The Invisible shift
What you desire to have in your life desires you too. It is possible to have your deepest desires but first you must BELIEVE that it IS actually possible for you.
You can no longer push it down and think that you can just ignore it and that you will get to it when the timing is just right.
The timing is never going to be just right, there will always be something that will be in your way but that’s only if you ALLOW it to be in your way.
You give up to easy. As soon as something gets hard you want to hide and pretend that you can’t do it. In reality you can do it, it’s just that you don’t really want to.
Until you DECIDE that you will have the life, business, health, money, relationship that you really want it will continue to remain elusive to you. It will continue to run from you.
It’s like there is this invisible shift that happens when you DECIDE to have exactly what your heart desires. It’s like to universe says – “She is serious, I better work with her to give her what she wants.” Until then your soul desires will continue to tease you.
I see too many women, like yourself, give up on what they really want in their life because they have other responsibilities to tend to and so they put their wants, needs and desires on the back burner.
Meanwhile you wonder why you seem so tired, frustrated, unclear on what to do next and stressed about every little thing. It’s because you aren’t’ being true to yourself, your authentic self.
You have this belief that if you take care of everything and everyone else that somehow you will then have the time to give yourself what you need. Nope! I does not work that way.
You have this belief that you will go after what you really desire once the kids are a little older, once you pay off some debt, once things calm down at work, once you get back from vacation, the list can go on and I am sure you recognize some of these beliefs as your own.
This way of thinking will KEEP you wanting your more and wondering why your time hasn’t arrived yet. Your time is not going to arrive until you DECIDE that NOW is going to be your time.
You are not being selfish by tending to what you desire. You ARE being selfish to yourself however by putting everything else before YOU.
It’s almost like you tell yourself that you can feel good about yourself once you give all of yourself away to the others “things” in life that are pulling at you. We all know that you don’t feel good when you give all of yourself away. So why do you continue to breathe life into everything else BUT yourself?
You have been led to believe that if you give ALL of yourself to your family, husband, kids, job and business that you are then successful. You know this is a lie because you can feel the discontentment inside however you will continue to operate from this space until you stand up and say NO MORE.
Until you stand up and say NO MORE and begin to then start taking some time back for yourself you will continue to spin out of control and operate on auto-pilot.
Love, you have the controls, you are the pilot of your life and you are allowing others things and people to be your guidance instead of creating your own guidance.
You are doing this in your business as well. You are allowing what other people believe you should be doing in your business dictate how you show up. You are allowing the fears of others become your own fears and because of that you haven’t launched your business yet or you aren’t giving your business the time it needs.
Everything always leads back to you. It all leads back to what you are allowing to take place. It all leads back to you not speaking up for what you REALLY desire. So who do you think is going to fight for your dreams and desires if you don’t?
Do you believe that someone or something is going to come along and stand up for you?
Do you believe that the heavens are going to open and your answers, dream business, dream life and all the money you desire are going to fall in your lap?
I ask you this question with massive love in my heart for you because I passionately want you to see that everything you want to see happen in your business and life starts with YOU first. It starts with you addressing your needs and wants and then going after them with abandon.
No one else can live your life for you. No one else can launch and grow your business for you. It all leads back to YOU taking back the controls and directing yourself where you want to go.
No need to fear that you will make people mad, that your family won’t be taken care of, that people will think you are being selfish. It doesn’t matter what ANYONE thinks except for you and your family will ALWAYS be taken care of because you will DECIDE that they will.
When you DECIDE the universe literally conspires to help you achieve what you have set your mind to.
Is your dream business and life worth it?
It is worth it for you to be living on purpose?
Is it worth you feeling fulfilled at the end of each day?
I know that it’s worth it but you’ve got to DECIDE if it’s worth it for you.
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