Once I determined this I am now able to wake up each day and embody these characteristics.
This woman that I am is:
•A woman who knows she is a queen and as such presents herself to the world this way.
•A woman who believes deeply in herself and her calling.
•A woman who KNOWS that she is doing the right thing every day.
•A woman who calls in a team to support her vision and her life so that she can be great.
•A woman who takes care of her body by moving it and putting nutrients inside that help her have the energy that she needs to lead her business and family.
•A woman who connects with other like-minded women so that she can form soulmate relationships where she is uplifted and where she can do the same.
•A woman who unapologetically shows up and communicates how she can help other women in their business and life.
These are just a few of the areas that I get to step into each day because I have identified the next level version of me and I choose to walk in her daily.
You see when you begin walking in the identity of the next level version of yourself it is automatic that you will then create the experiences that align with the next level version of you.
This is so good and I am forever grateful that my past coach taught me this.
So what areas in your business and life do you get to step up and start taking ownership of?
Where do you need to start stepping into the next level version of you?
This is one of the many ways in which you achieve success that lasts. No, it doesn’t happen overnight but anything that is truly worth it never does. It will require you to change your thinking, your language, your habits and your beliefs. This is because the next level version of you does things differently from the you that has gotten you to where you are now.
It’s like one of my favorite quotes – You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect to get a different result.
It’s time for you to go after what you desire with everything you’ve got. To go after it like your life depends on it because essentially it does.
Time will run out and opportunities will fade away. Now is the only moment that you have to actually make your existence worth living. You came here with a purpose and an assignment to fulfill, will you be successful?
Do you want to be successful or is your current comfort level so comfortable that you aren’t willing to move?
It’s been said that humans won’t change unless the pain of where they are is so much that actually stepping out of the comfort zone becomes attractive and more pleasurable.
So what will you miss out on in life by not changing and stepping in to the next level version of you? What is it costing you physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially?
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