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This morning during my mediation the story of the man at the pool of Bethesda came to my mind so I knew that this was meant for me to study and then share with you today.

You have decided that being the CEO of your own business is the calling that you are supposed to answer and I applaud you for that because it takes courage and confidence to create a business and put your creative gifts out into this world that we live in.

You know at your core that you are a strong confident woman however lately you’ve be putting this characteristic on the back burner and choosing instead to wallow in self-pity and passivity. Know that this message is as much for me as it you. See there are times when you forget WHO you are and WHOSE you are.

Sometimes you forget about the burning desire that lead you to launch your amazing business in the first place.

You can tend to let the storms and circumstances around you push you off the path of your aligned journey. When you choose to focus on the storms and circumstances of life instead of on your calling to help your ideal client with services you provide you will easily fall into the trap of self-pity and passivity where you wait for someone or something to rescue you.

You choose to give the negative musings in your mind space to rent out and occupy. Then of course as soon as you open your mental real estate to even one negative musing she will then invite all of her sisters, brothers, cousins, and so forth until you find yourself being completely overwhelmed with this self-pity and fall into a state of passivity.

As I reading the story of this man who had been laying by the healing waters for 38 years, I realized that there are many of my Epic Boss Babes who are doing the same thing in business.

Laying at the feet of this online industry just WAITING for the right coach, program, idea, client, money to just fall into their lap. You may be having a tough start in business and you feel like you’ve had enough and it’s time for your break already.

Your break is not going to come while you simply WAIT for the heavens to open and pour out your answer. I do not believe the saying – GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE YOU WAIT – yeah I think that is complete BS really. I see it as GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO GO OUT AND WORK FOR IT. The results that you are looking for are simply an effect of the cause (work) that took place in order to start the chain reaction for the results that you see all these other coaches obtaining. And it takes time.

Here’s the thing money is a result, a steady flow of clients is a result, health is a result, a loyal following is a result, a powerful mindset is a result, becoming a best-selling author is a result. All of these outcomes were preceded by action, work, determination and faith.

Back to the man that had been laying at the healing waters for 38 years, he lost hope and was WAITING for someone to help him to the waters. He was WAITING for 38 years for SOMEONE else to do the work for him. He wasn’t believing for a miracle, he wasn’t actively seeking out a solution, he wasn’t actively investigating his mind to create new ideas or ways of trying to get to the water. My point here is that trying to expand your online empire while wallowing in your self-pity and allowing yourself to be passive about what goes on around you is not your birth right.

You, EPIC BOSS BABE, have been given an immense power that resides within you to create everything that you truly desire if you can choose to believe in yourself enough to get up and start taking some action. Get up and start seeking, with intention, what it is that you need to move you forward. Get up and start speaking life into yourself and in your business. Get up and begin visualizing yourself at the destination of your dreams. Get into action because action can be blessed but inaction will not yield you anything.

If you feel confused and ask yourself some questions to get your mind moving in the direction of finding solutions for you. Ask your mind for a solution. Ask your inner woman spirit for a solution. And then when it comes to you don’t question it and think the solution isn’t good enough, take action!!

I believe that we have a powerful partner in our business that will remain silent until we activate and give this partner access to our vision and business. This partner is God, yes He will speak to you and provide your spirit with the nudges of inspiration that is needed to move your business forward. Your spirit will then allow your mind to discern exactly what this nudge is about and will activate your mind to begin seeking out what was told to you. BUT if you are not cultivating and strengthening your mind the messages that are given you will be drowned out by toxic beliefs, limiting beliefs, wrong thought patterns which will lead to further confusion.

So at the end of the day it all circles back to you getting your inner woman and mind in order. For you to have the kind of impact in this world that you dream of it’s time for you to take off the energy of self-pity and passivity and put on the energy of being POWERFUL because that, EPIC BOSS BABE, is your birth right.

So go forth today and be the POWERFUL, CONFIDENT, EPIC BOSS BABE that you know deep down you already are.


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