You’ve got to have laser focus boss babe if you want to create a life and business that you are wildly in love with. All distractions and ANYTHING that does not have to do with what you are trying to create must be let go of.

I’m not saying don’t have a life but I am pretty certain that there are things in your life RIGHT NOW that you can do without that will create space for you to focus on what you really want.

I know you want to live life on purpose and you want to be doing the art, the work, the thing that you were create to do. You are a woman who is driven my purpose and you desire to have a feeling of DEEP fulfillment in your life.

Until you get serious about creating this dream of yours it will always seem as if it is illusive. You have heard this before but if you want something different in your life you have got to do something different. If you want something different in your business then you are going to have to do something different.

You, my love, are going to have to get uncomfortable and learn how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You are so OVER watching other women create the life and purpose that they desire but not quite OVER it enough to actually take that first step, right?

It’s interesting to me that many of us have to get to a place of DEEP pain before we will take action but really, because of how our mind works it makes complete sense. You see your mind is WIRED to keep you safe and ensure that you don’t do anything that triggers emotions that have to do with feeling unsafe.

It’s time for a program override because the system that you have been operating with for the last decade or so is not the kind of system that is going to get you where you want to be. Your mind is currently programmed with beliefs and automatic behaviors that you learned when you were a little girl. These beliefs and programs no longer serve you.

It’s time to override your current mindset and install a new operating system (new beliefs and habits) in order to get to the NEXT level. Yes, it may feel like you are trying really hard to transform and create what you desire but your subconscious mind is MORE powerful than your will and it requires something more of you that most don’t and won’t do.

Your growth and transformation requires that you literally unlearn everything that you thought you knew. Your mind thinks that it knows everything already however it only knows what it knows. When you give yourself permission to go to the next level it’s important to know that outside of permission you have to DECIDE that you are going to get exactly what you dream of.

To DECIDE literally means to CUT OFF so as I stated earlier there are going to be things in your currently reality that you are going to have to CUT OFF in order to achieve the reality that you dream of. Your level of self-worth is going to have to increase, your confidence is going to need to increase, you are going to have to do things that bring up fear inside of you, and you are going to have to LEAP.

The question is do you want it bad enough?

In May of 2016 I made a HUGE decision to say YES to my ultimate dream. I made the decision to work with a coach who was going to help me launch my business and the investment was $10k. It was the scariest thing that I had ever done and not only did I have to face myself in this but I also had to face my husband because it was going to affect him too.

However I KNEW that it was time and I was willing to take a risk on myself and do WHATEVER was necessary for me to start walking on my destined path. Of course I had all the limiting thoughts bombarding me on a daily basis because I was doing something that I never thought I would do. All of my limiting beliefs around money were attacking me like crazy but I was steadfast and I remain steadfast in this journey.

It is true that everyone isn’t meant for this journey because it takes a tremendous amount of commitment and earnest action every SINGLE day and it takes TIME, something that many of us get impatient with. However I do believe that we are ALL capable but again it comes down to the decision.

Is your current reality more painful than the DECISION to actually make the change? You have got to understand that you cannot allow your crap aka your limiting beliefs be BIGGER than your dream. Your dream gets to win every single time but you must allow it to win.

This automatic, robotic way of existing is not LIVING. It’s allowing yourself to be lumped in with the masses who are all clawing their way to conformity. I don’t believe that you are meant to be the same as everyone else. I believe that your voice is meant to be heard.

I believe that you have a purpose bigger than you can even imagine. I believe that you have a light within you that is currently being blocked by all of the mind wars that you have going on within you.

Are you ready to believe in yourself more than your limiting beliefs?

Are you ready to operate from the highest version of yourself?

Are you ready to stop allowing your crap be bigger than your desires?

Are you willing to BELIEVE in yourself so much that you make the choice to upgrade your programming?

Are you willing to let go of what’s comfortable in order to create something that is EPIC in your life?

Are you willing to see life and business a different way?

Until you DECIDE and COMMIT things will continue to remain the same. And if the SAME is okay with you then do


If you are the woman that I KNOW you are I encourage you to TAKE ACTION NOW and say YES to the business, life, relationship, body, health, money, etc. that you desire.

It all starts from within and it all starts with changing your mindset.


Kendra Woods

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