There Is Nothing Wrong With Wanting It All
Last night I was on a training call with my coach and for the first time I realized that there was a time when I held a bit of shame around the fact that one of my desires is to be a multi-millionaire Boss Babe.
As I listened to her talk I realized that although I had no problem speaking this belief over my life and business that I actually DID feel some kind of way when I confessed this to my husband for the first time.
The memory flashed in my mind like it happened yesterday. He and I were sitting on our coach talking about all things life, our future, etc. and I said to him that I my goal is to be a multi-millionaire one day soon. He responded in a very supportive way but I remember the feeling in my stomach of shame and guilt. I quickly dismissed it and thought I was being silly.
Here’s what I know and what I want you to understand as the strong business woman that you are, you and I were programmed to believe that we should simply be grateful for what we have and that wanting MORE is considered greedy. We have been programmed to believe that wanting anything outside of the societal status quo is ridiculous.
Operating from the beliefs that we have grown up with that tell us we should be grateful to have food eat, a roof over our head, clothes to wear and water to drink only requires that you live an average life.
YOU AND I AREN’T AVERAGE THOUGH. Deep down you have always known that there has to be more. You have always known that you are supposed to do great things. You have always known that you have been destined to make an impact and change the world.
You see 99.9% of the world believes that being comfortable in life and having just enough or enough to simply take care of the necessities of life is the way life is meant to be lived.
Not for you though. You have BIG dreams and when you speak about those dreams to the 99.9% they will tell you that you are just a dreamer, a wanderer and that you need to settle down. They will tell you that what you need to do is get a good college education, good paying job, find you a good man and settle down.
That’s all great and I’ve done ALL of that in my life (and I am very grateful for this) however I got to a point where after checking off all the boxes I still had a void within me that wasn’t fulfilled. Sound familiar??
Let me be very clear that I am not saying that you shouldn’t be grateful for all that you have but what I am saying is that IT’S OKAY TO WANT MORE. You can give yourself permission to have more. I look at this beautiful world that we live in and there is NO WAY that I belief God gave us all that we have just for us to SIMPLY WISH we could experience all the beauty of life.
We don’t have to just wish we can actually HAVE IT. We can actually HAVE it. Those who try to make you feel ashamed for what you desire are simply triggered by your passion to have what you say you want because they know that they aren’t fully living their life. You are not wrong or foolish for the BIG AUDACIOUS dreams that you have.
I remember several years ago when I was working as a real estate agent I was making five figures a month at one point and a person in my family, who I deeply admire, said to me that I had too much money to even know what to do with. This comment was made because I chose to go shopping and invest $1,000 into a new wardrobe. At the time it made me feel foolish for spending my money on material things and then I started to belief that I WAS young and foolish with my money.
Looking back I realize that I was only doing exactly what I wanted and that dressing in premium clothing made me feel good about me.
The people that are around you who don’t understand or get your vision or mindset will try to bring you into their reality and unknowingly cause you to question your desires. I don’t believe that people do this on purpose (although there are some that do) but it is important to be mindful of this and to make the choice that you are NOT going to internalize their reality.
You are an EPIC BOSS BABE and you get to have whatever the hell you desire. Your desires and dreams are real! I believe that our desires and dreams have been implanted inside of us from God so He knows that we are already equipped and ready to live them out. Please don’t sell yourself short and refuse to put on the shame or the belief that what you want is foolish.
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