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On almost a daily you wrestle with whether or not you are living your purpose. You know deep down that you are here to have an impact on the world. You know that you are meant for more. For some reason this whole idea of more and feeling like you are walking in your purpose kind of eludes you.

You see others doing their purpose work and you look at yourself and shake your head as if to say, “Why haven’t I figured it out yet.” What if there wasn’t actually anything to figure out.

See I believe that many of you think that your purpose is this big grand thing that is supposed to just happen for you. You look at people like Oprah Winfrey, Lisa Nichols, etc. and you can clearly see that they are living out their purpose each and every day.

We have to be careful to not confuse the outward things that we see people doing and then define them as their purpose. Both of the women mentioned above have amazing lifestyles for themselves, sure, however that lifestyle is not their purpose.

We need to look a bit deeper to realize that their purpose is how they show up every day, how they impact the lives of others, how they empower other women to stand in their truth. Your purpose has nothing to do with how much money you make or will make. Your purpose has to do with being confident enough to unleash what is inside of you and to realize that by doing so you are walking in your purpose.

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something (you) is done or created or for which something exists. You see Oprah and Lisa are simply fulfilling their purpose by doing that thing that they feel called deep within to do and that is to essentially communicate.

So you don’t have to keep stumbling around “looking” for your purpose because when you look in the mirror your purpose is staring right back at you. Your purpose is not this elusive thing that is just going to smack you in the head one day or fall in your lap.

Your purpose is not outside of you. When you can truly get that on a soul level you will then realize that tapping into your true purpose is all about doing the work within yourself and giving yourself permission to let out what comes up.

Sit still long enough and listen to that voice within you and you will hear the faintest whisper of what your purpose is all about. It comes to you as your work on yourself, tune in and get quiet and then trust that what comes up for you is for you.

I used to ask myself and God this question all the time, “What is my purpose”? On some days I still ask this question and each time I get the same answer. I am here to be a great communicator and to communicate to women that they are enough. That their truth lies within them. To show them how to achieve the confidence to own what’s inside of them. To let them know that they can live the life that they dream about. It isn’t anything fancy or breathe taking but it’s truth.

When you can make the decision to surrender to what comes from within you, you will find a peace and certainty that you did not have before. You will know how to unleash what is coming through you. Will it be scary and make you nervous? Of course it will, because you have become so accustomed to playing in your comfort zone. You see stepping into your purpose requires that you get a bit uncomfortable.

Stepping into your purpose means being visible and vulnerable, two things that we women can have a hard time doing. Something amazing happens though when you ground yourself in the truth of who you are. You become committed to your truth and in how you get to show up each day.

You feel the fear and nervousness but you move forward anyway willing to fail forward in an effort to fully realize your potential. Your mindset shifts from a place of lack and scarcity to that of abundance and possibilities.

This is the place that you long to experience. This is the place that you dream about getting to each and every day. So listen let go of the struggle, of making it hard and choose to make this easy for yourself. Tune in to yourself, listen for what comes up and then take the action that makes sense to you.

You don’t need anyone to give you permission, give your own self permission to be great. You have lived long enough by the idea that someone else gets to tell you how to live. The truth is that no matter what stage of your life or business you are at, you get to walk in it and live it out on your terms.

There isn’t anyone who can take from you what is divinely yours. And let’s not fret over the fact that there are other women in the world who may seem to be doing the same thing that you are called to do. You see no one else is uniquely designed as you so how someone else shows up will be totally different for you.

Your tribe needs to hear your message and your story. Your tribe is waiting for what you have to offer and for what you have to say. It comes down to one question gorgeous.

Are you willing to surrender and say yes to your purpose?


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