Don't Live Life On Autopilot
You know that vision, that vision that you have playing over and over again in your mind?
The one where you are at the height of your game in business, the one where you are impacting the lives of thousands of people, where you get to travel all over the world, making money regardless if you are sleeping or playing?
Yeah you know the one I am talking about. In your mind you see yourself as a powerful business woman claiming her right to success, happiness, and fulfillment.
Well here’s the thing, Boss Babe, you actually get to have ALL of that if that is what you truly and deeply desire.
I believe you are a woman who DEEPLY desires to live a life of purpose on purpose. You aren’t one of those women who is simply satisfied with living the life that everyone else believes you should live.
Nope, not you. You are powerful beyond your own realization and to think about living a purposeless life just leaves you feeling completely empty.
You’ve always known really, that you were meant for great things. You’ve always known that God has put a calling on your life for you to be a LEADER.
It’s taken you time to really grow into this realization but now that you know there is no stopping you. The world is your playground and you know that you get to have it ALL.
Yes there will be people who will tell you that you are being unrealistic and that you need to be considerate of those around you so as not to put them off too much. Well you can ignore ALL of that.
Understand that not everyone is going to understand the NEED for you to go after what you desire.
You are different and you need to be this way in order to fulfill the calling on your life. It takes tremendous courage to go after something that only you can see however it’s all about trusting yourself and knowing that you are safe.
Yeah that word SAFE is a big one. This has kept me playing small in many areas of my life, including my business and I bet it is something that holds you back as well.
The need to feel like you are safe to be, do and have whatever you desire is HUGE. Not feeling safe on a deep level will only allow you to go so far before you push yourself back.
To ascend to new levels in your life and business is going to require you to do the work on yourself that maybe you have been side stepping because you simply want to reach those big goals that you have set for yourself.
Here’s what I need you to understand there isn’t a way to success without first dealing with yourself on some level. You ARE going to have to face yourself and deal with the things within that maybe aren’t very pretty to look at.
When I first launched my business I had this idea that my business was something outside of me. Well I have learned rather quickly that my business is a result of what is going on within me. So the more I work on myself, the more I grow myself I realize that my business grows on some level as well.
I have learned myself, healed myself and have then used these experiences to expand in ways that I could have never done before. Most importantly the ways in which I have expanded have been in my mindset and Boss Babe your mindset is literally the KEY to you living out that vision that you have.
There isn’t one strategy or thing that you need to be doing except getting your mind right and dealing with whatever is going on inside of you first. From the work you do on yourself and through the healing that you accomplish you will find the beautiful fruits of your business will flourish.
You can do it!
I know it may seem scary looking at those things which you know are really hindering you in your drive for success but it is totally NECESSARY for you to look at them, address them, heal them and then create new beliefs around the woman that you know you are supposed to be.
When you can get honest with yourself and really take ownership of what you say you want the rest is actually quite easy.
Your success or failure depends on no one but yourself and you have all that you need within you to be as successful as you want to be. Rise up, harness your courage and go get what is yours to have.
I talk about this all the time because I believe that there are many of you who simply aren’t walking in your authority and owning how amazing you are.
It’s time because the world NEEDS more women like you to help lead those whom you are meant to lead. You are a leader. You are a queen and it’s time that you allowed her to be seen.
Is your life worth you taking a risk on yourself?
Is your purpose worth you taking a risk on yourself?
Is your happiness, fulfillment and passion worth you taking a risk on yourself?
I know that it’s a big FAT YES for me and I believe it is for you too but maybe you haven’t really admitted yet.
To actually acknowledge that you get to have exactly whatever you desire is revolutionary for many because we live in a world that tells us we need to be happy with what we have.
You’ve been taught not to want too much.
You’ve been taught that to be rich is to be selfish when there are so many other people out in the world that would love to be where you are right now.
You’ve been shamed for the BIG dreams that you have because they are dreams that others just can’t quite understand.
Boss Babe your purpose is for you and for you only. It is for you to walk out not everyone else. It’s not for them to understand. It’s not for them to be as excited about it as you are.
You are truly MAGICAL and have been given great abilities, skills and gifts.
Now, it’s time for you to actually start believing this and allowing your light to SHINE!!!
Not that you need it from me but I am going to give it to you anyway – PERMISSION IS GRANTED for you to live your life on PURPOSE!!
This is a 3 week program (although I have a nudge that it may end up a 4 week program) for the online entrepreneur who’s new in business (1-3 years) and who is ready to step up her game and be the powerful CEO that she was created to be.
*She’s ready to have crystal clear business clarity.
*She’s ready to increase her confidence + self-worth.
*She’s ready to up level her MINDSET.
*She’s ready to create programs, courses, products, etc. that her soul mate client will fall in love with.
*She’s ready to get PAID for her expertise and shift her mindset around money so that she attracts more of it.
I will be opening up registration within the next week or so, so get ready because I have a feeling this program is going to fill up quick!
If you want to be sure you don’t miss the notification when it launches comment below or simply send me a PM.
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