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Deuces Baby! See you later! Bye-bye!
Your journey through entrepreneurship is going to require more of you than maybe you ever thought you could give however that’s just a mindset.
I find that the more I dive into my own business and the more I reprogram my mind it becomes more and more clear to me that there are just something, people, habits and ways of thinking that JUST HAVE TO GO!
There is no time for me to be all up in my emotions about WHY or about trying to make it be something that it is not.
What are you all up in your emotions about right now?
Choose to release it and move on boss babe. You have things to do and lives to impact.
I remember following this one woman (I still do) and I used to think that she was way too focused, that she didn’t’ allow herself relax a little and that she was just way over the top obsessed with your business.
But today I TOTALLY get it because really if you want the success that you desire there is ABSOLUTELY no freaking room for ANYTHING that is going to pull you away from your path of purpose.
It really comes down to how serious you are.
How serious are you Boss Babe with creating the business and live that you’ve been dreaming about for years and decades now?
I think of my business like one of my children. If anything or anyone were to even LOOK like they were going to cause ANY kind of harm to my children you best believe mama bear is coming FULL FORCE.
Well I am now at that place with my mindset and my business because my business is my baby. It is an accomplishment of mine that I am very proud of and because I have put so much into it there is no way that anything harmful will be allowed around it.
Do you have this kind of mindset around your business?
Also understand that this just isn’t about your BUSINESS here it really boils down to being about YOU. Because you ARE your business.
It’s time for you to start creating those impenetrable boundaries around your mind, well-being, and complete existence so that you can do what you were created to do.
It’s time to take inventory and RELEASE everything that is not serving your higher purpose. I am serious about this because not only am I serious about my success I am serious about your success as well.
So what needs to be released in your relationships, your health, your money, your mindset, your environment, your habits, your business etc? I mean literally take inventory and make the decision today to release it.
Again, no need to get all up in your emotions about it, it’s for the higher good of yourself and others.
Are you doing exactly what you want to be doing in your business or are you doing what you think you are supposed to be doing?
It’s time to get real honest with yourself Boss Babe so that you can begin to SEE that there is so much more for you beyond what you could ever imagine, if you will let go of the things that are no longer serving you.
You know I am right.
I know you have been meditating on this very topic in your mind for weeks now.
You KNOW that there are things that need to change but you also know that it will be uncomfortable and that it might hurt a little bit. But listen, it isn’t just painful to be painful, it is PAIN WITH A PURPOSE.
That is something that I tell myself frequently because just like you there are things that I find uncomfortable and painful but I know that there is a BIGGER PURPOSE behind it all.
And my ultimate GOAL in life is to grow a business that is on PURPOSE and to live a life that is on PURPOSE.
BUSINESS AND LIFE ON PURPOSE – the only way to BE in my opinion.
You agree too! Maybe you can’t quite admit it to yourself just yet but you know DEEP down this is what it’s all about.
I remember getting really frustrated early in business when people would unsubscribe from my email list or unfollow my page. I used to think – “What did I do wrong?” – Yes I was all up in my emotions.
Now, it doesn’t phase me a bit because I BELIEVE that what I am doing every day is right for me. If I am being honest I actually get a little happy because I know that it also means that my message is becoming more refined and those who are unfollowing and unsubscribing are making room for those who need to hear what I have to say.
I repeat to myself – “Release it and move on Kendra.” You see I ONLY work with and attract my perfect soulmate clients anyway so if for whatever reason an outside got past my gates I know that they won’t be here for long anyway. By affirming this belief I can literally see it working every single day.
I want you to begin to affirm this belief as well for your business and life.
So here’s my point, EPIC BOSS BABE, take the emotion out of being the highest and best version of you, release what isn’t serving you and KEEP MOVING FORWARD. Begin to look at HOW you can see things differently, from a different perspective in a way that benefits you.
Keep affirming the beliefs that you desire and don’t give ANY energy to that which you don’t desire.
Kendra Woods
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